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Pakshet. Bigla kong na-miss ang madugyot na si Pumpkin.

Ewan ba. Ok naman ako, wala naman akong mabigat na problema (I think). Pero parang depressed ako for no reason. Alam mo yun?

And what's fucked up about me is, whenever I feel this way, I start to think about Pumpkin. Sheeet.

I miss the way his face would sincerely light up whenever he would see me coming, just like a puppy seeing his owner, ahehehe. Ang sarap kaya ng feeling ng alam mong may taong tuwang-tuwang makita ka, di ba?

I miss the times when we would talk about what we would bring for lunch so we could compliment each other's meals and share.

I miss the way he would always be bothered whenever he would see me sad or subdued. He would then tell me corny sophomoric jokes which weren't funny but still I laughed because I knew it would hurt his feelings if I didn't.

I miss the way he would cover his mouth whenever he laughed because he was self-conscious about his teeth (which looked fine naman).

I miss having someone I could run to and just say anything about my problems and worries and not be afraid of being judged because I knew he would just listen and not say anything at all but deep inside I knew that he understood.

O sya, sya. Tama na ang drama. Kelangan ko lang ulit-ulitin ang mantra ko, "Madugyot si Pumpkin, Madugyot si Pumpkin, Madugyot si Pumpkin."

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Ay... Sorry fren... I hope, in one way or another, we, as your friends, were able to be there when you needed us. I promise you, we will be there, but we can't promise you to be exactly like Pumpkin.

by parteeboi

sundan mo...
ang paghimig na lulan na aking pinagtatanto...

sundan mo...
ang paghimig ko...

hindi ko maisip...
kung wala ka...
sa buhay ko...

(in fairness bukod sa "the man who sold the world" may alam siyang ibang kanta)

pieces of Pumpkin's personality is scattered all around. you have loads of friends. it's up to you on how you're going to pick it all up and live pumpkin-free.ÜÜÜ

by krazysoul

ano po ang "madugyot"? Madugyot nga ba si Pumpkin? ahihihihi

by ST Lauder

Madugyot si pumpkin. And yet... mahal ko siya... ahekhekhek...

by callboi

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