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Dear Callboi,

First, let me get this out of the way:

Love you. Love your blog. Love it love it love it.


Now, the reason I emailed you is because I'm curious as to how you would respond to my situation.

Let's say my name is Bella. I have a boyfriend, and yes, let's call him Edward.

I love Edward with everything that I am. I cannot emphasize that enough. You'll have to take my word for it.

We've been together for 6 years. I can imagine myself growing old with him.

I have a bestfriend. Let's call him Jacob.

He's been my bestfriend for 8 years, since college. We've been through everything together.

We've never been a couple. But lately, I've felt differently towards him.

I've felt... well, sexually attracted to him. And the flirting that's been going on between us recently hasn't helped.

I have every reason to believe that he wants me as well. How do I know? We're bestfriends, believe me, we both know it. We just haven't talked about it.

But our actions say it all. We've gone on secret dates and we've held hands all night long. And okay, we've kissed torridly but that's it.

Callboi, I really really want him. I love my boyfriend but I want to do my bestfriend. Everytime I hold my bestfriend's hand, I feel the sexual heat emanating from him. I want him. I WANT him. But I love my boyfriend.

It's an itch that won't go away. I can't leave my bestfriend just to avoid temptation.





Dear Bella,

I'll be honest. I had to drink a cold glass of water after reading your email.

Ramdam kita, girl, ramdam kita! :) Ang init. Ang init-init!

I had a mental argument with myself about what to tell you.

I couldn't decide which side of my internal debate I'd go with.

So, here's what I'm going to do: I'll tell you both sides!


The Angel in Me says:

Girl, you have a boyfriend. You say that you love him and yet, here you are, salivating over your bestfriend.

Close your legs and run in the other direction of your bestfriend and straight into your boyfriend's arms.

Kung mahal mo siya, you shouldn't even be thinking these things. Makuntento ka sa kung anung meron ka.

This will just ruin your relationship, and do you honestly want that to happen? Remember, walang sikretong hindi nabubunyag.

If you have sex with your bestfriend, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Think about your boyfriend and realize how much you love him.


The Devil in Me says:

Girl, you have a bestfriend. That's what bestfriends are for! To satisfy your inner kinkiness!

Open wide and make sure your boyfriend doesn't know where you're running off to!

Kung gusto mo talagang mawala ang bottomless kati na naninirahan sa keps mo, just close your eyes and leap!

This may ruin your relationship, pero do you honestly think na maiiwasan mo pang mangyari ito? Remember, may mga sikretong madaling itago. Lalo na kung bestfriend mo ang katulong mo sa pagtago.

If you don't have sex with your bestfriend, you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Think about your boyfriend, and realize that maybe you don't love him that much.

Life, lust, and lechon,



Dear readers, wag niyo po akong masyadong i-judge dun sa mga sinagot ko ha? Tao lang po.

Sabi nga ng teammate kong si Mai, "Kung kabayo nga nagkakamali..."


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bravo bravo! super hilarious! nice one, books!

by john_lloyd

Temptation is everywhere and sex would never amount to the relationship you have and to F your bestfriend is to ruin your relationship. really not worth it unless youve been fooling yourself all along...mag finger ka nalang. mawawala din yan.

by gucho

eto lang, faithfulness ang pinakamagandang maibibigay mo sa partner mo kung mahal mo talaga sya. hindi na nga virginity e.

sige sabihin nating kati lang naman, sex lang, walang malisya (hehe). gusto mo lang naman i-try e. kaso masasabi mo bang mahal mo talaga ung bf mo e pareho nyong niloloko ng bestfriend mo. ansakit nun. isipin mo kung sayo gawin yun. kung nagawa naman na sayo, hindi kaya ganun na lang kalakas ung loob mo gawin kasi parang ganti mo na lang? tapos kung hindi man kayo mabuko, papatayin ka naman ng guilt mo. it will hunt you forever.

tingin ko hindi mo na gusto ung bf mo o hindi mo naman talaga gusto. sabi mo mahal mo pero siguro kaya mo na lang sya mahal kasi dahil lang sa 6yrs na kayo. isipin mong mabuti. sabi nga ni bob ong "kung dalawa ang mahal mo, mahalin mo yung pangalawa. dahil hindi ka naman magmamahal ng iba kung mahal mo talaga yung una."


by pax

"There's always a possibility that a person can get attracted to another..It's human nature..It's not wrong..But that's why you're in a commitment, you DISCIPLINE yourself..One may get attracted to numerous prospect and it's ok..As long as you don't nurse the feeling and won't do something about it.. Borderline between cheating and faithfulness recognize the reality that you already have the person that can give you more than what you get for the CHEAP thrills of attraction..."

by ragga

sarap mo naman maging bestfriend bella............

by avaya_boy

grabe bookie, i needed a very big glass of water after reading this ha?
@ bella, you've been with the same guy for 6 years so maybe its just wanderlust? just think of what your bf will feel if he finds out. and once you do F your best friend, everything will change and he won't be your best friend anymore. you can't go back, so are you really willing to risk everything?

by kate06202

hahahaha...natawa ako sa devil in you advice bookie...and agree,if bella "loves" her bf,then why the friggin itch?

by amethyst

"bottomless kati na naninirahan sa keps mo"
...........WINNER!!! hindi pa ko nakakaranas ng ganito :D

by Mrs. B.

