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The Big Three!


Three years of blogging have led to this moment.

Happy 3rd anniversary sa blog ko!!!!

Wooohooo! Akalain niyong tatlong taon na akong nagsusulat tungkol sa katabaan ko't kabaklaan??!!!

First off, thank you to my closest friends, kasi tinotolerate nila lagi ang kadramahan ko sa buhay.

Thank you to Pasha, Schoolboi, and Ina Magenta for not going berserk upon finding out that I've been blogging about them for the better part of two years. And Schoolboi? Pa-kiss naman. Keri lang daw kay Pasha.

A special thanks goes to Baker Clang, Chef Ed, and Trainer Marlon for always always watching my back. Friends are the family you choose, di ba?

And, of course, Constant Reader, I hope you guys know that you are my true lover. Kayo na laging nagtiyatiyagang basahin ang blog ko.

Kayo na laging nagsesend sa akin ng words of encouragement.

Kayo na lalong nagpapalala sa diabetes ko everytime pinapadalhan niyo ako ng pasalubong na matatamis.

This is all for you.

And if I do say so myself, these three are possibly some of the hottest I've ever had in the short history of my top ten lists.

Without further ado, and dahil alam kong bihira rin naman niyong basahin ang portion na ito at didiretso din kayo sa pics sa baba, I give you...

The Big Three!!!



I was only able to add Giuseppe to the list last week. And thank God I made it in time.


He used to work for Peoplesupport, but he moved to JPMorgan Chase Bank as a Telephone Banker.


Even as a kid, he was already a cutie.

He graduated Communication Arts in Bicol University.


His hobbies include swimming and singing.


He says he is easy to hang out with and always always loves to cook.


If I might add something else, at the risk of embarrassing myself once Giuseppe reads this, well, anyways, this guy is so cute, I remember once when a friend and I spotted Giuseppe and a couple of his friends roaming the mall, we were so enamored by his looks that we spent almost half the day following him around, surreptitiously, without his knowing (I hope). Like I said, I like 'em tisoy.




Long-time readers of my blog will recognize Gio as I've featured him before. In fact, ni-recycle ko na ibang pics niya dito.


Medyo matagal ko nang kilala si Gio. But it was only recently that we've gotten to really talk to each other.

He has an adorable coming-out-of-the-closet story.


You see, he had a six-year relationship before with this guy whom he introduced to his parents as his "bestfriend".

Being the "bestfriends" that they are, the guy would almost always sleepover at Gio's family's house.


Eventually, his family got tired of the reason "bestfriend sleeping over".

"I ran out of projects and papers, trying to come up with a reason why my bestfriend/boyfriend would be sleeping over," Gio told me.

"Pero nasabi ko na lang sa kanila outright nung wala na kami," dagdag niya, "My mom was asking nasaan na si Lio? Bakit di na siya umuuwi dito?"

Gio answered without blinking an eye, "Break na kami."

His mom smirked and said, "Sayang, gusto ko pa naman siya."


"I laughed so hard when she said that," Gio recounted.

"When I told my brother about me being gay," he continued, "And this was after just having had a big argument with him, and my bro was still crying and all..."

"Alam mo ba, bakla ako?" Gio asked his brother.

His brother responded straight out, "Okay lang, uso naman yan eh."

"Kinutusan ko talaga siya noon," Gio laughed.


Dear readers, can I just say how much I admire Gio for agreeing to share this story with me and you people on this blog?

Not a lot of guys would bare their sexuality like that in such a public forum. When I was talking to him, he displayed a maturity that was surprising for someone at the fresh age of 25.


According to his BFF, Lance, who is number 10 in this year's list, "First time I met Gio, may pagka-loner siya. He can live on his own. Lately lang naging outgoing yan. And when he commits to a relationship, he's always super-into his partner. BTW, he always brings his special someone to Baguio."

You are officially one of my favorite people, Gio.



I have to say it, Errin beats out all the previous number one candidates in past top ten lists.

I mean, look at the guy.


He just turned 20 last July. He is also not sure about his height, but puts himself at around 6'1" to 6'3".

