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April 2010

Going on Vacation...


Maboborlogs muna ang blog ko.

Magbabakasyon muna ang lolo niyo.

Stress sa work at stress sa buhay.

Pansin niyo ba lately, parang ang hirap na gumising sa umaga (or sa gabi) para lang pumasok sa opisina?

Medyo nababagot na ako sa office. Andami kasing nagreresign eh. Nakakahawa ang stress, I swear.

Kaya ayan, bakasyon muna ako.

Like I said in a previous entry, punta kami ng mga friends ko sa Anawangin and its neighboring islands this weekend.

Mega-camping ang drama. Walang tulugan. Inuman at chikahan lang sa shore. Feeling All Saints ang drama.

Medyo excited ako. Medyo nervous din. My friends and I have never gone camping.

I have this fear that by the end of the night, one of us will turn into a cannibal dahil baka kulangin ang food supply namin.

Oh well papel.

Tinanong ang travelling companion ko ng "Wala tayong booked room sa resort? Paano kung ma-NPA tayo?"

Ang sagot niya, "Eh di adventure!"

Bahala na. Will post the pics as soon as ma-upload.

Pero excited talaga ako.

Natawagan na kasi namin yung boatman namin, si Kuya Randy, na ang tawag sa akin sa phone ay "Ading" yata. Akala ko short for bading. It means younger sibling or friend pala.

Nakabook na kami ng boatman namin. Sinend na niya sa amin ang picture niya para daw ma-recognize namin siya.

In fairness, mukha nga siyang pamilyar:


Hay! Wish ko lang!

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Corporate Hottie...



(kahit di tayo close hayaan mo na lang ako na tawagin kang Bookie)

I am Jay from Leyte. This might come as a surprise for you but yes...YES...umabot na sa leyte ang blog mo. I actually found it when i googled "call center agent blogs". Other blogs came out but i find most of it boring.

To say the least, I had to call the office the day after I found about your blog because I did a marathon reading of it. I got hooked up with it that I actually decided to make one after a few days. (hahaha). Your stories are interesting...funny...and addictive. The personalities are colorful yet mysterious. And I really felt that I was close to all of these people in your blog.

I am already 27 years old and I know that the first thing that you would ask is "are you bi or gay?". The answer i guess is "I dunno". I am a young manager in a company where our major products are copper gold and silver...and tons and tons of it. I have been an avid reader of your blog for almost 3 months now and with all humility,I must say that I am a FAN.

For so many weeks know, I have been contemplating either to write you an email or not. I guess I just wanted friends like you to hang out with. But what made me decide to write you was the surprise that i had last Tuesday night. April 20. I flew to Makati Tuesday afternoon for a meeting with several clients on Wednesday morning. Since I was doing nothing that night, I decided to meet with my brother and his family. MY nephew likeS KFC a lot so we met at the KFC right beneath your building. It was already around 1130 - 1200 midnight.

When I was about to go inside I saw a very familiar face. I can't remember that instance but I wa so sure I have met or seen him somewhere. It was so quick so we proceeded to go inside. I was lining up at the counter when I heard a lot of voices from behind, when i looked one of them was..........tsadang!!! Trainor Marlon. He was real...in flesh...and soul. hehehe.

I cannot believe that he was right in front of me. It was a feeling like seeing batman or superman from the comics coming to life (matatawa ka pero totoo to). It was when I realized that the person I just saw outside the KFC store was your "SC". Hehehe...napakababaw ng kaligayahn ko. My work is complicated that's why I want to indulge myself in simpler things like your blog. (???) I thought that was it but the real surprise was when I say you with 3 other girls na naglalakad sa labas. I think you were wearing an apple green polo (ewan ko kung ikaw ba talaga yun. hehehe). Kung ikaw yun...you were in flesh...and a lot of them (hehehe. peace).

Anyway, just wanted to say that I am a fan of your blog. Keep us smiling Bookie. Hope na pag gusto niyo gumala dito sa Leyte, ako tour guide at driver niyo. Libre tirahan. Hehe If ever you will be able to find time and reply on this, I would like to invite you for dinner diyan sa Makati pag nakabalik ako ulit diyan for an official business. Ok?

Hoping to see you soon in person...pagtiyagaan mo na kahit medyo boring ako sa personal. Hehe.


Try to search camotes or canigao island...Sa leyte yan at malapit sa kumpanyang pinagtratrabahuan ko.

