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Dear Callboi,


You can call me Adam. I'm a call center agent in Convergys.

A friend of mine who knows a friend of yours forwarded me your blog. You're a funny guy, and in more ways than one, I kinda have this feeling that we think alike. Please don't think I'm too assuming when I say this.

Have you ever had the urge to tell a complete stranger secrets about yourself? This letter is my way of doing that, I guess. You see, I have this thing that I never talked about with anyone else. It was too painful for me to even think about it.

But, like every good shrink will tell you, catharsis is good for the soul. And mental health, for that matter.

Let me tell you my story.

I started working for Convergys about five years ago. That's where I met Eve and Sam, my batchmates. The three of us became a tight-knit barkada, thick as thieves. From day one, we immediately hit it off. It really was quite amazing how easily and quickly we became close to each other.

By the end of training, we were swearing to each other that we would be friends through thick and thin. We were as cliche as can be.

Being 6'2, I naturally became their guardian. Eve is artistic, beautiful, and delicate. The typical prom queen. Sam and I were very protective of her.

Meanwhile, Sam was the resident genius of our toothsome trio. People would often ask Sam for advice on lots of things, and a promotion swiftly landed in Sam's lap.

A year after we became friends, I realized that I was in love with Eve. I wasn't scared to tell her, since I knew well enough that she also had feelings for me. We became an official couple on the eve of my birthday. Eve and Sam threw me a birthday party the likes of which one would never forget. We spent it in Boracay. Every thing was magical. Everything was perfect. I was with my two best friends, and one of them was the love of my life.

Eve helped me out a lot with my emotional problems with my family back then. Ignoring her protests, I helped her out financially with her family. I even paid for her younger brother's education from third to fourth year high school.

Early last year, I noticed that Sam seemed to be distant and aloof with me. I asked Sam if there was a problem and the answer was no. Sam claimed that work was just taking its toll.

I started noticing that people were whispering behind my back. I couldn't help but feel that something was wrong; especially since this time, Eve also became distant with me.

On our anniversary, I surprised Eve and packed a picnic basket full of her favorite dishes. I went to her apartment and used the spare key she gave me.

I opened her bedroom door and saw two girls on the bed. Naked. And kissing. It was Eve. And Sam. Sam... Samantha.

I couldn't talk. They couldn't say anything either.

I closed the door and walked out of the apartment.

I could hear Sam calling to me, "Adam! Adam, pare... sandali."

I ignored her. I walked out. Threw the picnic basket away.

I went straight to the office and submitted my immediate resignation.

My supervisor suspected the reason for my resignation. She informed me that she knew all about it. Apparently, everyone in my account did. And it's been going on for a year already.

Nobody could tell me because they knew how much I loved Eve.

That night, Eve called me up on my cellphone. I picked up but didn't say anything.

She spoke first, "Adam, I'm really sorry. I can't forgive myself for what I've done to you. But I also won't be able to forgive myself if I chose you over Sam. I love her."

I still couldn't speak.

Eve spoke up again, "I love her more than you love me. Do you understand that? More than you'll ever love me."

Months passed. My supervisor never did accept my resignation. She told me I had much potential.

Eve, Sam and I still hang out. Have I forgiven them, you ask?

I don't know. I am, however, still friends with them. Their an official couple now. We don't talk about what happened. But still, we're together.

They try not to be too sweet with each other when I'm with them, and I appreciate that.

Eve said to me that she loves Sam more than I love her. I don't know if she's right, but I do know that I bear the pain I feel whenever I see them together just so I can be with her.

Callboi, I am not asking for any advice here. Just wanted to speak out, I guess.

Hope you have an interesting year. I know I will.

Sincerely yours,


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Adam. Eve. Sam.
Adam. Eve. Sam.
Adam. Eve. Sam.
Adam. Eve. Sam.
Adam. Eve. Sam.

Ayan, I just wrote their names five times.Yun lang.

by krazysoul

You are now officially Dear Abby. hahaha! Lurvs it.

by chabacz

nag expect pa naman ako sa masabi ni callboi.

by jaga611986

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