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God bless the MRT...

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My friend Jules forced me to ride the MRT the other day. I say "forced" because, if you know me, I really don't like crowded places.

To make things worse, we were to ride it in the middle of the day, accompanied by the blasted heat.

"Tell me again why I'm doing this," I grumbled to her, as I was being manhandled by the throng coming out of the nearest caboose.

Jules was all smiles; she loved seeing me uncomfortable, "Because you love me, cupcake. And because I promised to treat you to lunch just as soon as I buy my own copy of Wicked."

I snorted. This better be a damn good lunch she's buying me. I, of course, offered to pay for a cab but she wouldn't hear of it.

"Taxi? Por que? Eh ang dali lang mag-MRT papuntang Glorietta!" she argued.

I never could defeat her in a debate.

We were finally able to get inside the train and sure enough, it was jam-packed. Somebody's elbow was digging into my back. I innocently bumped it away.

"This place is so crowded I could get pregnant just walking around," Jules said casually.

"This place is so crowded that it defies the laws of time and space," I pointed out.

"Ooooh, look, may nag-P-PDA dun sa malapit sa exit," she pointed with her lips.

I took a look and sure enough, a man and a woman were nuzzling each other's necks right in front of everyone.

The two of us weren't the only ones staring at this "live show". I'd say about 90% of the people around us were watching them.

The couple seemed oblivious to the attention they were getting.

"Notice how the man seems to have a certain penchant for the lower part of her jaw," Jules commented.

"Notice how observant everyone in this part of the train seems to be getting," I replied.

I got bored with the hetero couple so I let my eyes wander around.

About fifteen feet away from me was this guy. He caught my attention because he was wearing a green jacket (green is my favorite color).

He wasn't particularly good-looking but he definitely had something. Anlakas ng dating, as the local folks would say.

He carried himself with a certain confidence that made every other guy around him seem like a wuss, and yet, he didn't seem arrogant.

I elbowed Jules and pointed out the guy with my snout.

"Waddyathink?" I asked her.

Jules stared at the guy, "He looks fairly edible."

I giggled, "That's all you can say?"

"What else do you want me to say? That he could be the one for you? That I think you two would be perfect for each other?" Jules asked, "Besides, how do you know if he's gay?"

"Hello? He dresses too well to be straight," I replied.

"That's it?" she asked.

"Plus, look at his shoes, their white Chucks," I pointed, "Their the preferred choice of discreet gay guys."

Jules snorted.

"Well, I think he's straight," said Jules.

Our train reached the Glorietta stop and we got ready to go out.

Just then, Cute Guy was approached by somebody near him. Another cute guy.

They kissed. Said goodbye to each other.


Cute Guy got out of the train, quickly followed by Jules and I. The other cute guy stayed inside the train.

I looked at Jules, smirking.

"Sabi ko nga di ba? Bakla siya," Jules laughed.

"Ay sus! Nagbago bigla!" I said.

"Just remember who's buying you lunch, sweetheart," she poked me.

"Yeah yeah..."

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another preferred shoes , white pointed leather shoes.

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