  • ****************************

Dear Jay,

Hi Jay, first of all, na-touch ako sa email mo, very candid.

I don't think ako yung nakita mo kasi AM shift ako eh, tsaka wala akong apple-green na polo. Although favorite color ko ang green, dehins ko siya masyadong keri na isuot dahil nagmumukha akong malaking booger.

About Trainer Marlon, I fully understand how you feel. Artistahin talaga ang lolo mo. Lagi kaming starstruck whenever we see him.

You should see his rendition of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" dance steps. Fierce siya!

He is currently not looking for a relationship but he is not closing his doors to the idea.

Kaya I wish this guy below, si Gio, whom I've featured before in this blog:


would ask me for Trainer Marlon's number, kasi mahiyain ang lolo mo. Kelangan maging aggresive ka, please.

Feeling ko bagay kayo.

I mean, tignan mo naman ang mga ito:


This is my favorite picture of Trainer Marlon:

Kaya Gio, gow gow gow na!



Trainer Marlon and I checked your islands online.

We like, we really like.

Expect an email from me about it.

Basta tour guide ka namin ha? :)


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Grabe na ito...



Below is a comment from "randommadness" on my entry about our company clinic:

"Your blog is not new to me una dahil - taga PS ako! hehehe and ignoramus na lang talaga yung di nakakabasa ng pambihirang blog mo na to :) I love your style in writing I also write stuffs but I enjoy your no-nonsense style. Anyways, just want to share a story regarding our incompetent clinic staff - I have a friend who had her shortness of breath misdiagnosed as fatigue lang.And they gave her some med w/o asking her anything (yung SOP na tanungan portion etc pag check up) and turned out that she was allergic to that medicine.She was hospitalized for a week sa MMC and almost lost her life to the allergic reaction dun sa gamot. Buhay pa naman siya (thank God!) pero nakakainis lang at nakakapanic na dahil sa kaengotan ng mga tao e pwedeng ika-tigok ng sinuman sa tin. Kaya ako? Nuncang magpa-check at humingi ng gamot sa clinic! Baka mamaya expired na gamot pa ang mabigay sa kin deva? On a serious note PS should look into these reports about "the clinic" (pwedeng title ng horror movie totoo lang). I hope na di mangyari na may machugi na agent bago sila kumilos. We also need your help Bookie para naman thru this blog e makalampag mo kahit pano ang PS. Thanks! :)"

I have never assumed that my blog is able to generate enough noise that management would need to take action, but right now, if this comment is indeed true, i'm kinda wishing that I did have that kind of influence.

If HR is reading this, who can we talk to about this???


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Ito lang ha...



But you weren't any better.

Yun lang.

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Summer Lovin'...


Just wanted to update you that I do have plans for the future...

In about a week, these people:


along with this child:


will be going here:

(pictures from Ivan Henares' blog.)
Anawangin, Zambales!

According sa Manilenio.com, "If your idea of a beach trip is chillin’ out by the beach in a hammock, singing around a campfire with a guitar and climbing beach cliffs to wait for the sunset then you should definitely go to Anawangin. Anawangin is a cove in the town of San Antonio in Zambales. It is a beach that has an off-white sand and an evergreen forest cover near the shore (you’ll rarely see a coconut tree in Anawangin)."

Nanginginig na ang mga mapuputi kong singit ko sa excitement. Hindi kami mag-rerent ng room sa neighboring island resort. Instead, we'll be camping on the island itself. Wish ko lang di kami magpatayan before the end of the day.

Also, since malapit na ang 3rd year anniversary ng isinumpang blog na ito, eto na naman ang walang kamatayang tradisyon ng:


As early as now, I am asking you guys to please please please forward to me your nominations for this year's list.

I already have about three agents in mind, and I've approached all of them, at pumayag naman sila.

In fernez, medyo marami-rami na uli ang mga cuties sa floor, so medyo may mapagpipilian na tayo.

But this year, ang tatanggapin ko na lang na candidates are only call center agents!

Kiber kung saang kumpanya sila galing, kahit pa call center ng jollibee yan. Basta winner dapat ang looks. At willing silang ma-include at ma-interview. At sana sana marami silang pictures. Preferably may facebook accounts.

You can all send me your nominations to [email protected].

So ano pa ang iniintay niyo? Send na! The more entries you send, eh di the more entries I get!

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