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What an idiot...



From Ramon Tulfo's "On Target" article dated November 19, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

"The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is right about rejecting the application of a group composed of lesbians and gays to become a party-list group. Had the poll body approved the application of Ang Ladlad, baka tinamaan ng kidlat (lightning would have struck) its commissioners. Kidding aside, gender should never be an issue in politics. If there are many gays and lesbians in our midst, fine! We should respect their rights. But they should not also go around town proclaiming their preferences as if it was a badge of honor. There is nothing honorable or normal about same-sex marriage or union, which Ang Ladlad is trying to promote. Gays and lesbians should be happy society tolerates them. They should not abuse society’s doting attitude towards them."

I saw this article on manilagayguy.net.

All I can say is... you are an idiot, Mr. Tulfo. A big one.

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The said statement is just intolerable. There is definitely a surge of honor once you proclaim you're gay. It gives you that whole freedom and independence plus a newer perspective in life. Mr. Tulfo, you don't know what we have been through: from the discriminating eyes of society, to ostracizing us for being ourselves, to judging us because of our gender preferences. We all have equal rights in this country. You are a heterosexual hence you don't know anything about homosexuality, you will never know and HYPOTHETICALLY you will be a homosexual, we're pretty sure you won't survive. HYPOTHETICALLY speaking.

by guyrony

Hello Mr. Blogger. Calling Mr. Tulfo a Big Idiot makes you the Bigger Idiot. You just validated his claim that a lot of homosexuals are acting abnormal (excuse me for the term) most of time. Yes, you're fighting for your freedom and I respect that, but just like Mr. Tulfo said,"they should not also go around town proclaiming their preferences as if it was a badge of honor". Do you see straight people walking the streets proclaiming their preferences? "Hey! I'm straight and I'm proud of it!" Really now? You guys are the ones who are making a big issue out of this GAY STUFF. You strive so hard to be normal and be partof the society but yet your actions say otherwise.

I don't have anything against gay people. Some of them just irritate me when they react so violently towards harsh criticism. We all have to deal with society at times, straight or gay. It's NORMAL.

by Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo

@ Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo:

Speaking as a, as you would say, bigger idiot, I'd have to disagree with your argument. Gays don't strive to be normal, we strive to be accepted.

Tell me, how can we not react so heatedly when our very identities are being attacked? how would you feel if someone told you "being straight is abnormal?"

You say you get irritated when gay guys react "so violently towards harsh criticism"? I wonder why that is. It certainly suggests deep-seated issues towards homosexuality, which is contrary to what you claim that you do not have anything against gay people. Surely someone with as much common sense as you must know this.

You use the word "normal" so casually and yet your reaction towards this is anything but. In this day and age, believe me, normal is something I wouldn't want to be.

by callboi

@ Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo: Mon Tulfo is not a big idiot. YOU are the big idiot.

by sweets_to_the_sweet

hay nakow, bookie! wag pansinin ang emoterang kapatid ni tulfow! bakla rin yan am sure!

by chuvachenes

Hay naku Buqs, don't make pansin nlang to people like that. I think meron silang thingy ni Monster Tulfo coz he's super affected

by tambok ako

Hello again Mr. Blogger! If you review Mr. Tulfo's article, he wasn't attacking the whole gay community. It was particularly for the party list, Ang Ladlad, which is promoting same-sex marriage.

Tell me, are you promoting this as well? Is the whole gay community promoting this? Or is this more of "protecting your own" that made you react to the article the way you did (like another EMO head)?

Same-sex marriage will never be recognized in this country. This is not me attacking your identity, i'm just stating a fact. Personally, I really don't feel anything towards this issue, but promoting it is a different story.

Let's stick to the facts of the aricle shall we? Mr. Tulfo was simply saying that, "The Marcos' should be happy that the public has overlooked and accepted what former President Ferdiand Marcos did but they can't have Borgy crashing every party and proclaiming that his Granpa had one of our National Heroes killed!"

