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October 2007

Going Bonkers...



Saturday morning, 430AM, 5th floor smoking area, Vonage side:

Bonx and I were hanging out sa smoking area.

"Shet," said Bonx, "Ma-mimiss ko kayo."

"I know," I replied, "Kainis naman kasi. Bakit kelangan pang malipat ka ng account. And to top it all off, morning shift ka pa."

"Waaah!" she cried, "Sinong makakausap ko sa morning shift???"

"At least you're still in the same building," I commented.

"Pero it's going to be different, and you know it," she pointed out.

"True, true," I replied.

We were quiet for a few seconds, reminiscing the good old times.

"Remember our combined birthday parties?" she asked me, smiling wistfully.

"Yeah, talagang pinilit mo isabay sa December birthdays namin ni Abbie ang party mo," I said, "Even though your birthday was in January."

We both laughed at that.

"That was one of the best parties I've ever been in," I said, softly.

"It was the best kasi kumpleto tayo," she replied.

"Would you believe na hindi pa ako in love kay Pumpkin during that party?" I asked her.

"Woooshooo! Wag nang balikan ang nakaraan..." she laughed.

I chuckled, "Hello??? Over na ako ha!"


We were quiet again for a moment.

"How's *****?" I asked her.

It took her a long time to answer, "He says he's ok."

I didn't say anything.

She continued on, speaking softly, "Feeling ko may problema siya. Silang dalawa, actually."

I still couldn't say anything.

"Hindi ko na sila ma-control eh," Bonx said, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"I'm sure they'll be fine," I lamely replied.

We went all quiet again.

"Namimiss ko ang Sinigang," I said.

"Ako rin," she said.

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Before the Festival...


So, how was my first real trip? It was eventful to say the least. I could honestly say that it was the best trip I've had in my life.

Of course, it was the only trip I've ever taken.

Since this was the first time I was riding a plane, I asked Carl to photo-document every moment.


Here's me in the airport, looking all slim in black, hehehe. Halata bang excited ang lola niyo?


This is me holding my first ever e-ticket. I think my companions were a bit embarrassed by how excited I was with every minor detail.

We boarded the shuttle to our plane but was asked to get off even before the bus moved. Apparently, the plane wasn't ready yet.

AS soon as we were back in the airport, the flight attendant informed us that the plane was ready. So, we trooped back to the shuttle.

I swear I nearly wet my pants when I saw the plane.


I was that excited about my first flight.


So, before I got on the plane, I asked for a photo of myself. I don't know if my friends could tell but I was really scared and nervous.

As the plane taxied down the runway, I held my seatmate's hands tightly. Don't worry. He wasn't some stranger. I was seated next to Francis.

Anyway, the flight turned out to be amazing.

Grabe. I could not believe how high up we were in the sky. And the view! Haaay. Muntik na ako mapaiyak sa ganda. :)

Especially when we flew above Dumaguete. The view of the islands and beaches were breath-taking.


At siyempre pa, as soon as I got off the plane, picture-picture uli!

The airport in Dumaguete resembled my high school cafeteria. It was small and, well, yes, very provincial.

We rode a gigantic tricycle to get to the town.


The trike dropped us off beside the gorgeous bay walk.

We decided to have brunch in a nearby carinderia. The food was amazingly cheap but tasty. I think the female cashier was flirting with me but it could just have been the hunger playing with my mind.

After brunch, we headed straight to the bus stop wherein we would hitch a ride to Bacolod.

We decided to wait two hours for the next aircon bus. The rest of the guys were just checking out the other guys in the bus stop. There was one particular cutie whom Marion was trying to catch the attention of, to no avail, unfortunately, ahehehe.

There were some Americans in the bus stop as well, being accompanied by a Filipina.

"Asawa niya kaya yung Kano?" I asked.

"May chance..." said Jze.

"Tignan mo o, dinalhan nung Pinay ng siopao yung pamilya niyang foreigner," I pointed.

"Siyempre matutuwa ang mga pax kasi exotic food na iyan para sa kanila," said Marion or Jze.

After an hour of waiting, we were informed that the aircon bus would be arriving even later than we expected.

So we just took the ordinary bus. Haay.

It was a five hour trip with about three rest stops. The views of the mountains, the sea and the farms were great.


This is me and Jze enjoying bananas on a stick during one of our rest stops.

A lot more happened after this but uploading all these pics really is tiresome.

I promise to write more in my next entry.

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Out of the Blue...



I'm back. From outerspace.

I have tons of stuff to write down, kaso I don't have the time nor the energy to do it right now. I'm writing this down during my break.

Plus, Carl hasn't uploaded all the pics yet.

