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Loren Haggarda Day...

8AM ang schedule ng bus ride namin papuntang Splash Island.


Ito yung mga bus. Sabi nila there were twelve hired buses. It felt more like four. Honestly, feeling ko apat lang.

Pagdating ng 10AM, nakapila pa rin kami.









Buti na lang kasama ko si Nikki, ang mga kambal niya, at si Arnel.


Nakisingit na rin ang mga newbies sa team namin na mga beki.


Maya-maya pa, kumpleto na kami. Maaraw na. Tagaktak sa pawis.

A little before 1pm, nakasakay kami. Aisle seats:


Pagdating sa Splash Island, ito ang sumalubong sa amin:


Pila uli.

And, the worst part, after almost three hours of waiting in the sun, ito ang pagkaing inihanda sa amin:


Sabi ng isang trainer sa Facebook wall ko, parang worth P24.50 lang daw ang packed lunch with hotdog sandwich.

Posted by callboi 14:36

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shhhwwwww.... Summer PILA-pinas

by SplashHunter

ahahaha...parang ang tamlay pa ng bbq yta bwahaha :P

by solt

OMG.. kung sinama ko pala si Alfonso, sandamakmak na reklamo ang napala ko sa food. ahahahaha..

by aubreybaby

tsk tsk tsk...peoplesupport..? what has become of you?.... sad...

by hobbit

Grabe, Bookie, HR should definitely explain to us why they had no contingency plan for the transportation issue that happened last Saturday. I had two of my children with me, thinking they had come up with a plan that would not involve us waiting under the sun for more than two hours, and then waiting in the cold rain late at night for a ride home! The food was also definitely horrible. I didn't feed the packed lunch they gave us because it didn't look healthy. Also, HR left without even making sure all of the employees had a ride home! Nakakahiya ang behavior nila. Sino ba ang nag-organize nito? I would like to write a formal letter of complaint. They obviously skimped on the budget. But this was too much.

by concerned_mom@gmail.com

Super kuripot na ang PS kasi kuripot ang mga Indians. I think JV Ibesate ang main organizer ng event na ito.

by PS_has_changed

si JV nga ang overall head ng activity. hindi ako nakapunta kasi may lakad ako with my family. pero in fairness to JV, nakita ko kung papano siya hindi nakatulog sa pag-aasikaso ng event. too bad this things happened. hindi rin gusto ng team nina JV na mangyari 'to. :(

by fulibooked

I understand that this JV worked hard for this event, but I don't think that's enough of an excuse for what happened. What good are their intentions in light of the stress and the potential health-hazards this event has or may have caused? And the fact is, HR left Splash Island in the comforts of the Peoplesupport van, leaving behind the employees and dancers and choir members who volunteered to perform for free in the said event? Ano yun? Nung di pa nagpeperform at papuntang Splash Island, hatid ang sila ng van. Matapos nilang magamit ang mga dance troupe and choir members, echepuwera na??? Shameful and Disgraceful.

by concerned_mom@gmail.com

in fairness maganda ang sa amin dito sa cebu. Although there was a sudden change of plans for the venue, masaya ang summer pilipinas namin... GO GO GO Comms Team Cebu.

by beki-bekihan

it's the same team (and the same core people) that organized the event. their leadership team needs a shift in perspective. events organizing is not all about fun-fun-fun. it's project management. their performance should not be measured by the number of smiling people in photos alone. if Operations people are bound by KPIs and KRAs around productivity and quality, dapat sila rin.

paano ba namang aayos ang forecasting ng kung ilang buses at trips ang kelangan kung halos isang linggo before the event, bukas pa ang registration? magco-confirm ka ng final list of guests on the day of the event?

always, always, excuse ang budget. a competent project manager will know how to work around such issue (kung totoo man).

survey? ilang survey na ba ang ginawa? either walang nagco-comment ng matino, or walang ginagawa sa mga comment sa survey.

