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I'm posting this letter as a favor for my friend, Maila. This was sent to HR about an incident at the ground floor lobby with an HR-Recruitment (I think) person whom we shall refer to as "Mr. Tin."

I'm posting this because, well, if there's one thing I hate, it's people who are rude to someone for no reason. And according to some of my friends, they know this guy from when they applied here back then, and this guy was rude to them also.

My friend was so bothered and hurt by what happened that she decided to inform HR about this.

Read on...


Hello Sir,

I am sorry for the bother but I felt the need to relay this issue that occured this afternoon with one of your personnel named ********, nicknamed "Tin."

I'm not sure but I think he is with HR-Recruitment.

Here is what happened:

My friends and I dropped by the ground floor lobby to check out the Referral Program currently going on (Roving Spa). Mr. Tin was at the recruitment desk alone. There were four of us at the time, all females. There was a fishbowl containing several referral stubs on the table. However, I noticed that the referral stubs that were not in the bowl were different from the ones inside. So, wanting to make sure I would be using the right stubs, I asked Mr. Tin where I would need to deposit the stubs.

For some reason, he looked annoyed at me and said, "Basta diyan! Diyan!" And please take note that he said this in a loud voice which was audible to the numerous applicants and agents in the vicinity.

I, of course, was somewhat taken aback.

I answered politely, "Eh kasi Sir, magkaiba po yung kulay ng referral stubs."

He looked even more aggravated, and said in an even louder voice, "Diyan nga!" while pointing irritably at the bowl.

My friend, who decided to make light of the situation, and not add to the tension, said jokingly to me, "Tange! Magkaiba kasi yung stubs oh."

I decided to just leave and my friends were laughing at me because of what happened. Please take note that I was not laughing (at this point, I felt confused at his behavior and very much embarrassed) and that my friends were not laughing at him.

I felt so bad that before I went on the elevator, I went back to him, with a friend in tow, and asked him politely, "Sir pwede po makuha pangalan niyo?"

He asked angrily, "Baket? Para saan?"

"Basta po," I answered.

"Eh bakit nga?" he asked again irritably.

"Eh kasi po mali po yung approach niyo kanina," I explained, "Hindi naman ako magtatanong kung hindi magkaiba ang itsura ng stubs niyo."

"Eh kasi paulit-ulit yung tanong mo," he said, still in a negative tone.

Please take note that I asked initially only TWO questions to him.

"Hindi naman po pauli-ulit yung tanong ko," I explained. And I left with my friend, with him not providing his name.

I felt so bad that I went straight to the third floor HR department together with my friends and seeked out someone from HR-Recruitment.

I spoke with ***** (someone from HR) who advised me to document everything in a letter and send it to them.

Let me reiterate again in all honesty that my friends and I did not display any untowards behavior in my conversation with him.

I don't know why Mr. Tin was so irritated or annoyed at me.

Honestly, I felt embarrassed to be scolded at like that in front of so many people. I honestly felt that he was being like that because I was wearing a red lanyard, unlike him. There may be no empirical evidence to that statement but I really want to convey how I felt at the time.

Is this person the kind of face and personality we want to put in the frontline meeting our applicants and future colleagues?

I would really appreciate an explanation in regards to this incident.

Thank you and again, I apologize for the bother.

Anung say niyo, dear readers?

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Posted by callboi 00:46 Archived in Philippines

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I commend your friend sa ginawa nya. Wala pa ngang position may attitude na. hmmppp..

by akosidiosa

Sushal! Achichuderang frog! Dapat maturuan ng leksyon ang mga taong ganyan! MISS YOU BOOKIE! Send me naman your book!

by NYBadette

baka naman may period lang. period of rudeness.

by kasey

tama lang ung ginwa ng friend mo na ireport un immediately kc baka akalain nung kung sino mang officer n un n kaya niyang sigaw sigawan ang mga ahente jan s PS. Naku lang ha eh kung sana man lang naglagay siya ng distinction dun s dlwang fishbowl eh di sna ndi n magta2nong ung mga tao db? stupid!

by bruhilda

Hay naku, Bookie, kilala ko yang si Mr. Tin. Mataray nga yan kahit wala namang K magtaray. Pimples alone sa fez niya eh disqualifies him na from being mataray.

by mahal

If I were one of the applicants who saw that scene, di na ko mag-aapply dyan. :(

by Jay

Grabe ha!!!
Kung isa ako sa mga friends na kasama mo baka pinalo ko sa ulo nya yung fish bowl!

by e_sasha

I would ask for his boss if that were to happen to me. Get him fired, that would teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

by kumagcow

Mga agents nga natatanggal for rudeness e, dapat cia din! Kala month pera nia yng gnamit s SPA.

by haliparot

Mga agents nga natatanggal for rudeness e, dapat cia din! Kala mo pera nia yng gnamit s SPA.

by haliparot

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