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December 2007

The Things I've Learned...



Another year draws to an end.

I've made a lot of mistakes this past year, but you know what? If I could relive it again, I wouldn't change a single thing.

Why not, you ask? Right now is the happiest I've been in a long time. I certainly had a lot of drawbacks in the year 2007, but I gotta admit, it was all worth it.

I lost some friends this year, and there's nothing I can do about that. In fact, I'd rather not do anything about it anymore. It's just not worth my time. Or theirs. We're all happy. Well, most of us, anyway.

As my good friend Zue always says to me, "The world does not revolve around you, Buquir." And by golly, she's right.

So my new year's resolution? Don't sweat the small stuff. AND THEY'RE ALL SMALL STUFF.

I've learned not to worry too much about what other people think of me. And I'm hoping that this epiphany of mine will last the whole year round.

Admittedly, I am sad about one friendship I had to let go. But I have to move on. Dwelling on it is just plain stupid.

I have friends now who I know care about me. Who won't judge me for my decisions. Because ultimately, it is our choices that define us. I hope I can be as good a friend to them as they are to me. That's another resolution, I guess.

So happy new year to all of us. And as always, I wish you all interesting lives. Here's hoping 2008 is just as scandalous.




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Bakit Ako Kalbo?


Dahil ganito ang itsura ko kapag may buhok ako....


Mukha akong anak ni Tsokoleyt at Lolit Solis, ano?

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Not Even The CareBears Care...



There I was, minding my own business, on my way to work, at around 5pm (yes, my shift is at 8pm), walking near the firestation around the corner, when lo and behold, this small guy comes up to me and walks beside me.

Akala ko naman type lang niya ako or something. Yun pala, may hawak siyang parang maliit na screwdriver/knife. He poked me sa tagiliran ko.

Ang unang pumasok sa isip ko: Sheet! Ganito pala ang feeling ng maholdap!

"Akina lahat ng gamit mo!" he squeaked.

I was extremely confused by this man. You see, he was so small (compared to me, of course). Around 5'3, maybe. He even looked mildly cuddly. Para lang siyang carebear. Carebear na madugyot at may hawak na panaksak. Ang lakas ng loob ng mokong na to na holdapin ang isang higanteng tulad ko!

Na-imagine ko tuloy, paano kung nireport ko sa police to?

"Ano po ang itsura ng salarin?" the big-bellied policeman would gruffly ask me.

Whilst wiping tears from my soulful eyes, I would whisper, "Sniff, mukha po siyang carebear na madumi."

Hay. Baka i-salvage ako ng pulisya for execcesive effeminacy.

So, anyway, back to my predicament.

All I could reply to the holdaper was "Ha?"

"Akina wallet mo tsaka bag!" he squeaked again.

Eh medyo mainit na ang ulo ko noon. Kasi naman, andami ko kayang dala. May dala akong food for my team kasi may potluck kami. Tapos may ice cream pa, na natutunaw na sa init.

So ang sinabi ko sa hinayupak na gagong yun, "Nagmamadali ako!" and walked away.

Sumunod siya and poked me again with that knife na parang ballpen lang. Baka matetano pa ako.

Ang nakakainis, may mga tricycle drivers na nakatingin sa amin pero walang ginagawa.

Na-bad trip ako lalo.

Tinulak ko si gago. Sumabit yung knife niya sa polo ko tapos medyo nasira ito. Pero di naman ako nasugatan.

Lumagapak sa kalsada si Evil Carebear tapos ako naman, nagmamadaling naglakad palayo.

Di siya sumunod.

Mapapatawad ko pa si Evil Carebear eh. Pasko kasi. Baka wala siyang pambili ng iPod (ako rin naman eh), kaya siya nangholdap.

Pero, what I can't forgive are those manhid na tricycle drivers na di man lang tumulong sa akin.

Sana maholdap sila ni Evil Carebear.


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My birthday in photos and captions...



Jao: Sino sa tingin mo ang dapat kong ligawan? Si Gian or si Clang?
Anna: Ummm... puwede bang ako na lang?


Cerda may be drunk but demure pa rin siya sa shot na to ha!


Clang: Wala nang gaganda pa sa akin!


Me: Kita yata panty mo...
Bianca: Sinasadya ko, gaga!


Bianca: Alam kong birthday mo, kaya ito ang regalo ko sa iyo!
Me: Heller! Service charge pa lang to no!


Potchi: I am maarte daw! No kaya!


Gian: Jao, don't look at me, may tama ako. Tanginang wengweng yan eh!


Clang: Eeek! Jao! Ano ba?! Everyone's making tingin at us!
Jao: Clang, nagshampoo ka ba?


Gian: Feeling ni Clang may chance siya kay Jao! Bwahahaha!
Andrew: Honga! Imbyernah!


All: Hindi kami marunong gumamit ng hair dryer!


Newsflash! 2 Callcenter agents, nagpatayan dahil sa isang lalaki!


Sunny: I'm not a slut, but I'm no virgin either...


Jao: Clang, ito lang ang kaya kong ibigay sa iyo, at hindi ang pag-ibig ko.
Clang: Sheeeet.




Kaninong mga kamay to ha?!


Cerda: Kebs ako sa poise!


Bagong ka-amats ni Juber...


Bawal nang sumubo bukas...


Me: Magkano kamo ang bill ko????

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Merry na, Christmas pa!



Just want to wish everyone who reads my blog a Christmas that is full of drunken wishes.

And here are my Christmas wishes for my friends who are special to me:

For Amorsolo, I wish you a hug from that person who makes you smile, even when you're all alone.

For Zue, I wish that life will always be interesting for you, no matter how "practical" you are. :)

For Gian, I wish that you-know-who ends up getting married to you. Imagine being serenaded every morning in bed.

For Clang, I wish you a more colorful lovelife. I think it's about time for one, don't you?

For Jango, I wish you happiness in your new relationship. And I wish you better health na rin.

For Paris, I wish you a Pumpkin-free Christmas. :)

For Sunny, I wish you peace of mind. And of heart.

For JR, I wish you to be happy. Yun lang.

And for you, dear readers, I wish that you'll have a Christmas that is spent with people you love and who love you back, in all its unconditional warmth and intensity.

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