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Hot, right?

Mainit na nga sa labas, mainit pa dito sa blog.

Meet Hideo. My uber-favorite Japanese-Brazilian supermodel.

To make a long story short, he's agreed to do an online interview with me for my blog!

Yay! (Actually, when I saw that he responded to my message, muntik na akong mag-orgasm.)

The only problem is, kilala niyo naman ako, kapag nahaharap sa laman na sobrang hotness, nawawala ang IQ ko.

I have no idea what to ask him!

So, I turn to you, dear readers. Help me out, please!

What questions would you like me to ask the supermodel-of-my-wet-dreams?

Let's keep the questions as PG-13 as possible, please? Do try to restrain yourself from asking yung masyadong R-18 questions, as much as I would also want to hehehe.


Post na sa comments section!

P.S. Best question gets a prize! A free copy of my book!

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What is the thing you love most about me?
Did you like me instantly? LOL

Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?

by kumagcow

What's your biggest modelling gig to date? Dream gig?

by chekwa28

How has been your stay in the Philippines? Has the country opened more opportunities to you as a model than any other parts of the world?

by Canoe224

"If you weren't a model, why not?"

by Joey

If you had the chance, what would Hideo of today tell a 12-year old Hideo? :D

by Brent

are you in favor of the RH bill?

by baogers

I once read an interview with a model where she said, that the best thing about her work is that she can be anything she wants to be. Being a model is an illusion, she said, and it allowed her to enter a world of fantasy and be someone else.

Do you feel the same way? Do you get enamored by the world you live in? Do you feel that it can be too much, sometimes?

by Kane

Didn't realized you released your book!
I'm a former coworker and we've seen each other at E-mail (wink, wink)
Where will I be able to buy your book?
Gusto ko sign mo i!f I'd make dalaw somewhere or if i see you!


by fridaygirl

What's your favorite motto? (seryoso 'to). How is it relevant to you and your life?

Gusto ko lang malaman ang sagot n'ya.

by Orly

YOu should ask: How'd you like me?! with a perfect smile!

by pukershia titichi

ammff! isa syang malaking tukso! bwahhaha..

hmm question? have you had a fling with another guy? bwhahaha ching!

by soltero

Great questions, you guys! So far, am loving Kane's!

by callboi

Question: Probably you've had/done a lot of experiences/things in modeling/photoshoot. As a supermodel, is there anything else you want to experience/try? Or is there anything you haven't done in any photoshoot that you really really want? <seryoso to infairness>

by pukershia titichi

Here's my question:

Why model in the Philippines and not Brazil?

PS... not to be echusera or anything, but is this the real hideo muraoka we're talking about? I've checked your friend kist kasi and I wasn't able to see his name. Thanks Bookie! Im hoping for a free book!

by Lloydy Gaga

My question is: How much can you give to save a relationship?

by haliparot

My question is: How much can you give to save a relationship?

by haliparot

@lloydy gaga: No, it's his evil twin brother.

by callboi

how many tattoo/s do you have and their meaning/significance to you?

by chekwa28

What advice can you give Miss Philippines who will be competing in Sao Paulo,Brazil this September? How can she captivate the hearts of the Brazilian esp. the men of Brazil?

by Joachim

How straight are you? Lol

by girlwholovesgirls

Here's my question:

As a model, you are used to the fast paced life. Photoshoots, magazine spreads, walking down the runway. Its a world of glitz and glamour. At the end of the day when you're alone and reflecting on how life has been for you, do you feel fulfilled with the life that most people can only dream of having?

  • *****

Buquir I miss you! Magparamdam diba? hehe

by PlanetAdam

For you, what is the sexiest part of your body? And why?

by haliparot

With the looks of a model fantasized by a lot of men and women, have you ever cried because of love? And how did you get over it?

- Ang drama ng question ko for him buqui.

by akosidiosa

what makes u blush?

by trisha macalintal

I missed your blog so much!!!
Sali naman!


Boxers (mesh) or Briefs (mesh)?


love hideo!!!
pfw ulit!


by e_sasha

if you were an animal, would you like to be a cat?..

by nico

Did he ever experienced being attracted to a fellow guy model? Will he dare to do a frontal nude shoot? Have he kissed a guy? :D And does he watch ANTM ? and what does he think about plus size models? Favorite designers? Photographers?

by Joco Comendador

i'm just an avid reader and im not fond of asking questions but this time i have to...lol

Q: if you were a Filipino food what would it be? and why?

by kidoliver

Where do you spend most of your time? Why?

by LyndonPaul

ano ang makakapagpapayag sayo? yung tipong hindi ka makakatanggi. ahahaha

by pukershia titichi

@Bookie-I love your humor!
Pls drop by my site- www.lloydygaga.blogspot.com

by Lloydy Gaga

asan ka na bookie?

by davao fan

what is your current state of mind??

by absolut vanilla

if you will have a selective amnesia who are the 3 people you want to remember and 5 people you don't want to remember? and why?

avid fan ako ni lust. love, lechon dying to have that book :)

by dada

Did he ever experienced being attracted to a fellow guy model? Will he dare to do a frontal nude shoot? Have he kissed a guy? :D And does he watch ANTM ? and what does he think about plus size models? Favorite designers?
<a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/1z0-051.htm">1z0-051 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/HP0-Y31.htm">HP0-Y31 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/TE0-121.htm">TE0-121 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/642-374.htm">642-374 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/642-971.htm">642-971 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/EX0-101.htm">EX0-101 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/70-652.htm">70-652 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/70-291.htm">70-291 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/1Y0-A05.htm">1Y0-A05 dumps</a> \ <a href="http://www.test-king.com/exams/220-702.htm">220-702 dumps</a>

by ali22

i saw him in greenbelt 1 yesterday. he's pushing a stroller with a cute baby girl in it. i am not sure if that was his daughter. :D

is that your daughter?

by runner25

Hello Bookie,

I've been following your blog all the way from Toronto. Am here in the Philippines w/ my lesbian partner for family reasons and we're hoping to buy your book. I've searched at National Bookstore (in SM and Quezon Ave.) plus Power Books at Trinoma, but no luck. Please let me know where I can find it.

Thank you,

marcia & anne

by marcia

hey, i also wanted to buy a copy of your book.. where can i get one?


by girlwholovesgirls


by nohangover

@runner25-yes. That's his baby Daniela with wifey Fatima rabago. For more juicy Hideo tidbits, please drop by my blog! Love ya Bookie!

by Lloydy Gaga

please ask him does he ever get rejected by girls before? and what is his shoe size?LOL

by mac mac

What is your sexual fetish?

by stephen

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