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May 2009

Poker Face...



"I don't believe you," I said to my friend, Hayden (which, of course, is not his real name).

"Eh di wag," sagot naman niya, flexing his undeniably delicious biceps.

"Ulol ka," sabi ko.

"Am not," sabi naman niya.

Hayden is a friend of mine who, shall we say, is kinda patago when it comes to his pagiging pokpok. Hayden's quite good-looking, tall, and famous in his own right.

Nobody would ever deem him to be promiscuous, and yet, isa ako sa mga taong napagkatiwalaan niyang pagsabihan ng tunay niyang pagkatao.

He's a bit of a slut, actually. Nobody would believe it of him, but I've seen the evidence of his, ummm, promiscuity.

Sa office, lagi siyang pa-demure effect. Paminsan nga, gusto ko na siya i-buking eh. Especially when he says na he never goes out on dates dahil he's too busy with his work.

Ang pumapasok na lang sa isip ko ay, "Asows! There he goes again!"

The other night, while we were having coffee in some cafe, he told me he had sex with one of the guys in my latest top ten list.

"Hindi ako naniniwala na you had sex with him," I told Hayden, "That guy is straight. Wala akong naamoy na bahid ng kabadingan sa kaniya."

"And I'm telling you right now," Hayden lazily confided, while puffing on his cigarette, "Siya pa ang nag-initiate na mag-date kami. He emailed me. Asked me out." (Which I confirmed, he showed me the emails the next day. Sa Outlook pa man din. It's funny how many "bookings" ang nagaganap sa PeopleSupport dahil sa Outlook.)

Ang yabang naman nito, isip ko, pero deep inside, parang gusto ko nang maniwala. Kasi naman, hindi ugali ni Hayden ang magsinungaling about his conquests. Plus, mabenta talaga ang lolo mo. Why would he lie about something like this, in the first place?

I noticed two gay couples in the other table; they were obviously checking Hayden out, probably thinking of inviting him to a threesome. Hay, I wish someone would invite me to a threesome. Not that I would accept, of course, I just want to be invited.

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And now, for some good news...



MANILA, Philippines -- The Metro Rail Transit or MRT-3 on EDSA (Epifanio delos Santos Avenue) is going on 24-hour operations starting June 1, a transportation official said.

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DoTC) decided to expand its business hours as studies revealed that many commuters, especially workers in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, needed a safe and reliable mode of transportation late at night or early in the morning, said transportation undersecretary and MRT-3 general manager Reynaldo Berroya.

Citing the study, Berroya said most call center agents were found to leave their offices at around midnight and at 4 a.m.

“At this period, most buses and jeepneys are in their garages already,” Berroya said.

The expanded operation is also seen to benefit commuters who may be stranded in the event of flooding during the rainy season, he said.

Security guards will be posted in stations and in trains to keep passengers safe during the late-night operation, he said.

Sheeeet. Parang ang fun ng idea na mag-MRT ka ng madaling araw! Yun nga lang, medyo scary dahil malamang holdapers galore ito. Watchutink?

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Dear Callboi,

Good morning to my favorite blogger ever! Actually ate, ikaw lang yata ang blog na binabasa ko. So no choice ako hehehe joke lang.

Just call me Beauty. At tulad mo Callboi, isa akong baklush, badets, badings, homo, faggot, baklita, chabelita, and last but not the least, travel agent.

I really adore your blog Callboi. Isa kang huwarang diwata na nagpapasaya sa araw namin dito sa isinumpang account natin. I wish you would write more often, pero alam kong napaka-hectic ng social life at social calendar mo, kaya may-I-wait-in-vain na lang ang drama ng beauty ko lately.

One thing I really like about you is that you are not suplado. I see you a lot on the Ops floor and lagi kang nakangiti. Once, I smiled at you, and even though you don't know me personally, you smiled back.

The reason I am writing to you is because of something that happened to me sa may restroom natin dito sa fifth floor.

You see, isa akong baklitang nangangahas na magbihis babae, Transvestite ang label sa akin. At alam mo naman na dito sa account natin, dumadami na ang mga tulad kong nangangarap na bagayan ng stilletos and plunging necklines. Paborito ko ay ang pagsuot ng turtle neck sweater na white on top of black silky leggings with shiny silver high-heels. Charot!!!

Anyway, one day, while I was wearing the ensemble I described above, I walked in sa CR natin dito sa fifth and pagpasok ko, may-I-brush-away pa ako ng bangs ko when I bumped into this guy from Sales.