We spent five days on vacation.

And all the while I was there, I was in serious withdrawal symptom-mode from accessing the net. So, while in Iloilo, Carl and I decided to drop by an internet cafe near our hotel.

He uploaded a few pics while I checked YM and friendster.

Five minutes after I logged in to YM, I got a message from a certain someone.

"Kamusta Bacolod?"

I replied that everything was great. And it was. Before this, I never expected him to message me again. I don't know why I was thinking that.

I realized all of a sudden that I missed him. I really did. Not the person that he is now, but how he was before. The good old times. Before everything bad happened.

Haaay. Pakshit na buhay to oh. Dami ko kasi issue eh.

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Auf wiedersehen, Manila...



I'm writing this a couple of hours before I board my first ever flight.

Medyo natatakot at kinakabahan ako. Sabi ni Amorsolo, "Titimbangin ka nila. Kasi kelangan nila malaman kung kakayanin ka ng airplane."

"How stupid do you think I am?" I asked him.

Honestly, scared talaga ako sa flight. Paano pag bumagsak ang plane? Sino ang mag-aalaga sa mga libro ko? Paano ko mapapanood ang finals night ng Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2? Sino ang gagastos ng thirteenth month pay ko???


All these questions led me to think, Shit, I don't have a final will and testament.

If ever something does happen to me, knock on wood, kindly take note of the following:

1) I hereby bequeath all my books to Amorsolo, Julienne, and Gian. Bahala na kayo maghati-hati.

2) All my clothes shall be donated to charity. Hopefully, may matabang kid na makakagamit ng mga over-sized shirts and jeans ko. Kung wala, eh di gawin nilang table cloth or sofa covering. Kahit carpet puwede. Anlaki nila eh.

3) What's left of my money may also be donated to charity. I'm sure malaking tulong ang maibibigay ng P30.00 na nasa savings account ko. Tatlong Lucky Me Pancit Canton rin yun!

4) All my private journals and diaries may be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Punung-puno siya ng juicy tidbits na I'm sure the most chismosa of people would adore to read.

and last but not least,

5) My DVD collection will be divided among Carl, Cerda, and Megario. However, the porn and hentai collection will be burned and its ashes sprinkled on my grave...


Happy Halloween, everyone...


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Drama has Karma but Liquor is Quicker...


To my three dear faithful readers,

I'll be gone for several days so I thought I'd make this entry a bit longer than usual...



I went to the birthday party of a close friend's housemate last Monday night. As per the request of the birthday boy, we shall refer to him as Mercedes.

I really don't know why I was invited. I've only met Mercedes once and that was a brief encounter, to say the least.

To be honest, I didn't want to go. You know how I feel about strangers in a crowded and hot room. But then, I thought to myself, "Do you really want to spend your Monday night off just watching tv and reading more of your goddamn books?"

So, at 1045pm, I was off to the party. Their house was close enough for me to just ride a tricycle.

As I climbed the stairs, I could hear several people in the hall, talking and laughing.

There were about three gay guys standing in the dark, smoking, and looking at me.

Paano ko nalaman na bading sila? I didn't. I just assumed. Sabi kasi ni close friend Sporty, lahat daw ng inimbitahan ni Mercedes, bading and/or babae.

I waved and said "Hello!" to the gay guys in the dark. They just stared some more and didn't say a word. Imbiyerna. Eh di wag.

I could hear someone from inside the room saying loudly, "Asan na ba si Buquir!?"

I opened the door fully and smiled at the people in the sala. Mercedes was standing close to the door, holding some paper plates.

"Happy Birthday, Mercedes," I said and we did the beso-beso thing.

"Hey hey! Buti naman nakapunta ka!" said Mercedes, handing me some paper plates, "You have to eat na ha! Kuha lang ng kuha!"

There were several dishes on the table which dominated the living room. There was carbonara, fried calamares, afritada, graham cake, a birthday cake, and for some reason, minced hash browns...

Sporty was there with his boyfriend, Posh. Posh ran up to me and hugged me, "Namiss kita, Bookie! Kain ka na!"

Sporty said, "Kuha ka ng carbonara oh..."

There were about four or five more people in the room who were all looking at me, smiling.

Eh may problema pa naman ako sa pagkain sa harap ng mga strangers. Mahiyain talaga ako.

"Sige, later na lang ako kakain, sabay na lang kami ni Ginger," I said, shyly.

"Hay naku! Mamaya pa yun darating," says Sporty, "Mauna ka na kumain."

Sporty then introduced me to the people in the sala. I proceeded to forget all their names and faces five seconds after I was introduced.