He is a tourism grad from USTe.

Being half-Kuwaiti has definitely given him a winning ticket to the gene lottery.


He is a Peoplesupport employee and is currently situated sa Jaka building (Account transfer, anyone?) BTW, this is his first job, as he just recently graduated last March.



His future plans involve becoming a Flight Attendant.

Surprisingly enough, Errin mentioned to me that he is pretty insecure about his looks and doesn't find himself attractive. Although, he does like his nose.

I LOVE his nose.


I would kill for a nose like that.


I asked him what was the best lie he ever told anyone.


"The best lie?! Hmm, making kupit from tuition fees, and made up fake registration forms c/o Recto! LOL. Big-spender eh!"

Don't you just love the fact that he can be mischievous when he wants to? :)


He is currently in a relationship and says that he doesn't have any specific traits that he looks for in a partner, as long as they click together, then he is instantly attracted.


"And, of course, if my friends approve," he jokes.

I asked him, "If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?"

He candidly answered, "I'd go for Megan Fox or Paris Hilton. They are effin' HOT! Or maybe Angie or Aniston, Bullock maybe? Oh Jessica Stam, YEAH!"

When I told him that he is this year's number one Call Center Man, he had this to say:

"I am?! Wow! Such an honor! Wow! Am speechless. Ha! Thank You! I guess am not that hot to be number one. Ha! Thank you again! Ha! Am shy now..."

My dear, dear, dear Errin, if I looked half as delicious as you do, I'd have no reason to be shy at all...


That's all folks!!!

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Lordy! Si number 1 yung sobrang eye candy nung APS Summer chorva. Kudos Bookie! Again, isa lang talaga sablay sa top 10 this year. Hahahaha!

by chabacz

The 3 guys are all sizzling HOT!! (I want them all!) ahahaa :P

by soltero

happy anniversary bookie!!! i love number 3 and number 2...

by julia g

so effin hot #1..

by msoliveros

gosh!!! the big 3 are so effin' hot hot hotttttt!!!!!

happy anniv to your blog!!!


by gorgeousz

Hotness! Uber like!

Happy Anniversary Books and congratulations! =)

by rumorboy

happy anniversary bookie! O_o

by beauice

wow books!!!! winner. cutie silang 3. syet. LOL!!! Happy Anniversary!!! Love. Life. Lechon. Always. ♥

by Ruz

hear! hear! thanks Bookie!!!!

para sa amin...pang-Blog Awards ang CallCenterCon!!!

Thanks for the ride for the past three years! We'll be expecting more in what's next to come.

Love you dear! happy anniversary!

by fulibooked

happy third bookie!!!
worth the wait!!!

by e_sasha

Finally! I even check your blog time to time while I was in Borneo just to read the top ten..

Happy 3rd Anniversary Bookie..
More Power!

by kneeples

congrats Bookie! even if i'm no longer with PS, feeling ko taga-dyan pa rin ako because of your blog. i always check your blog everytime inoopen ko pc at work. i know giuseppe. nagkakasabay kami dati sa gym ng PS. if u could still remember si mr. cantil, super friends sila. kudos to your blog! sana tumagal pa ng bonggang-bongga ang blog mo as it gives pleasure and laughter to your avid readers!

by ccslave

grabeh..aztig!! happy 3rd year anniv. to your blog..congrats ^_^

by errol

Mas bet ko number 2 na maging number 1 because of his story,,, natuwa ako sa kanya,,, i wanna be his friend na din,,, =)
and alam mo na to Bukee,,, sabi nga ni chabacz,,, "isa lang talaga sablay sa top 10 this year" hahahah pero sabi mo nga dapat may chaka sa list para umangat ang iba hahahah!

Happy Anniversary! Sana next time top ten guards sa PS hahaha! Charmuz!

by Q_Amidala

galing!!!!! gratz Bookie.

by crownqueer


i take my hats off u Callboi!

way to go attaboi!

happy 3rd anniv! congrats!!!

by LyndonPaul

happy 3rd anniversary to your bloggy!!:)

the number 1 hottie is so so likeyyyyyyyy!!!! couldn't agree more. why don't we have that kind of eye candy in our building?Ü

by ms. avaya

Happy Anniversary Bookie...
Sana na treat kita ng cupcakes nung nakita kita...
Anyway there are other times...