by balitangbilat.blogspot.com

wow...congrats....dito sa CeBu...well kung di pa nag email yong bonggang bonggang agent from Travel Bruins...take note email to all yung sya..ynug nasa distro...ay siguro di pa napalitan yung venue...from Portofino Resort to....super winner na Cebu White Sands..pero take note ha....ater they change the venue eh...wagi...winner...clinose na agad nila yung registration agad agad...so meaning....kakaunti lang ang nakapagregister at..wiss ka te...bawal ang Walk in..pwera na lang kung mga P600.00 ka na pambayd mismo dun sa resort to go as walk in and day use ng resort.....pero infairness sa taga HR..ok naman yung food...first time na hindi nagkulang yung food...masarap...may Sweet n Sour Pork, vegies, sweetcorn, bihon (masrap..nasarapan ako pero sab nila chacka daw...cguro ay talgang na miss ko lang an bihon kaya ganun panlasa ko)and take note te Buffet.....ok naman may 10 buses at wis ka...my tour guide every bus...oh winner...jejejeje..then my konting binigay na mga prizes dun sa bus p lang like notebook na aegis, ung rubber watch, at ung aegis bag...ung nga lang di lahat may ganun...pero at least omokey ang summer party ngayon compare sa mga prev years....

by b3nch0pp3

I hate to say this but I'm glad I'm not from your company, if this happened in ours HEADS WOULD ROLL....

by kumagcow

haist..naubos ang oras sa pila..tapos ang food kabitin..parang wala lang..buti nlng maraming Sniper at Contact sa paligid..(n_n)

by errol

I'd just like to say that I do agree with what fulibooked said, about HR not wanting this to happen. Of course, who would? But then, I also think it's their job, as concerned_mom mentioned, to come up with a contingency plan. We don't expect them to be prepared for whatever happens, however, we do expect them to deal with the unexpected with a little more effort than what was shown last Saturday. They are HR, after all.

I even heard from one of the choir members, Jas, how bad she felt when she saw some of the HR folks zooming away from the event via the company van, leaving them behind. This is really appalling especially since HR required them to be at the event earlier than most of us so they could rehearse. The least they could have done was make sure the same performers were able to get home safely. I hope it's not true that all the involved HR people left the venue while a lot of employees were still in line. That's just... well, that's just unprofessional.

Just my two cents.

by callboi

Just a follow-up, one of the choir members brought her two kids with her, and they had to stand in line in the rain for a very long time. That really left a bad taste in my mouth.

by callboi

Bakit parang palala ng palala ang mga APS events? Napalitan na ba yung mga nasa HR OD? Gosh..kaka sad naman.

by kneeples

oh well, they have alot of explaining to do.

at wala pang sarbey!!!

stress buster to, pero ung kabaliktaran ang nangyari.

need we say more?

ay nku PS, people will leave if ganto mangyayari (read: drastic change sa PTO, health benefits...) ang pagtitipid kapalit ng corporate profit will lead to AEGIS's fall.

hindi pa nga ba?

by k

more like SUCKER Pilipinas nga siya. yung food, juice ko! pang preso! pero nagenjoy naman kami nang slight sa ilang amenities ng resort. at si baby JV, nakita ko din naman siyang nahaggard at nangitim lalo sa init ng araw. hahahah!!!

goodluck na lang sa mga susunod na events ng PS.

by chekwa28

I was one of the volunteers - and have volunteered in some events in the past as well. Hindi po HR ang nagorganize ng outing. Actually, come to think of it, di ko mashadong naramdaman ang preshensha ng HR sa event na eto... or di ko na lang ba sila kilala? harhar!

by amber

Mga peeps, lahat ng reklamo nyo ay hindi pa WORST part ng buong storya ng APS summer outing.

Alam niyo ba? Ang summer outing ng mga AVP and above ay sa Boracay! Full airfare and accomodations sa Shangri-La Boracay ang pa-outing ng APS sa mga sosyalerang ito.

