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Dear Callboi,

Good day!

Please call me Robin.

I'm pretty new to your blog but already I am addicted to it. I must congratulate you on your writing.

You seem to have managed to convert a lot of people who normally don't read blogs into dedicated readers.

Okay, enough with the ass-kissing. Let me get to my point.

I've been here in PeopleSupport for more than five years.

As you may know, employees of PS will be receiving their 13th month pay this December 8.

Though I am thrilled to the bones that I will, once again, be able to go splurging on shoes, clothes, and books, I am also immensely saddened.

You see, I vowed that this year, once I receive the 13th month pay, I will tender my resignation the next day effective immediately.

And I will be pushing through with it, believe me.

Callboi, I know you feel this in your heart as well, I am tired of working in a call center.

To be honest, after five years, as Madonna sang in one of her Evita songs, "Where do we go from here?"

I am afraid of what will happen to me after I resign. But I'm also excited as hell at the prospect that the future is finally in my control once more.

PeopleSupport has been good to me, and yes, admittedly, there were times when some company policies made me feel like going on a shooting spree. However, I will always consider my time in PS to be some of the best years of my life.

But like I said, I am tired.

My question is: Are you tired as well?




Dear Robin,

Before I answer your question, let me tell you how I came to be working in PeopleSupport.

About seven years ago, I first heard about call centers from a college friend of mine.

"Tol, yun na siguro ang pinakamadaling work! You just have to tell the callers the address of a particular location in the U.S., and sooobra pa ang high ng salary!" ang may pagka-coñong sabi sa akin ni friend.

Ako namang si inosenteng probinsiyano, naniwala agad. It wasn't hard not to be tempted back then, I mean, I spoke English fairly well. I could fake an American accent. I watched a lot of American television series. If it were not for my uncommonly ugly nose, and dark hair and skin, I could easily be mistaken for an American! Opo, alam kong ilusyunada po ako, thank you.

So I checked the Classified Ads sa Inquirer and the first thing I noticed was the extremely bright and peppy job ad of PeopleSupport. Hitik na hitik sa smiley faces! I applied on a Tuesday and was hired the following Thursday.

Before I continue, can I just mention na I grew up in Batangas and to be accepted in a company whose office was right smack in the middle of Ayala (sa Philamlife pa kami noon sa may Paseo) was just simply mind-blowing for probinsiyano old me? Gusto ko nga magpa-misa at maghanda ng fiesta nung matanggap ako eh.

Feeling ko career woman na ako noon. Feeling Carmi Martin talaga ako. Probinsiyano meets Makati ang drama ko noon.

Before I was interviewed, I threw up twice sa CR dahil sa kaba. I ended up talking about books and movies with my interviewer. It was fairly easy, to be honest.

My first year in PS was, well, it may sound cliche and plastic, but it's the truth, my first year in PS was great. My batch was amazing. My trainers and supervisors were amazing. The view and pool table in the 12th floor pantry were amazing. Obviously, I can't think of another adjective besides "amazing". Pero ganun talaga eh. I mean, I have to be honest right? Maganda at masaya ang first year ko sa PeopleSupport.

This coming January, officially seven years na akong nasa PS.

Seven years... and you asked me, am I tired?

Oo. Let's be honest. Sino ba naman ang hindi magsasabing pagod siya sa trabaho di ba?

However, let me add to my statement. I am tired, but I'm still fairly happy with PeopleSupport.

Sure, things have changed. A lot. Pero let's get realistic. Saang company ba di nagkaroon ng mga pagbabago?

The only real complaint I have is our medical plan. Wish ko talaga ibalik nila ang eligibility natin for Makati Med.

Dati kasi, confident akong lumabas ng apartment ko sa Guadalupe kahit lampas alas-dose na ng gabi. Sa isip ko, kung may manghoholdap sa akin, dadaganan ko at gugulungan yung holdaper. Lalaban talaga ako. Feeling ko naman di aabot yung balisong nila sa laman-loob ko dahil sa kapal ng taba sa tiyan ko eh. At kung saka-sakaling masaksak ako, I'd just take a cab and head straight to Makati Med. Dati kasi our medical plan covered everything there, wala ka talagang babayaran. Pero ngayon di na tayo covered fully.

Kaya di na rin ako lalaban sa holdaper. Isusuko ko na lang ang puri ko.

According to a close friend of mine from HR (let's call him Divasaurus), the turnover rate in our company increases significantly not in the month of December, but from January to February.

However, Divasaurus also says, "Pero girl, na-ba-balance out din yan kasi dumadami ang new hire ramps sa mga following months."

You also asked, "Where do we go from here?"

Yun nga eh. If I resign, where would I go? I live alone. I'd need a fairly large salary in order to sustain the lifestyle that I've been used to. At aminin nating lahat na mas malaki talaga ang sweldo natin kumpara sa mga ibang trabaho. Ang only dream job ko naman talaga is to work in a food magazine or own my own bookstore/cafe which I would call "Buquish". Cute name devah? :)

However, ibang usapan if mas malaki ba ang sweldo natin kumpara sa ibang call centers. I think that's a separate blog entry in itself.

Tinanong ko mga teammates ko, "Kung mas malaki ang sweldo natin kumpara sa iba, bakit di tayo yumayaman?"

Sabi nila, kasi daw, pag mas mataas ang sweldo, mas maraming expenses. Anlabo.

Feeling ko kasi mahirap talaga magtipid kapag alam mong relatively mas mataas ang salary mo.

I ask myself again, am I tired with PeopleSupport?

Ask me again in a year.

Right now, the probinsiyano in me is still having fun.