parang mas maganda pagkagawa ung devilous advice, not to mention the composition-mukhang pinag-isipan kaysa sa ung sa angel..hmmmmm...._(--,

by jiles

If you are ready for consequences you will be facing then go ahead.
Possibilities to think about;
1. After doing your best friend, do you think you guys will be able to be best of friends after?
2. is it going to be a one time thing or casual thing or whenever itch is in existence?
3. Will you be just womanly enough to tell the truth if in case boyfriend finds out?
4. If you were in your Boyfriend's shoes, what will you feel if you find out?
5. if you were in your best friend's shoes will you be able to remain friends or you want more than that after?
6. If you have this mind do you think "love" really existed to start with?
7. Will you define the "love" you have with you boyfriend?
8. Will you define the "love" you have with you bestfriend?
9. Is sex something physical? Emotional? or Psychological for you?
10. If say, after you have sex with bestfriend what will you feel after?

by snellbaby

People, people, people!!!
You have got to read "THE HUNGER GAMES"
It's far better than the TWILIGHT Saga.

Yun lang...

by Larry

all i can say is .... sex always ruins a friendship .... like money always gets in the way for family AND friendships .... that's why business and family rarely mix ... in the same manner .... sex for the sake of sex has no place in a friendship ... baka naman hindi bestfriend yan kasi .... i have a straigh male bestfriend and the longest time we held each other's hand was like five seconds but we can spend the night magkaakbay like friends do .... we even slept in the same room, same bed on the same night but out of respect may unan sa pagitan namin ... a bestfriend guy is not like a bestfriend na girl ... so if you have been feeling "heated" lately then it should be relevant to check did you feel "attracted" to your bestfriend before mo siya naging bestfriend??? if yes e LOKALOKA ka dapat siya na ang boyfriend mo noon pa....

by bel

we have this dilemma because we all subscribe to the idea of monogamy. but are we really made monogamous?

by delacilo

Naku, Bella, what does your heart tell you? Heart ha, hindi keps. Close your eyes, and I think, you'll know what to do with your boyfriend before you do something about your itch. :-)

Sorry kung hindi maganda ang tono ng comment ko, but I mean well. Hindi lang siguro maganda yung delivery.

by Chad the Coffeeholic

tikim lang ng tikim! malay mo, si bf mo tinikman din si bestfriend nia...diba?! nagiging issue lang yan sa iba kc babae ka. go for it!

by haliparot

HAHAHAHAHA! hirap din ako sa sitwsyon! gerger much! pinakamaganda gawin mo eh, paalam knlng ke bf pag laseng. kung pumayag e di go! cguro maliit ang tutot ni bf kaya ka ngkkgnyan? hmm... bel-lantod chot.hihihi

by jc46

bella, i'd suggest discussing your feelings towards jacob and talk at length the pros and cons of potentially pursuing more with him. if after doing so you're still confused as to where you stand, i'd still highly recommend opening up with your boyfriend and mentioning to him how you're feeling towards your best friend. remember to maintain an open dialogue of honesty and love and communicate with each other.

by daniel

Try it while you are still young...pag matanda ka na at may asawa tapos ganyan ka pa rin kakati eh di pano ka na nun diba?! tutal di kapa naman asawa... pede naman eh, sus loyalty eh nag torrid na, you already threw the towel and stepped beyond the boundaries of being a bestfriend and YOU LIKED IT... the tase of his cherry chapstick LOL

make your move and dont tell anyone... if your bestfriend tells on you then deny it... uso pa ba virgin sa day and age na to? important pa ba sayo yun? magmamadre ka ba?

yun lang po =)

no offense meant!


by kumagcow

napahinto ako sa pag-inom ng coke ko... you "want" your bestfriend, that is very different from "you need him". need is something you cannot live without, while want is passing. mas maganda na siguro na ikaw ang faithful kesa ikaw ang masira. wag mo na isipin na nirerespeto mo yung boyfriend mo but isipin mo na lang na nirerespeto mo yung sarili mo kaya hindi ka papatol . kati lang yan kc nasimulan ng torrid kissing, nakalusot ka kaya gusto mo maulit at mas wild. parang crime lang yan, nagsisimula sa petty crimes. alam mo naman na mali yan eh, bakit gagawin mo pa po? wag mo na po paalam sa both parties at baka gumulo lang, sarilinin mo na lang po...

by the chairman

you already KISSED - torridly. you already cheated - whatever degree or whatever depth of cheating - it is still called cheating. what is there left to loose? ano pa man nigawa nyo, you still cheated. so why not cheat all the way. haha. was just dropping by.

by aycee

sabi nga ng kakilala ko before:

men & women are by nature polygamous. we can't help it. we're born that way. marriage (or in this case, commitment) was just created to prevent men & women to search for other partners.

normality is just a matter of consensus. that makes right & wrong subjective. :P

so how do we move forward? ask yourself what you want and what you can live with. then choose ONE. it can't be both. masyado ka ng echosera niyan. :))

by echosera

u made me day sa entry na ito.. bukod sa i can so much relate..e kinilig at medyo nangati ako..haha..

by teen

First of all, Clap clap clap for you bookie!! Amusing as always. =)

To Bellat, you're so itchy nga talaga. I can't blame you, it's human nature. But from the way you described it, you just "want" your bestfriend as supposed to you "Love" your boyfriend.

Would satisfying your Want be worth it to risk your Love? Think think..

If you don't like the idea of how it would end, then don't even start.. =)

by averyspecialagent

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