When I said that I get irrirated with gay people when they react violently, it goes for straight people as well or anyone in general. I don't put anyone's sexuality into perspective when dealing with them. It's never an issue but behavior and actions always are.

by Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo

Your readers, they love you to the bones that they buy everything you write here. They don't bother to look at the other sides of your entries.

Mon Tulfo is a promoter of free and independent media and you're calling him an idiot for an article he wrote that most likely you failed to fully understand?

But hey, as long as it makes your readers love you more then it's ok right?

by Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo

Hey,let's not bash each other with harsh criticisms. We're all professional and civil here. Respect the opinion. Your opinions make a strong conviction WITHOUT the need for vulgarity of profanity if words.
Peace! And Bookie, I'm an avid avid fan! Hehe, I know you were just brought by your emotions. No fuss over that.

by guyrony

sorry, typo.hehe... Your opinions make a strong conviction without the need for vulgarity or profanity of words.

by guyrony

im sure tga 3rd floor yan! hahaha kalurx!

by plok_plok

@Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo:

Oh dear, looks like somebody's a bit jealous of you, Bookie. Mr. Hypothetical, why are you so bothered if Bookie supports gay rights? Don't you think Mr. Tulfo is by now used to being called an idiot? How lucky he is to have a supporter in you. Then again, considering Mr. Tulfo's bigoted opinions, well, it doesn't reflect too well on your character, now does it?

Kawawa ka naman, Mr. Hypothetical. Sooobrang affected ka nito. At least Bookie is standing up for his rights.

Don't you know? If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything.

Mr. Hypothetical, I may not personally know Bookie, but I love his blog.

Last piece of advice: get a life.

by sweets_to_the_sweet

oo str8it ka na..wish ko lng hindi ka magkaanak ng homosexual...

by plok_plok

OMG ka sa kaartehan Hypothetical! Mag-imodium ka kasi you're full of sheeeet!

by oh_my_gawd

Bookie, shrug this one off. Wag mo nang patulan ang comment niya. Your readers love you. Etong si Hypothetical ay obviously KSP.

by Ray_Ray

I wonder how someone like Hypothetical Sibling ni Tulfo who is soooo narrow-minded and clearly without taste managed to find out about your blog? Di siya bagay sa blog na ito. For mature readers ever lang itetch devah? Wag patulan ang KSP!

Loves ya Books!



by aegisbitch

Gay rights? Promoting same-sex marriage? Is that what the gay community is all about? Is that pretty much their IDENTITY? I assume not. So SWEETS sweetie, it's evident that you have no clue what you're talking about. What a pity. Get a life? Is that the best you can come up with? Come on now. You're missing the point so save yourself from embarrassment and stop jumping on the bandwagon. At least try to understand what you read. How's that for a last piece of advice?

This article lacks substance and is nothing but a result of pure non-sense outrage. But then again, that's probably why readers like SWEETS enjoy this blog.

I'm no Blog critic, just a random visitor of several sites. If you can't take this criticism, you probably shouldn't be writing in the first place.

by Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo

I really hate people who are full of opinions.

by Luna Lovegod

SUSME! Wag patulan ang Hypothetical!!! Nakakaawa!

by susme

@Hypothetical: KSP! KSP! KSP!

by sarah_g

@Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo - If you have the right to air out your opinion in this comment section, so does the blogger. It's his blog for crying out loud. Sana lang yung "tone" ng message mo mas maayos para hindi ka nakaka-offend. I'm straight, pero na-insult ako para sa mga kaibigan ko. If the blogger called Mr. Tulfo an idiot, it is because he can. As much as you can, when you called the blogger a bigger idiot. Free speech, right? You're also free to create your own blog and vent about gay-loving people like us. I'm sure you'll find others (somewhere) who will appreciate your thoughts, no matter how discriminating your words are. Wag ka na mambwisit dito.

by aubreybaby

@ Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo - I agree that Gay rights and Promoting same-sex marriage is not what the gay community is all about, what we also look for is not tolerance but acceptance, thats why the blogger has bolded the words "They should not abuse society’s doting attitude towards them"...