Siyempre pa ang ate mo, super-gulat ang drama, napasigaw ako ng "Ay p*ke!" Nasiko naman kasi ako nung guy sa fake kong boobelyas!

Eto ka, yung kalbong guy, tumingin sa akin ng super to the mega over na galit! Mukhang iritang irita ang powtah. Constipated yata ang lintik.

Tapos sabi niya sa akin, "Kasi naman dito ka pa nag-CR eh! Dyan ka dapat sa girls!" And then walk away siya.

Super shocked naman aketch! Siguro kung may rosario ako noon napa-clutch na lang ako sa kaniya. The nerve of that brute di ba?

I've had these kind of experiences before in the CR, pero nothing this blatant and bizaare! Naranasan ko na ang matignan ng masama, mapagtawanan ng patago, but this was a first for me.

Seriously, it was kind of scary for me and sobrang nakakabastos at nakakapanliit. I heard rumors of HR actually thinking of setting up separate CR's for homosexuals daw.

How true ito dear Callboi? What are your views on this?




Dear Beauty,

Honestly, if I were in that situation, malamang pinadugo ko na ang ilong ng gagong yun. Pero since we beauty queens rarely resort to violence, I would have just reported him to HR.

If ever that bald guy is reading this entry, ito ang sa iyo: PAK YU.

I doubt if PeopleSupport is really planning to set-up separate comfort rooms for individuals like you and me. Even if they did, I wouldn't use it.

Separation means segregation. Why should we have our own rest room when we have every right to use the appropriate ones we have right now? We're gay but we still use the rest room like every other man.

Building a separate rest room for us implies that it is wrong for us to use the men's room. Kahit saan mo man tignan, pare-pareho lang ang ihi na lumalabas sa atin. It's just that sometimes, some people think na mas mataas ang ihi nila.

A real man would have no issue about pissing next to someone wearing women's couture. Why is it that a lot of straight men think that gay guys want to sleep with them?

We're gay but we still have taste.

Love, life, and lechon,


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TTM '09!!!


Dear Readers,

Welcome welcome welcome to this year's Top Ten Men!!!

It's been a grueling and arduous road for me, collecting all these people from all over.

You have no idea about the pressure I am feeling right now, hoping that my readers would love and appreciate the list I've come up with.

Throughout the weeks, several changes were made to the list, some were taken out, and some were, of course, added. Actually, the last person was added just about two or three days ago. Most of the guys here are with PS, some have resigned already, and only one of them I think was never connected to our company.

Ganun ka-hectic. Tapos, ang mga bwakanang mga tao sa floor, ang kuleeeet.

Tanung ng tanong kung san na yung list.


I wonder if you're even reading what I'm writing here, or nag-browse ka lang ng mga pics sa baba. Hay naku, without further ado, here is the list.



Everyone, I'd like you to meet Mr. Jay-R Paguirigan.

Besides being the only person I know who has a punctuation mark in his name, he's the only Team Manager on the fifth floor who's a good-looking chinito.


He's been with PeopleSupport for more than 5 years, and is a good friend of my co-trainers.


A self-confessed DVD addict, he enjoys table tennis and badminton.

Don't you just love an athletic chinito?


Look familiar?

I know most of you will call me biased, pero I just had to include Chris, or most famously known here in my account as Pumpkin.


As far as I can remember, although I must admit I was terribly intoxicated with infatuation for him back then, mabenta sya ng sobra noon sa floor namin. The neighborhood badets even dubbed him as Mr. *xpedia, because he was such a "crowd favorite".


Although I am no longer attracted to him or in love with him (I swear, I'm not, promise, walang biro, hindi ako defensive, totoo), I felt that my list would not be complete without a shoutout to him.


Mas kilala si Ron sa third floor, as he is one of the supervisors of our rival account.


His boyish smile is only outshone by his most-charming capability to speak Spanish. Can you imagine him whispering sweet nothings in your ear in Español? Kakiligs.



He used to be in our account, kaso because of his bilingual skill, he was promoted to a higher position elsewhere in the company.


And now we have RJ. I call him Shortstuff, kasi, well, he's small, although I think he doesn't like me pointing out that fact.


He's relatively new to our account, but has already attracted lots of attention, due to his boyish-good-looks.


Actually, super cute siya para sa akin, kaso, ang bata eh. BTW, he's a registered nurse.