San ka pa?

by kapalmuks

well yeah. we understand that the organizers worked hard for it BUT then IITS NOT JUST ABOUT THE LONG HOURS of working and the HAGGARDNESS.. it's more on the end result. those sleepless nights turned out to be useless because they FOCUSED on trivial and irrelevant details.

it was supposed to be an R&R but instead it stressed the crap out of us and our family.


by disaapointedchic

sad to hear it happened to manila outing.. Ours in Baguio was a success! the food, the booze, the games! umulan ng sobrang lakas
but it didn't stop us from enjoying! and they waited until everyone has gone home

kudos to the organizers of Baguio we had a blast! :D

by upnorth22

Nice to hear that Baguio also went well so as with CEBU...sad to hear...and i feel sorry for MNL folks...we were all thinking that MNL was superb since that venue is cool but then...wawa naman...i think MNL folks will really have to escalate this issue to HR at ng malaman nila ang kanilang mga kapalpakan...cguro katamaran na lang yan nila kaya ganun...bcoz having such event,must have...proper preparation...at Plan B kung saka sakaling di mag work ang plan A, right???providing Alternative/OPTIONS to your callers ika nga....

by b3nch0pp3

some points:

-i understand that the folks who organized this did not want this to happen as well. that being said, they signed up to do it, they should have at least tried to do a respectable job.

-i was one of the few who left the venue last. there were no HR folks to be found. sure, they didn't intend for any of this to happen but their actions don't echo that sentiment.

-while we were on queue, it started to rain. kahit sa ulan, wala silang contingency.

-the food was a joke. i really felt insulted. parang community outreach ang pagkain!

-in my 4 years with PS, this is hands down the WORST event i have been in. that's saying a lot cause i only haven't been in 2. sana sinali ko na to.

-and the worst of all, half of my time was spent falling in line! they extended the f*ckin registration for like 10 times and they didn't expect the turn out?????????????? whoever was in charge of this atrocity should be held accountable!

by Unknown

hahaha. Kawawa naman mga taga hr. Sabi ng TM ko di daw HR ang nagorganize ng outing. Ibang team na daw ang nagoorganize ng events since christmas party. Totoo ba to? Ganun dn b sa cebu and baguio?

by cherry k

Yeah, apparently, hiwalay na sa HR ang department na nag-organize ng event.

by callboi

Anu na anu na? Hindi ako naka-attend. Pero nakita ko ang pila nang mga 12:30PM.

Kuntodo sando sando for a more pasarap effect ang mga mhin at pa-mhin, kuntodo tsinelas na mamahalin ang mga hitad para makita ang malilinis na paa, kuntodo shortie annabelle ang mga hitad for a more pasarap effect din...pero..pero..pero...na-haggard ang mga ito sa kakaintay.

Hindi na ba ang HR ang namamahala? Ah baka yung mga Chief Fun Officers?

Naku kung ganun nga e baka ang bagong pangalan nila dapat e Cheap Fun Officers? Tsaring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kung anu't-anuman e sabihin ninyo sa kanila (survey o informal chika sa yosihan, o formal letter) ang saloobin ninyo. Pero wag na lang hilingin ang parusang matindi sa mga nag-organize nito.

Ipa-enroll na lang sa isang matinding project management class. Salamat bookie sa mga pictures.

by domeng_zu

i'd just like to know if they have already addressed our issues? why do i feel like they just disregarding this. i hope at least they would try to deal with this.

how are we gonna be enthusiastic about their next project if they wont even make an effort to deal with the crisis?

this isnt a trivial matter. what happend last saturday reflects what kind of project management the have or lack of it.

by waitinginvain

that got me thinking... even if they're willing, eh ano bang magagawa pa nila to make amends? public apology? Sus, that'll never happen.

by chorvaness

eto na lang... may nakita ka ba kayong big bosses sa Splash Island? Kung meron, ilan? Kasya na siguro ang dalawang kamay sa pagbibilang. kung tutoo yung sinasabi ni kapalmuks (kasi parang sinadyang itago itong "special" outing na ito at walang may alam), bakit ka nga naman kakain ng tinapa kung kumain ka na ng steak? pero like most other issues, dededmahin lang ito. i overheard kasi sa pantry someone saying "mabuti nga may outing na libre kesa wala".