Life, lust, and lechon,


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by EchuseRa

hmmmmmmmmmm. . . ( hingang malalim. . . )

by Nasa Tabi Mo Nakikinig

Hmmm.. its up to you bro. I mean you just really have to ask yourself if kaya pa? masaya pa.... for me call centers are just stepping stones sa career development mo. if you think you will really grown in a call center then you stay but if not go and look for greener pastures.
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by Joe

Bookie... ako din, kung di lang ako nabigyan ng papeles papuntang states eh diyan na ako tatanda... I actually miss PS... the work, the people, all my friends... Haaay... kung maibabalik ko lang...

by NYBadette

bookie...actually saludo ako sa iyo at kay mamsie, at sa iba pang nakatagal...kasi ang tatag nyo...gooh dhyab!ako naka-dalawang taon (at separate years pa!) pero bored na agad pero redeeming factor na relatively masaya naman ang experience ko, wag lang magka-hurry-cane..hehehe...pero pag talagang bumagsak ang ekonomiya ng dubai...hello peoplesupport philippines ulit malamang ang drama ko...at kitakits na lang sa floor!bakit PS?pramis ko kay mamsie,kung magcall center ako PS lang talaga...original Team Alabama for life! :D

by amethyst

Robin mentioned Madonna...i like him already hahaahha

by Q_Amidala

Awwe. I miss PS tuloy. Good to hear youre still having fun *wink

by Ishy

While it is true na di ganun kalaki ang suweldo sa PS compared to other call centers, iba pa rin ang culture (people culture) na nasa PS and because of that marami ang nagstay sa PS kahit agent level pa rin after so many years. Totoo naman talaga yung sabi ni Bookie na walang company ang di nagchichange ng policies. Nasa sayo rin naman kasi kung tatanggapin mo yung changes positively or negatively. I am planning to leave my current company and go back to PS kahit pa yung ibang mga friends ko eh wala na sa PS. I don't care kung di man nila mapantayan yung current salary ko basta ang alam ko eh gusto kong bumalik sa PS. I still love PS.

by ccslave

one of your wishes will be granted... ano yun? abangan...

by anon

i ♥ PS like i ♥ bookie. okay, magreresign na ko bukas. hehehe. loveyou books! :D

by baogers

clap clap clap! I\m so loving your blogs!!! bentang-benta friend

by Ronnie

one thing i love about PS and is the reason why i'm still here for almost 3 yrs is the culture...iba ang environment natin compared to other call centers...that's why i'm still here with no plans of resigning..still waiting for my watch...hehehe..

by din from cebu

i feel exactly the same way as robin. im in dire need of change but i vowed to myself na eto na ang huling call center na papasukan ko. i've grown to love the people so as long as i can find change here, at hanggang kaya ko pa. siguro lilipat ako ng ibang call center na uber taas ang sweldo pag desperado na ko. i just keep myself motivated by reading forums abt call centers para maappreciate ko ulit ang trabaho ko. if ever i get a job na hindi call center and it doesn't work out, i will go back to PS. sa Philam pantry kaya ako natutong magbilyar!! hehe!

by hepburn

oh my..in some ways patama din ata sakin itong blog na ito...payo ko lang robin, if magreresign ka then lilipat sa ibang call center, wag na lang. kahit maraming pagbabago dito sa PS or should I say APS, iba pa rin ang people culture dito compare sa other company. But kung magreresign ka to try other things/field that you really love, then go for it. pag-isipan mong mabuti yan, wag mo lang isipin yung aalis ka dahil pagod ka na, isipin mo din kung anu yung mga bagay na iiwan mo na maaring ndi mo na pwedeng balikan.

by kneeples

i second the motion.....bow....

by popless c",)

True sila.. if not for the opportunity I had in the province, d ako aalis sa PS. Iba pa din talaga ang kultura jan. Even though mga 2yrs ago++ na ako nagresign, I always compare PS to the current company Im in.. ANLLAAYYYOOO... so sana.. magbukas dito ang PS... I'm sure ill be one of the first applicant. hehe

by daisy_duck

just in case you haven't heard...makati med will soon be no longer co pay! Happy holidays!

by anon

@anon: totoo yan??? Yeheeey! Pwede na ako uli magkasakit!

by callboi

13th month na bukas... be happy... count your blessings... been in the company for more than 4 years na... a lot has changed... and a lot will definitely change... and i agree with BUQUIR; walang company ang hindi nagbabago ng direction, policies, vision-mission, atbp... it's the company's way of coping up with the times to sustain its growth, and continue to provide employment to its workers... kung magre-resign ka lang at lilipat ng ibang call center, think twice... moving to another call center may not give you what you are looking for... try moving to another field aside from customer service, learn a new skill that you can apply in a different company (enroll ka sa tesda programs), or move to a different city (it's a risk that i took, but didn't regret)... cheers!!! happy holidays!!!

by gensanite_in_aps-cebu

well said ryan...

by zeroid

cguro nga mganda sa PS pero nkakamiss dn ang mga kakulitan mo sa ibang account

by next2u

Hey! Pwede na ulit Makati Med. Magbasa kasi ng Communication emails noh... =P

by chabacz

@chabacz: hindi ako kasama sa All-Manila distro list! Waah! kainis!

by callboi

hi bookie (wow fc hehe) im also an avid reader of your blog so kahit andito na ako sa EXL gora pa rin ako sa pagsubaybay. ang tagal mo na pala sa ps. kung ako lang hindi nagka pamilya, tatagal ako jan ng mga ten years...

by tuliro

hi bookie...

so good & funny....IM LOVIN IT :)


quickmelt (dxb)

by quickmelt

hi bookie, musta ka na po? lomg time no see ah.. namiss ko ang mga blogs mo.. belated appy birthday..

by micmic

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