This has been your third year, make the best out of your fourth!
I'm sure you'll be happy sharing your stories...
with us, and everyone else outside the PH...

Thanks for writing a lot...
It takes a lot to do that, I should know hehe
Again thanks!

About the guys, they're ok... hehe
next up top 10 hot women perhaps? LOL

by kumagcow

It was such a big blast of surprise. You've got a very wonderful list of men. omg AND saaaaaaaarrrrrappppp ng number 1.

by akosidiosa

i have to commend you for this supah winning blog..kaso lng parang my ndi dapat kasama sa list, that's number 1..no.2 my mga, for me, ngkapalit2..but definitely mr. top 1 deserves the throne..hehehe,,thanks bookie..

by damnpretty

happy anniv bookie..wow..3 years of worth-reading blog..3 guys worthy of drool.. CONGRATS..:)

by teen

ako ulet hehe - parang crush ko c #3 ahahha...imo, Alex shd hav been in the Top 5 at least ;)

by soltero pogi (feeling)

@soltero: Ikaw rin, dapat nasa top five ko, hehehe. Pwede ba kita i-feature dito? :)

by callboi

Perry is oh so beautiful!

I've been bothered by this thought pero ngaun alam ko na..

Kamukha ni Errin si Mark Feehily ng Westlife. Hahaha


by i♥perry

Im proud to say that Im one of your 3 million readers. I was once an emplyoyee of PS and an agent in you account. I have to say youre one of the floor's well known personality. And to tell you honestly, the peeps in our account are the only reason I stayed. I love your blog and I'd been recommending it to my other friends (even to those barbarians who belong to other industries). I gotta say Bookie, you really know how to write and make me laugh in each and every post that you have! Sobrang nakakarelate ako. (After a year of reading your blog, I just recently found the courage to post a comment!)

by BobInDubai

sana pala sinali mo din si AdamsPlanet. For me, he's hot! hahahah!

by chekwa28

Is no. 2 gay?

by Benet

the best.. keepsafe

by gorgeousgal

OMG! I can describe them in 3 big letters... H O T!!! hahaha... go0dchoice bo0kie.. *clapclapclap*

by sexyness

Awww.! They are so d8mn HHHHOOOOOOOOOOOT! Looking forward for next year's top ten!

by uge

Bookie, you are really a good writer... just had to say hehe =)

by kumagcow

.....sana bookie meron ding post ng mga cnadidate who almost made it on the list....parang american idol lng...hehehee para masaya at maiba nmn....love ur top ten for this year xcept for one...ung sabi mo kamuka ni jericho....hehehehe

by dec_fanatic

d ako mkamove on kay errin #1..lalo n ung pic nya with the muscles sa panga and digicam..ayyyy!!! OMG!..penge ngang kanin..ulan n ulam na pwend...ahahah...sna magkaron ng grand eyeball ng mga readers mo..ahihihi...w/ the top 10 men!ahahaha...ambisyosa lang po...

by sarah_etchusera

i was going to through ur blog n i saw Giuseppe, who used to be my agent sa Wamu during transition and then i scrolled down only to experience the shock of my life na number 1 si errin who is currently under my team.

madalas kong sigawan si errin dahil sa pagiinternet nia sa opis,bt i got to know this blog thru him. haha.sana hindi nia mabasa to.

one super proud Suppiestar here :)

by kolgirl

congrats bookie on your 3rd year!
ttambay ako madalas dito :) pramis!

by kolgirl

@kolgirl: Thanks!Say hi to Errin for me!

by callboi

SHEEEEEEEEEEEET!!! bookie bat ngayon ko lang nakita to?? sorry ahahahaha ang HOT ni top 1 :P sheeeeeet hahahha love you bookie miss you ♥

by chengganda

pwedeng magfaint? kahit sino sa kanila sumalo, ok lang. papayag na ako.

by parteeboi

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