Its understandable why your response can spark alot of negative reactions from the readers of this blog after all they dont tune in to this blog because of its political outlook but because this blog expresses the daily experiences of someone who lives the life that you call "abnormal"...

speaking as one from the gay community, what you fail to understand is that we in the gay community do not strive to be normal, because obviously we are not, if we were normal then whats the point of expressing our individuality, we strive to make our individuality known because like generations before us, we are trying to make rest of the community understand and ACCEPT that we are still human beings, we deserve the right to be happy without persecution, to live a life where we are not afraid of just living, without someone reacting negatively if we decide to kiss our partner in public...

you say that people shouldnt jump in the bandwagon of this blog, but cant you see that this bandwagon as you call it is not just a bandwagon, people around the world express the same feeling and opinion,

im not discrediting your opinion, its just that in order for you to understand why the readers of this blog reacted so negatively is because you called the blogger an idiot...which i have to say he is not.. (hi bookie! :p )

so if you are a just a visitor my question is this, do you go around and visit random people's houses and call them an idiot as well? isn't that abnormal? cuz if you came into my house and did that..i would likely politely ask you to leave and NEVER COME BACK!!!

by LoudObserver

@LoudObserver: loves it! :)

by callboi

Karma mo Mr.Hypothetical magkakaroon ka nang anak na BAKLA or Lesbian... Yun na!

by zzZzzZZZZZzz

For what it's worth, if you have been reading what the party was gunning for in the first place it was not their main objective to promote gay marriage. They were only striving for EQUAL rights.

And may I quote Senator Joker Arroyo:

"The resolution reveals a deeply-entrenched prejudice against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders (LGBTs), the constituency of Ang Ladlad. So what if they are LGBTs? Precisely because of that, as a group which has been oppressed and marginalized in all spheres of their lives, they should be allowed to exercise their basic right to representation in the House of Representatives to protect and advance their interest, the very objective of party-list representation,”
the Comelec’s mandate is to ensure clean and honest elections, not to vent their ire and prejudice against gays.

“All groups stand on equal footing to have party-list representation under the Constitution. The Comelec cannot, as their 2nd Division has done, discriminate against and whiplash gays, while they give party-list accreditation to cock fighters, cristos etc.,”

If you think you are smarter than Joker Arroyo about interpreting the law they passed for the party list representatives then go ahead, keep telling that to YOURSELF!

by kumagcow

BTW That was addressed to the young gentleman who fondly calls himself Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo. If you love Tulfo that much, isumbong mo na lang kay Bonggang Bonggang Bong Bong!

by kumagcow

"Gays and lesbians should be happy society tolerates them." - ngek, parang di ba dapat baligtad, people who discriminate should be happy that gays and lesbians tolerates them, hahahaha

by jj cruz

i read somewhere that according to mayor duterte of davao city "denial of the COMELEC to admit LADLAD in the party list elections is bigotry in the highest order" 'coz you should not deny representation of the people because that's prejudice. and i quote "kung mapuno og bayot sa congress, so be it. basta nay utok ug abilidad" (if the congress will be filled with gay people, so be it. as long as they have brains and they have ability).

if only other people could be as open minded. :D

by ilovemygayfriends

Hindi na sumagot ang Hypothetical! Napahiya na rin sa wakas! Tameme!

by gays_rock!

@ Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo: this is buquir's blog. HIS. not yours. get that?!

kahilabtonon ba nimo. ngano ikaw magbuot?

by nganohilabtunonka

Guys, LADLAD does not advocate SAME SEX MARRIAGE. Paulit-ulit ng sinabi ni Danton Remoto yan. Ladlad wants to further the rights of gays & lesbians both at home & at the workplace. Get your facts straight before kayo magrereact ha.....Si Ramon Tulfo nagdadadada kasi paniwala ko wala syang mahuthot na pera sa Ladlad. May mga ganyan sa Media, ABC: Attack-Back Off-Collect. Madaming taga Media ang yumayaman sa ganyang Modus Operandi....Titirahin muna then pag nagbigay na ng pera yung tinitira then biglang tatahimik yung taga Media kasi nabusalan na ang bibig nya ng salapi.