by JumboHotdogKayaMoBaTo

well at least they(organizers. esp. the project head) have to acknowledge that there was something wrong with their management or again lack of it... disregarding our concerns makes the whole thing worst!

by waitinginvain

Guys! the SummerOuting was not organized by HR. You are barking at the wrong tree!

by =)

Panalo...sino ang nag-organize ng outing kaya. Finance, IT, Timekeeping, Training, Admin? O third party? Kung ganunman...sino ang kukuha dyan sa third party na yan? Di ba HR? A ewan, tapos na e. Ililibing na itong issue na ito. At feeling ko gaganti ang mga nasaktan ang pride dahil sa batikos sa atin. Hahahahaha.

by alkris

Hi Alkris. It's different department of Aegis pero not HR. I dont want to name that specific department. As of now, HR handles internal events only(meaning yung mga minor events lang na dito sa loob ng office ginagawa). For sure noted naman ng mga comments natin. I myself dont like the result of the outing pero dont want to put the blame sa oranizer for sure they also wants to satisfy the employees. Fyi

by =)

hay nako. you don't want to put the blame on the organizer? so who should we blame? splash island? SLEX? Gloria Arroyo? come on! it is called "responsibility". if this is how the "specific non-HR department" that cannot be named wanted to satisfy the employees, good luck to our future company outings.

by haynako

sumagot na lang tayo guys ng paparating na company survey. bahala na yung unggoy sa atin. uungguyin na naman tayo. wag mag-alala.

by balitangbilat

you think meron pang survey na gagawin? ano yun, kukuha sila ng bato tapos i-pu-pukpok sa ulo nila? come on! alam na nila kung ano ang paparating.

by haynako

Totoo ang Boracay galore ng mga AVP and up. Hindi nga sasama yung AVP ng department namin dahil he doesn't feel right about splurging for the higher-ups, tapos yung mga level 6 and below na direct reports nya hindi kasama.

Pa-bongga nga ng pa-bongga ang outing ng Upper Mgmt natin. Q3 last year, The View ang drama nila sa Tagaytay (overnight accomodations sa Taal Vista). Then Q1 this year, sa Baguio naman sila rumampa (again full accomodations sa Manor Camp John Hay). Pinakabongga na ata ang Boracay getaway nila at Shangri-La pa!

Saan naman kaya ang susunod? Hongkong?! Malaysia?! Mga susyalera!

by kapalmuks

naman. nagtaka pa kayo na ganyan - if you don't want to be treated like statistics, get out of the industry.

you are but. statistics. a single digit.

by chorvaness

@kapalmuks: mabuti pa ang AVP mo, may delicadeza.

@chorvaness: napaka-simplistic naman ng mga solusyon mo. wag kang tumakbo papalayo sa laban. masasanay ang mga tao at patatakbuhin ka na lang habang buhay. lol.

by haynako

buti na lang pala hindi ako sumama nakakaawa nmn P.S lagi nalang ganyan pagdating sa mga ganitong events..lagi gnito..sa account nga nmin d2 sa 3rd floor nung xmas eve noche buena namin chowking lauriat na lapse na..pagdating sa amin malamig na ung food ineexpect namin something bigger since xmas naman...like catering or something?..sa previous company ko nga NHOP pa lang as in hindi pa nagtetraining ung mga new hires pakitang gilas agad ung company nagpa-cater agad just for the new hires hays how sad talaga d2 sa PS

by ian_flux

If naging mas maayos san ang ORGANIZING TEAM, may magandang result.... I myself is a concert/stage event organizer and I experienced these things pero hindi naman ganito ka-grabe!!!! matagal nang naghintay sa bus, parang feeding program lang ang food... INVISIBLE HR pa. . . . tama bang iparanas sa ating mga kapwa empleyado to?.... mali ang pamamalakad, mali ang resulta.... bakit kaya hindi bumuo ng group na may experience sa paghahandle ng ganitong event???? tama di ba?

by pingilito

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