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Amorsolo's Awkward Acquaintance...

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It was Salary Saturday and Amorsolo and I were in Glorietta that morning, shopping as usual.

"Hindi ba nakakahiya ang suot ko?" asked Amorsolo. He was wearing a plain brown shirt (which I knew he wore because it emphasized and showed his collar bone) and a simple pair of gray shorts. Footwear consisted of dirty-white havaiannas.

"Ok lang yan, marse. Ganyan daw pag mayaman; kebs na sa pag-aayos ng sarili pag humarap sa public eye," I answered, "Nasa pagdadala lang yan."

"Are you saying that I look like someone who's lost interest in looking fashionable?" he asked incredulously.

"Well, considering na mukha kang provincial P.E. teacher ng isang mababang paaralan..." I replied.

He punched my arm playfully and said, "Eeeeeeh!"

As is our usual habit when in the mall, we were checking out the meat market. Andaming cute nung umagang yun.

"Remember, we have to meet Agent later sa cinema," I reminded Amorsolo.

Amorsolo nodded and then pointed at the escalator, "Tignan mo yung tayo nung baklita! Parang tanga!"

I burst out laughing when I saw the guy. His arms were spread out wide and holding the bannisters and his legs were crossed. I think he noticed that he was the object of our ridicule, which made me feel bad, so I pushed Amorsolo up the other escalator.

We met Agent in front of the ticket booths and we continued with our shopping.

We decided to check out what's new in Zara.

I saw a fabulous looking knit green jacket. I asked Agent to model it for me.

"Bookie, it's worth P4000!" he exclaimed.

"I know I know!" I said, exasperated.

Amorsolo taunted me, "Honey, not only can it not fit you, you can't afford it either."

I pouted, "Payn payn pakshit ka."

I saw several other items in the mall which couldn't fit me and couldn't be afforded by my meager salary.

Agent then asked if we could go up to buy Orange Julius.

I agreed only if he bought me one, too, as I had never tried that drink.

He ok'd and so we went up.

We got to the Dairy Queen area and Agent made the orders. Amorsolo declined Agent's free drink.

And then...

"Ohmahgawd Buquiiiiir! Tignan mo kung sino yung cashier!" Amorsolo stage-whispered to me, elbowing me in the tummy.

I looked and saw a thin guy who was about 85% cute and 15% scrawny. I didn't recognize him and I thought Amorsolo may have been pointing to someone else. I looked around but no one was there.

I was about to ask him what he meant when I noticed the name tag of the Dairy Queen's cashier guy.

It said "Hi! I'm Migs!"

Migs. Migs. MIGS?!?!

"Oh my God! You're *****'s friend!" I pointed and said to Migs.

Migs smiled awkwardly and continued cashing in our order.

"Do you remember me? You fed us horse meat for pulutan!" I asked him.

Flashback Moment:

ZooWan, Amorsolo and I, drinking some foul drink and trying out tapang kabayo for the first time in the garage of a delapidated apartment where a friend of ours lived, and then drunkenly playing "I Wanna Be A Tutubi".

Back to the Future:

"Do you remember me? You fed us horse meat for pulutan!" I asked him.

"Oo naman," Migs replied, shyly.

"How's Dayanara?" I asked, referring to my friend's ex.

"Ok naman siya," he responded quietly.

And then, I realized why Amorsolo was looking so awkward and tense. Everything came crashing back.

"Ohmygod! You and Amorsolo kissed back then!" I nearly shouted.

Amorsolo, Migs, and Agent were looking at me and the first two were blushing.

I couldn't help myself. It just came out. I couldn't stop my mouth. Pasensya na!!!

Agent was trying to pull me away to prevent further embarrassment for all parties involved. Andulas talaga ng dila ko.

And then I remembered some more...

"You two almost did it! You brought him home to your apartment with Zoowan and me!" I reminisced loudly.

They were laughing but still looking utterly embarrassed.

"I remember everything..." I finished. I remembered it all. That night. Haaay!

Later on, after we left...

"I canNOT believe you!" Amorsolo was flushed at his meeting Migs.

"Did you go all the way with that guy?" I asked.

"Of course not!" Amorsolo was blushing again, "Pero in fairness, mas cute si Migs ngayon ano?"

I nodded, "Definitely cleaner."

Amorsolo was lost in his thoughts...

And I was lost in remembrance of that night....


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You're so IMPOSSIBLE. You can't really wait 24hrs before writing this entry... Letch!!!!

Hahaha, It was really a moment of embarrasment, to the point of praying na lumindol at kainin na lang ako ng lupa or tabunan na lang ako ng tubig dagat...


by hot-speedo

ikaw pala si amorsolo.

by jaga611986

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