I spooned some graham cake onto my plate and plonked myself on a chair next to an electric fan. Posh sat down next to me. He is so malambing and cute. Sporty and Posh are one of the most goodlooking couples I know.

"Tagal natin di nagkita, Bookie..." Posh said, leaning his head on my shoulder.

"Honga, na-miss kita," I replied, spooning cake into my mouth.

Mercedes was at the head of the table, recounting some hilarious story about him getting drunk and connecting it with the Cranberries' song, "Linger". Ang cute din ni Mercedes. He works in an advertising firm and is a commercial model himself.

"Buquir, tikman mo iyung afritada. Gawa siya ng dyowa ko, si Ralph," he pointed to yet another cute guy sitting close to him.

"Sino yung mga guys sa labas?" I whispered to Posh.

"Ah, ex ni Mercedes," Posh answered.

"He invited his ex???" I replied incredulously.

"Yeah, ok naman sila eh," Posh said, "although, medyo haggard kasi nagdala ng current dyowa ang ex."

"Ah talaga?" I said, "How rude."

At around 1130pm, Ginger arrived. Some of the guests already left and Mercedes announced that it was time to start getting drunk.

During this time, some other guests arrived, along with a supposedly straight guy who looked like a model. He was so tall and lean. May itsura naman siya, in fairness. Medyo suplado nga lang. Sampalin ko siya, eh. Hmpf.

Anyway, we were passing around tequila shots and I was starting to feel woozy. People kept coming in and out of the apartment. There was some laughter and screams from outside.


Sporty, Ginger, and Posh were talking with this guy, who was introduced to me but I couldn't remember his name, but I kept referring to him as Mr. Red Lips, on account of his, ummm... you know, red lips.

Apparently, Ginger was into the guy, but his attention was being monopolized by Sporty and Posh.

"Do you even fancy him?" I asked Ginger.

"Fetish ko kasi yung mapupulang labi," he answered.

I looked at guy, "May pagka-Planet of the Apes ang facial structure niya, don't you think?"

He ignored my comment, the dickhead.

At this point, Mercedes, his goth-bestfriend Zoey, and I were getting cozy with the Grand Matador. At first taste, it tasted like shit. After a few shots, it seemed like heaven in my mouth.

"So, kasama ka pala nina Ginger at Sporty nung gumimik sila sa Malate?" I asked Mercedes.

"Oo, we had so much fun that night," he replied.

"So nakilala mo pala si Player?" I asked. Player is this guy from work. Mukha siyang player, obviously. Sabi niya hindi raw, pero....

Mercedes laughed and said, "Yes, I met him. He was very... ummm... interesting."

I was about to ask him what he meant when I felt the need to throw up.

I ran out and into the streets. I never could throw up in someone else's bathroom. Nakakahiya eh.

When I went back, there were fewer people in the room. I can barely remember what happened around this time. I was so fuckin' drunk, really.

The model-looking guy and his friends had already left.

Mercedes' boyfriend was inside his room for some reason. I think nagkaroon sila ni Mercedes ng issue.

It was later on that Mercedes said that he and Ralph just broke up.

"When???" we asked.

"Nung pumasok ako sa kuwarto kanina," he replied nonchalantly.

"You were in there for about a minute lang!" I said.

"A lot can happen in a minute," he answered, smiling (although when morning came, ok na sila uli. haaaay.)

"Mabalik tayo kay Player. Meron bang nangyari nung Malate night ninyo?" I asked.

"Secret lang to ha. Pero he had his hands down my pants," Mercedes said, blushing.

I laughed, but then Ginger said, "Uuuy si Buquir! Nagseselos!"

"Tanga! Di ko gusto si Player no?" I answered.

"Sabi mo eh," said Sporty.

I forced myself not to say anything anymore; magmumukha lang akong defensive pag pinatulan ko pa.

"So, do you like Player?" I asked Mercedes.

"I kinda do," he said, "Akala ko nga pupunta siya ngayon eh."

I was really surprised at this news about Player. Player and I aren't that close, but we are good friends. And he told me that he's serious about this guy who's in Cebu. And I would always remind him to be faithful and not to flirt around.

He always said that he wasn't that kind of guy.

"At alam mo ba? Kaya ako lalong naconfuse, kasi binigyan niya ng rose si Ginger!" Mercedes announced.

"And sinabi niya sa akin na nagseselos siya sa closeness namin ni Ginger," Sporty said.

Hmmm. How interesting. So, type ba talaga ni Player si Ginger? Or is this just some game to him? Or, maybe he was just really drunk?

"Buqui, ok ka lang ba?" Ginger asked me, smiling.

"Punyeta! Sabi nang hindi ko gusto si Player eh!" I shouted.


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