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Hey Bookie,

It was just today that I came to thoroughly read your blog. I've known this once through a team mate but maybe because I was so OC with service, I've missed the good things but I'm glad that I've found it through Google using "gay blog" as keywords.

I've been an agent for Exp Service for a year and a half. One of Zue Anne's agents. You'll get an idea out of this small bits of info I guess. I've known you once as the big happy guy on the floor that I wish you were once my SUP but glad anyway that Zue Anne has been so good to me during my stay. PS was the longest company I've ever worked with and when I left in June 2009, I never looked back at the BPO industry again, ever.

I never would have left PS if not because of the power tripping QA I've had during the last few months of my stay. I've been a top agent several times but never got my reward. I wouldn't disclose too much but to tell you, it has been tormenting and utterly traumatic for me leaving the company I used to love just because of some outrageously ambitious brat who spoiled my days and some helpless SUP that doesn't know how to fight for his agent and a ludicrous newbie TM (then).

Bookie, if a person is performing well in their job, would you even think that they're not happy with it? There are those bad calls and bad days but I think they are just normal. The management sees it differently and cling to the wrong side. I guess being a top agent on a team or even on the entire account is not even worth it. Well, that was long gone and I've managed to move on. I've been blogging for more than a year and was earning dollars from it. In fact, I've even ventured into the web hosting biz on a startup just in case you would want to get a self-hosted blog.

Reading from the past entries on your blog is enjoyable yet it makes me sad. I even saw a lot of faces I'm familiar and mingled with which drew me back to reminiscin' the good ol' days. Thanks for being a keen observer.

This is getting a little bit boring so I'm cutting this one short.

Peace out,
Ex-agent HomeAlone


Hey Ex-agent HomeAlone,

I think I kinda remember who you are. The first thing I did when I read your email was message Zue Anne, who's in the States right now. She has an inkling of who you might be, but then again, both of us aren't that sure.

Anyway, a power-tripping QA analyst? A helpless supervisor? Hmmm... Marami akong kilalang helpless na supervisor, pero the power-tripping QA? Dehins ko knows kung sino yan. Although merong isang naka-braces na QA dati na alam kong hate ng karamihan sa mga agents sa floor, kaso she left na. Sa Service to ha, hindi sa sales, mind you. Okay ako sa lahat ng Sales QA's, hehehe. Ipasa mo naman ako kahit paminsan, please please please, Apple. :)

Alam mo, totoo yan madalas, kung sino ang hard-working sa opisina, sila pa ang agrabyado. At yung mga tamad naman pero malakas sa management ang nakikinabang.

Pero hindi naman lagi. Siguro depende na rin lang sa manager. Or sa supervisor. Aminin man natin or hindi, may pamumulitika talaga sa opisina natin. Di naman maiiwasan yan eh. I'm sure kahit sa mga trabahador ng Burger Machine meron ding complex system ng pamumulitika.

In regards to passing your QA score, I should be the last person to give advise on this. Parang richter scale ang QA scores ko. Taas-baba. Madalas nasa baba. Bakit naman kasi ang hirap tandaan na dapat mag-offer ka pa ng upsell kahit na resolve mo na yung issue ng incompetent customer mo eh?

Ang iniisip ko na lang, kung alam kong maayos naman ang trabaho ko, at wala akong ginagawang masama, wala na akong pakialam kung ano pa ang sabihin ng iba tungkol sa akin. Fuck 'em all, right? :)

Love, lust, and lechon,

p.s. Kumikita ka sa pag-bo-blog? Inggit ako. Wish ko lang may pera din akong nakukuha sa pagsusulat. Or may magbigay sa akin ng laptop para naman di na lang lagi sa Netopia ako nag-bo-blog.


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i wish my makapagbigay na sau ng laptop..kc it must be diffcult for u bloggin inside netopia..nakakatawa nmn my concern pa ako bout ur inconviniences bloggin inside netopia compare sa letter sender..hahahaha.. more post bookie..

by albert

i love this:

"Ang iniisip ko na lang, kung alam kong maayos naman ang trabaho ko, at wala akong ginagawang masama, wala na akong pakialam kung ano pa ang sabihin ng iba tungkol sa akin. Fuck 'em all, right? "

so true.. =)

by ragga

dear Ex-agent HomeAlone, gayahin mo ko, nagresign na parang anak na naglayas! hahaha...ing-tape ang resignation letter sa monitor ng bruha kong sup. at take note di pa ko nag-clearance, after 3 years! haha but in peyrnes i love PS. batch 43 and 91 (EXP) w00t! hehe

by amethyst

Yeap bookie, actually looking at the ranking of your website you could earn hundreds or maybe a thousand dollars blogging. kung makikita mo mga logo sa sidebar ng site ko lahat yun halos may bayad heheh. kaso medyo kelangan english ang medium, tsaka baka mawala ka sa blog world pag ginawa mo nang commercial ang blog heheh... pero lam mo, i bought my laptop, camera and a few lenses dahil sa blogging. If you plan to just let me know....


by kumagcow

Eff 'em all. Nuff said.

by chekwa28

hello Callboi! really like your blog :)
Very entertaining and nakakatanggal ng stress. Hope we can be friends. tapos pakilala mo ko kay Marlon. I like him :)

by takingchances

Hi Bookie,

First of all, I want to thank you for making my day everytime I read your blog. Nakakalimutan ko ang mga Irrate callers! =)

My friends saw you last Monday! Manghihingi sana sila ng authograph kaso nahiya sila. Sikat ka kasi dito kahit magkalaban yung account natin. Yep! I'm from Orb**.

By the way, Itago mo na lang po ako sa pangalang Amber. My comment is not related to the topic (I don't know how would I send an email to you) but I would like bring your attention to this matter. I know a lot of people (specially from our company) is reading your blog.

This is regarding the credibility of one of our company's doctors. Marami po sa mga friends ko ang nabigyan ng maling diagnosis ng isang doctor natin. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Dra. Belayan.. Hehehe..

Two of my batchmates were incorrectly diagnosed by Dra. Belayan. First agent was told that she has Tuberculosis and the other one was diagnosed of "Kabag." But when they consult a REAL doctor, 1st agent was told na WALA syang TB (and she already spent a lot of money for skin test and other chuva ekek!) and the other agent is already suffering from ACUTE APPENDICITIS na pala! Buti na lang si 2nd agent nagpunta sa MMC at ayun! Na-save ang buhay niya. Kung hindi sya nagpunta sa MMC for second opinion malamang kumalat na yung infection which would have made things worst. I know you had an appendicitis before so you know what will happen if it was not treated immediately.

I dont know if you could do something this. But if you do, sana mabigyan po ito ng proper actions. And paki-knowledge check si Dra. Belayan. Baka Quack Doctor pala siya! Hehe.

Thanks Bookie! Fan mo talaga ako! Pinapakalat ko nga yung blog mo sa mga kabatchmates ko para mabigyang kulay ang call center life nila. Hahaha!


by Amber ♫

Yes Bookie! You will earn a lot and its in $$$. I know pasok ka kasi magaling ka naman sa English eh. Maraming mga paid blogging websites kung saan makaka-earn ka ng $$$$$. I am one of them.

by Hazelicious

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