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Oh Billy...


FYI lang po.

The top ten list for this year is almost done.

I found two guys in the company outing whom I think are perfect for the list.

Isa na lang. Isa na lang ang kulang.

I need... a muscle guy.

What do I mean by muscle guy?

Someone who makes you go mmmf.

Someone na nakakapanlambot tuhod ang body.

Someone na may itsura na, may katawan pa.

Every year my list has at least one.

Last year, it was Billy.

Don't remember him?

Let me refresh your memory.




Ok na?


If you are someone like Billy, or if you know someone like him, na call center agent at willing ma-feature sa blog ko, please please please send his contact info my way.

I'm desperate.

BTW, may isusumbong ako sa inyo.

Ewan ko kung na-hurt lang ang pride ko, or talagang na-offend lang ako pero kasi ganito yun, I received an email from someone in our company nominating a teammate of his. May pictures pa siyang pinadala of the guy.

I don't know either of them pero yung nominee, nakikita ko na dati pa dito sa office.

I have to admit, the guy is cute. May itsura. Malaki ang chance na makapasok siya talaga sa top ten.

So I replied to the email and asked the sender if papayag ba yung nominee na mapasama.

Two weeks later, wala pa ring reply.

So, ang ginawa ko, hinanap ko yung nominee sa facebook and nakita ko naman.

I sent him a message that went something like this:

"Hi ____,

Sorry for the bother, my name is Bookie and I'm from the fifth floor. I run this blog called "Call Center Confidential" and every year, I post this entry that highlights call center guys who are nominated by their peers for their looks.

You were nominated by a friend of yours and I was wondering if you'd be interested to join. No pressure, just pure clean fun. :-)

- bookie -"

And I also sent him a link of the blog.

I also added him in Facebook. And I RARELY add people.

A week later, no response.

Two weeks later, still no response and he ignored my friend request.


Wala pa ring response yung nag-nominate sa kaniya.

So I thought, baka mahiyain lang ang lolo mo.

And then I found out he joined the company outing's Mr. Hotshots contest.


(Update: Some people got confused. I am not referring to the girl in the pic, OF COURSE. It's the ghostly image of the guy whom I'm talking about.)


Wala na ako ma-say.

I guess a response from either of them would have been nice.

Tanggapin ko naman kung ayaw eh. But to be ignored is just so not cool.

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Ang iniiiiit ni Billy!!!! Dyuskupooooo!

Anyways, tungkol diyan sa supladitong guy na inignore ka, hay naku, i-persona non grata mo na yan sa blog mo bookie. Kilala ko yan at sobrang feelers talaga siya. Di naman kaguwapuhan. Wag na wag mo na siyang i-feature dito sa blog mo. It's his loss, not yours.

by lady_gaga

Books pa-xmas mo na skin yung cellnumbr ni Billy pls pls pls

by babybear

omg omg! si billy! namiss ko ang abs niya! woooooot! at deadmahin mo na yung epal na nominee na un. Pero feeling ko kasalanan naman nung nagnominate kasi pumili siya ng epal na ayaw naman pala sumali.

by john_lloyd

Naman naman ang laman!!!! Billy be mine!!!

by barabas

Aber? Inisnab ka? Ikaw? Sa FB? Wow. Pogi niya ha.

by ina_magenta

Yan ba yung Ross yung name? yabang yan.

by wapaks

Lets be fair guys. Siguro naman mahiyain lang yung tao, gaya ng sabi ni Bookie. Admittedly though, the polite thing he should have done was reply to the message. Hindi naman siguro siya epal, ignorante lang sa good manners and right conduct.

Although nagtataka ako kung bakit may tumatanggi sumali sa list mo. Siguro may mga sikreto?

by fairy_tail

Shake it off, books. Clearly he doesn't deserve to be on your blog.


i love billy!!!

by aya_medel

approach mo kaya sya personally? haha bka di nagbabasa ng email ung engot. anyways, baka rin meron kng sinulat abt him b4 na tsismis or whatevs kaya umiiwas ahaha..
e kung ayaw nyam wag! ako na lang! bwahaha :P

cute ni billy ah! exhibitionist din! bwahahha :P

by soltero

Tanggapin ko naman kung ayaw eh. But to be ignored is just so not cool.

True that!

I remember I emailed u before sana sumagot ka rin sa email ko sayo. or at least say you cant help. :)

by Star Kinchay

sa blind item na yan eh im sure maraming nacucurious jan sa guy na yan ha... hmm gano ba sya ka-hot? hehehe!
anyway I think I can help with the hunky guy if only I can check my facebook friends... but what do I get in return? wahaha! XD

by laura

OH my God he's so gwapo

by Hot Men of Asia

@Star Kinchay: I receive lots of emails. Ang backlog ko ay mula February pa. I answer them one by one, excruciatingly slow, pero I still answer.

