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Whenever I'm really bored and/or depressed, or walang email queue, or pag down ang Surf Control, I checkout my Friendster profile.

It was a boring Sunday night when I found myself checking out the old testimonials on my profile. It's interesting how much has changed in people's perception of me.


Sabi mo, you will not succumb to
this... plastik! anyway, welcome to
I love you because you always make me
laugh. and you are a good cook!
At alam kong di mo ako love kasi si

  • ano* ang love mo....

This one's from an officemate of mine before named Dara. This is the first ever testi I received. The *ano* she was referring to was Chinaboy, my first love sa PS, ahihihi! Cute niya talaga. Mukha siyang siomai na ang sarap isubo. Ehem.


I am amazed at how Ryan works. (As an
eRep ha, hindi yung ibang karir!) And
he has a certain charm that hooks you
through and through! (Non-paid
testimonial ito!)

Hay, si Owen. He was one of my first QA's sa floor (in fact, madalas bagsak ang score ko sa kanya), and I still see him as one of the coolest and smartest people I know. Taray kasi niyang mag-English eh. And such a fashionista.


Si Ryan ay una kong nakita sa
zoo...Manila Zoo to be exact...tapos
after 20 years, nakita ko siya sa
PS...Darwin(Charles) was right in the
theory of evolution...Joke... Ryan is
one of the funnier people that
brightens your day...Always have a
funny line or a punchline to crack you
up...Astig ka Da Buquir!

Eto naman si Ramonster. Corny ng testi niya noh? Mabura nga. Back then, people in PS called me "The Buquir"; I think it coincided with the premiere of the movie, "The Hulk".


What can I say about the only man I
ever loved? (Oops! Wrong Ryan!) Hehehe!
Kidding aside, this man is a deep well
of talent. He writes the darkest yet
most enlightening prose I have ever
read. Believe me, this guy will be the
first Filipino to win the Booker Prize.
Aside from that, Ryan is a patient and
understanding friend who will accept
and love you for who you are. Ryan, I
really love you!

This is JP. He took two major courses during our college years, and he excelled in both. Though he looks like an extra in a cheap action flick (possibly top-billed by Jeric Raval and George Estregan, Jr.), he's quite a talented screenplay writer. In fact, sa Star Cinema siya ngayon nagwowork. He gets to rub elbows with the stars and the movers and shakers of showbiz. Minsan, humingi ako ng pic ni Papa John Lloyd sa kaniya, binigyan naman niya ako, kaso yung pic kasama siya. Medyo naturn off ako. Peace lang, JP! :)

The first line in his testi refers to this other Ryan whom he fell for in college. Definitely not me.


Bu-Buquir! Bu-BU-Buquir! BUqui-qui-qui-

This is my DJ's mix for the great good
friend and bro of mine - THE BUQUIR!

This is AV. What can I say about my batchmate's testi? Cu-cu-cuhhraaazy!


those are the only words I utter
whenever I am with Ryan. We usually
hang-out inside Toffer's car,
specially pag naka-park ito sa harap
ng College Bldg. ng Bene. We LOOOVVE
PDA!!! so usually mas preferred namin
pag mejo malapit na kami mahuli.... ni
Dean Obispo!!! bwahahahahaha!!!!

Oh God, how I miss this girl, Ayin. She was one of the reasons why San Beda was so much fun to be in. She was crazy, kalog, and may pagka-palengkera. Btw, hindi totoo yung testi niya sa akin. As seen in her pic above, she got married na. Hmmm... padala ko kaya tong testi na to sa husband niya, ahehehe.


Buquir!.. Now one of my dearest friend.. kachokaran. yosi buddy.. and kung ano ano pa.. never a dull moment with this guy, sobrang ang daldal.. ay ako ata yun! hehehehehe!.. one of the reason why i enjoy staying in GY.. such a good friend.. unan ko pag inaantok ako.. tiga salba pag lasing ako.. Basta Buks tandaan mo lagi " Wala Tayong Ginagawang Masama!."

Eek! Si Pumpkin to. Yun lang. sigh...


I'm floating in nothingness...

My sadness consuming me... My happiness overwhelming me... My fears overcoming me... My norms conforming me...

Bending reality and waiting things to happen...
Everything's twisted...

Si Marco, for some weeeird reason, ang username sa Friendster ay -PROMISCUOUS-, believe me, he is anything but. Anlabo ng testi niya no? Siguro nasobrahan na naman sa rugby tong si Leyson nung sinulat niya to.


Thank U so much for being there always when I am needing a friend. Thank U for the times we've shared together and for the things that only "D BUQEER " is capable of doing.

My words of gratitude will always be an UNDERSTATEMENT for the things and favors you have done for me. No matter happens, U'R always dear to me and NO ONE in this DAMN world can replace the spot where I placed you.

Remember this; Friendship is not about always being nice, or agreeable, far from it. A friend will tell you when he or she thinks U'R full of shit,but always casts it that way,never as a statement of fact. It's a fine but important distinction. If I say "U'R full of shit" it must be understood that this is my opinion only. Further, it's more likely that he or she is not the one who's so full, but I AM. That's why I cringe when someone, in the name of FRIENDSHIP, says this to me. Usually they are wrong, but there's no point arguing.

At siyempre pa, si Amorsolo. Ang testi! Pang-Miss Universe!!! Kulang na lang world peace!


AY NAKOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ang pangit pangit pangit ng BUQIQANG eeeeeeeeeh! tiglan tigilan tigilan!~BUQIQUI nalaaaaaaaaaang!

i love you

This is Jem. Bestfriend ni Marco. Apparently, they were sharing the bottle of rugby...


mis u! see you this january. luv u. TC

Ahihihi! Kinilig ako sobra sa testi na to. Galing kasi kay McNuggets. Feeling ko yung hair ko umabot ng Davao, at nag-round trip pa pabalik ng Manila.


I know I shouldn't, but I can think of ten people whose reservoirs of happiness I'd raid for you. Oh buquir, the patches of your being are the same as unicorns or rainbows with perfect arcs or four-leaf clovers or a cup of perfectly brewed coffee for free. I am always happy to see you, but I am also always rendered slightly mute by the sight of you.

This is the most recent testi I received from a girl named Ging. I had to read this comment twice just to understand it. Galing nya mag-ingles no? Natameme nga ako eh.

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i agree, ang galing ni GING mag ingles.

by jaga611986

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