Our resident bad boy, Khaled Abbas!


Mukha siyang mambubugbog, pero mabait siya, mga tsong.


Among everyone here in the list, siya lang yung nagpakita sa akin ng sobrang tuwa na kasama siya sa list ko, and he was also the most eager to participate.

In fact, nag-"photoshoot" pa kami sa isang tagong kwarto dito sa fifth floor. Shocked nga ako sa mga muscles niya eh, kala ko kasi lampayatot siya. Dehins pala.


Ito si Jake, Jake Tamayao. Pero dehins Jake ang tawag ko sa kaniya. Ang tawag ko sa kaniya, Sawsaw.


Bakit Sawsaw? Kasi ang bata-bata niya, tapos lagi siyang nakikisingit sa usapan naming mga matatanda. Nakiki-"sawsaw" baga.


Aaminin ko ha, crush ko siya noon, noon yun. Kaso nung malaman ko kung gaano siya kakulit, nawala lahat. Kaya friends lang kami. Chos! Pero alam niyo, ang benta-benta nitong si Sawsaw sa mga badets sa floor. Daming nag-eemail sa kaniya. Dati nga, pati isang sikat na HR guy, nilalandi din siya via email eh.


Of course naman, dapat may representative ang training department!

Ron dela Cruz got a lot of nominations, although feeling ko yung iba si Aubrey lang, na nagpapalit ng username. Joke lang. :)


A graduate of Computer Application in DLSU, this Scorpio is really into backpacking and was recently trekking around Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Pangarap kong magkaroon ng balat na katulad ng kay Ron. Ang kinis eh. Pang-anak mayaman.


Donn was the most recent addition to my list. Nakita ko siya last week sa smoking area sa fifth, tapos naisip ko, "In fairness, cuteness."


Kaso dehins ko siya knows, kaya ginamit ko ang aking mga koneksyones. Marami pala kaming common friends.

Buti na lang pumayag siya.


An Accountancy graduate, this 26-year old is reputedly able to charm his way with the womenfolk by serenading them with his angelic voice. I hope he joins this year's PS Idol. Killer looks with a killer voice? Panalo.


Here's a quote from Mr. Donn Gregorio himself: "I don't believe in dating."

Sigh. Sorry girls.




He used to be with PeopleSupport before. He even joined one of our PS Idol competitions. I helped him practice for the audition, his piece was "Shout for Joy". Maganda boses niya, in fairness, sing-ganda ng katawan niya.


He's a part-time commercial model, I think. Di ako sure. Pero punung-puno ang facebook account niya ng mga professional photos eh. So malamang model siya.

I mean, look at the picture below. With a body and face like that, dapat modelo ka:


Hmmmf. Kagigil.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you how I met this year's number one.

I was in Cagayan De Oro with some of my closest friends.

We had gone swimming in a beautiful pool topped by an awesome waterfall from a mountain.

As we left the mountainside, one of my friends bumped into him at the exit. It turns out they were also there for a vacation.

We were introduced to each other, pero super tahimik lang ako, unlike my usual bubbly and super-cute self.

His name is John Serrano. And upon seeing him, I swear, ang pumasok na tanong sa isip ko ay "Can you be my number one?"

Number one sa list ha. Baka kung anung isipin niyo.

My girlfriends were screaming everytime they saw John. We bumped into him twice during out trip. The first time was by the waterfall, the second was before our river-rafting activity.

Haaay. I don't know if the pictures do him justice, pero friends, I swear, malakas ang dating niya in person.


I know nothing about him except what his friends have told me (Hi Shayne!). I think he used to work for FTV.


He was a contestant in a singing contest in ABS-CBN. I think Star In A Million, pero not sure.





His favorite quote? "Love is not blind. It sees everything but doesn't mind."

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Deez Eez Eeeet!



Grabe, na-miss ko na rin ang mag-blog.

Super busy ako these past few weeks, pero, because of events that are beyond my control (or my understanding), I will no longer be quite as busy as before. I'm back to my regular programming here in my blog.

So, let me just tell you this:

Bukas, at 6PM. For sure na ito, tapos na siya. Tapos na ang Top Ten Men ko. I-edit ko na lang ng kaunti. Kung ayaw niyo maniwala, eh di wag! :)

Aaminin ko, nahirapan akong kumpletuhin siya.

Sana magustuhan niyo. Kung di niyo magustuhan, eh wala na akong magagawa diyan.

Mag-calls na lang tayo.

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