Yun nga lang, mabagal. :)

by callboi

thanks callboi! I love you still. :)

by Star Kinchay

nakikita ko yan sa PS... may pagka-mayabang nga, kala mo lahat ng tao nakatingin sa kanya pag naglalakad sya... e sabi naman ng isang bubwit dun, bopols sa english...

WAIT, baka un ang dahilan kaya d nakapagreply sa email mo? english ba email mo??? hahahahaha!!!!

by ryle_rudeboi

bookie, what email address did you send the message at?i believe they are using MERACK not the @peoplesupport.com and it could be that he didnt add you at facebook because you dont have any friends connection,and he has two accounts on facebook, i know the guy and he is really nice unlike what people say here...he is not discriminatory...i emailed him one time, he respond politely and besides he is a consistent top performer on his account so he is not bobo.and as i heard, he was been forced to joined the mr hotshot, he cant decline because he is an ATL as well.

by coolbakkero

@coolbakkero: I never said I sent him an email. I said I messaged him. In facebook. Twice. I also added him twice, when he ignored my first friend confirmation. And we DO have mutual friends in FB. And I never said he was bobo or a lousy employee. And I don't think anyone could have been forced to join such a contest if they really didn't want to. But thank you for pointing out how nice and smart he is. It's such a consolation for me to know that I was ignored by someone so smart and non-discriminatory.

And btw, I would never have emailed him in outlook. That would have been so unprofessional of me to use the company email.

But again, thanks. :)

by callboi

try to email him at FB directly if you dont know his new PS email address, i also dont know his new email now, but he accepted my invitation on FB so thats why I know some updates over him...

by coolbakker

They could be forced :-) we dont know...Btw, On what account did you message him at on FB?try sending him a message and adding him on his main account, the other one is i believe a dormant account.. :-)

by coolbakker

I'd rather not have anything to do with him anymore, to be honest.

by callboi

Thats your choice =)

by coolbakker


by callboi

This guy is kinda cute. I see him sa 4rth floor often.

Silent-type yata kaya pwedeng mapag kamalang snobbish. We can't just judge people by mere impressions.

But still, there's no excuse for being impolite; replying to the message would have been the least he can do.

"It's such a consolation for me to know that I was ignored by someone so smart and non-discriminatory." Ouch lang! =(

by rumorboy

i agree rumorboy, but we also dont know if he received the email. We know how technology can go wrong sometimes...

by coolbakker

Again, there was NO EMAIl.

by callboi

@Coolbakker: They were sent a message. Not an email but a message on FB.. >.<

by rumorboy

so bookie, galit ka na nyan? :)

ilang e-mail ulit sinend mo? hehe, joke lang! peace! (^_^)v

by Unknown

Frustrated ang beauty ko. :)

by callboi

Ei Bookie, i just found out about this write up from a friend... edyo busy kasi ako. anyway i know this guy and i worked with him on the same account. yeah he has an attitude talaga minsan may pagkafeelingero. compare to other cute guys who are polite di siya kasma doon medyo walang delikadesa and FYI feel ko meber lang siya ng FEDERACION that's why ang exposure tatakot si becky. lol! he dont deserve your and our attention. =P

Bookie im looking foirward to see the new list ahehehehe =P

by AND P

Very nice list you came up here, I must say. And Billy's hot hot hot!!! Kudos! :)

I was with PS before but have heard about this blind item through my friends there. I got to work with the guy in the same account and he's really nice. I'm not sure why he's making an impression that he's a snob. He seems mahiyain, actually. Well, I guess, that may be the reason why. I was surprised nga when I found out he joined Mr. Hotshots. Yun pala he was chosen together with the girl, so there was no backing out, as per another colleague of mine.

Coolbakker was right in saying there may have been glitches on the system that's why he got no messages from you. No one really knows.

But I don't think it's fair for anyone to say he's 'walang delikadesa' or 'member ng federacion' or 'feelers' or 'epal' or 'yabang' just because.

Well, jusy my two cents. We all have our own opinions anyway. Let's just not judge right away. :D

Goodluck Bookie! Keep up on this list! ;)

by ch!kka

Bookie, COMPREHENSION ISSUES much? ahahahahaha!
I feel you, girl.

by aubreybaby

wahhh!! ngayon ko lang nabasa may bago ka pala book!! eheheh.. pix ko pa sample.. bka lumaki nmn ulo ko nyan hehe.. hanap ako mkakasali para syo hehe...
cno ngsbi exhibitionist ako? hehehe.. natawa lng ako heeh

by ePalmux

shit.. haha tanga ko lang.. I disclosed my identity.. haha.. book delete mo yung nauna ko comment..

by ePalmux

wahhh!! ngayon ko lang nabasa may bago ka pala book!! eheheh.. pix ko pa sample.. bka lumaki nmn ulo ko nyan hehe.. hanap ako mkakasali para syo hehe...
cno ngsbi exhibitionist ako? hehehe.. natawa lng ako heeh

by ePalmux

cookies in this site is killing me! Ive logged in as my real account pero old prin ngpopost.. book.. delete mo yung epalmuks hahaha

by ePalmux

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