by PowerBottom

sana isama din ang pag promote ng same sex marriage because it is also our right.kahit medyo malabo pa siya sa ngayon...it's not only that we wanna be recognized as a couple in the society but we also need to be bounded by the legalities of marriage.parang straight relationships din yan na nagkakaproblema.like property rights and custody issues in cases of adoption tas nagdecide maghiwalay etc.

by s_PUNK_y

lumabas na lang lahat ng discreet para masaya.

by Gustinatalaglumaya

Mr. Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo, with all due respect, I don’t believe you have any right to criticize Bookie's blog in the first place, it’ like crashing into someone else's party without invitation and telling them how to run it. Just a refresher, the definition of "blog" is "an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page."

I think one of the readers have already stressed in one of Bookie's entries that per the definition, its Bookie's right to write/voice out his opinions, since this is his "online diary". That means, HIS opinions, HIS biases, HIS beliefs, HIS (not yours) site. None of which should be a subject for your criticism, unless of course you’re the moderator of travellerspoint and you do not allow personal and not to mention sexually-biased comments. In that case, Bookie should’ve just gone up to Mr. Tulfo or wrote up on his site how unacceptable his statements were. However, I think Bookie, just wrote it in the comfort of HIS OWN blog.

Mr. Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo, I don’t think Bookie needs you to correct or criticize him. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be “his” blog; it would now be “your” blog. I don’t think it makes much sense if you consult anyone on how to write your own JOURNAL, does it? Just like, I wrote in my diary once when I was in gradeshoool, “Ms. Salviejo got mad at our class again today. She’s always in a bad mood. She’s a b**ch. I hate her!” It’s not like I had to ask, anyone, “Hey, I’m about to call Ms. Salviejo a b**ch on my diary, do you think its okay?”

Again, with all due respect, I really think Bookie is free to write whatever he wants on his blog, and they don’t have to be right, inoffensive or politically correct. Bookie is not promoting his blog, and he doesn’t invite people to read them, let alone try to convince people to share his views. If you don’t agree with Bookie, then exit the page and read something else....

by scorpia

We take interest in reading other people’s views and opinions. That’s okay. The only time it becomes a problem is when we start thinking that since we’re “re-viewing” their “views”, they become a subject of our own judgment and criticism. You and I, I’m sure that neither one of us were invited/forced by Bookie to read his blog, it was our choice to begin with. So what’s up criticizing him? What’s up with contesting his views and opinions? What if he IS promoting gay marriage, what do you have to do with that? Look, If you really disagree with Bookie that much? Then why don’t you go ahead and write about it in YOUR OWN blog and leave callboi alone. You need to be taught a little bit about “barging into other peoples spaces”. If you create your own blog you can start writing about YOUR OWN views (especially how you disagree with Bookie), instead of trying to criticize someone else’s in their own blog? You know what? I chanced up someone like you sometime back. I think you better go read his blog instead http://www.chainsawmayhem.com/). I think you’re more like the Hypothetical Sibling of Chainsaw Mayhem instead of Mr. Ramon Tulfo, to be honest with you.

MAYBE Bookie was wrong, but I think you also don’t know enough about the person to think that one entry is enough for you to conclude what he does and does not believe in or promote. However, lets just say that Bookie, IS wrong (like for example there is a right or wrong opinion) about writing that entry, at least he doesn’t go around other people’s blogs to express his OWN views—he wrote it on his own blog and he sure wasn’t trying to argue himself into being the one who’s right. He just wrote about what a simpleton HE THINKS Mr. Tulfo is. Like I, maybe think you’re a j*rk, so I’ll be writing that in my own blog too, but of course that, Mr. Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo, IS also hypothetical.

Peace, love and coexistence Mr. Hypothetical Sibling of Tulfo!

by scorpia

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