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Siya si Paris at ako si Nicole...


Dear Readers,

If I were you, I'd skip this entry. It's kinda senti.

At saka, baka mga close friends ko lang ang maka-relate ng todo dito. Ewan ko.

I recently received the email below from someone who was once very close to me.

In fact, we were like sisters, no kidding.

We called each other Paris and Nicole. Siya si Paris at ako si Nicole.

And just because of a boy, we kinda split apart.

What's life without a litte drama, eh?



I stumbled across something that made me reminisce the past. It was a quote from Pedro Calderon de la Barqa. It says "Love that is not madness is not love".

Ikaw agad yung pumasok sa isip ko. And of course, lahat ng mga nangyari. But I don't want to go back to that. I already did something that I think is right - to put the past where it belongs and where it should probably stay for eternity - the past. I believe that it shouldn't be bothered there. Well, not if you have something good to get from it.

Due to the quote coming to me in impeccable timing, I decided to write to you. For the first time in I don't know how many months now.

I, once again, for the nth time in my life, am on shaky grounds again. Don't worry. It is not that bad. Parents. Enough said.

A special friend made me realize that I need to stand to be able to face my problems. But how can I stand if I have broken pieces scattered in my past? I'll need to pick those pieces of me and get myself whole again. "Sinigang at Iba pang Kadramahan sa Buhay" (yes, I read your blog. It's on my bookmarks.) holds a certain piece of me. A piece of me that should learn how to let go of pride. It's that piece of me that should learn how to forgive and give second, third, fourth.... chances. It's that piece of me that should learn how to trust people again. FYI. I started not pouring myself out to people after everything that happened to us.

Well I guess I just need a few more pieces back.

Friend, Buquirah, Nicole, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I became this stuck up, unfair, and coward fool. I was stupid enough to have dwelt on our issues. It should have been easy for us to be back to "Cheerleading" or being the office "Mean Girls" if I just became man enough to have the balls to talk and say what I feel and let go of any anger after doing it.

I hope everything is well with you.

Get our story published! Put it on theaters! Have a good life!

See you soon!




Dear Paris,

Would you believe me when I say that I really am ok now with everything that happened between us?

Inaamin ko, back then, I was a total wreck. Years had to pass for me to be over the whole thing, but that's just it, I am over it.

If I had to choose one good thing that came out of the whole brouhaha of what happened four years ago, I would have to say that I got some really good writing material out of it.

I promise you this, Paris, "Sinigang at Iba Pang Kadramahan sa Buhay" will be finished soon, and you will be the first to read it.

Whatever it is you're going through right now, I know you can handle it. You've handled far worse than this, I'm sure.

Our friendship was and always will be the basis for all my other friendships. I know you know that.

I'm sorry as well for everything that happened. We may not be able to bring it back to how it was before, but we can certainly try. I'd really like that.

Life is more or less back to normal with me. But it would be better if you were here.

Always better with you.

Your co-cheerleader,


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Hello Nicole Ricci! Mukha ngang madrama ito. It may or not be caused by another "lalake sa buhay ni Bookie" heheh.. but I guess all's swell that ends well... try to patch up things with this friend, mukha naman sincere eh... mukha naman positive pagtanggap mo... hopefully wala nang next guy to ruin your friendship hehe not that Im insinuating anything hehe

by kumagcow


he said he was sorry before. it was heartfelt. but i was blind and deaf.

and there won't be any guys coming in between us now. i've got someone who only have eyes for me. and it feels good to have proven that. =)


it was one helluva ride for us. but we're still alive. we have to keep on moving on.

i've heard enough bad things to keep you out of sight. it was just recent that i have realized that i am not someone who can ditch anybody whenever i want to.

we have been very good friends... and that's what we should probably be for the next milleniums and reincarnations. i wish the stars and planets would agree and get the cosmic alignment back in its position. =)

by Paris

hayyy. sweet.

by Diosa

nicole and paris, i'm very happy that you've finally kissed and made up. this has been a long time coming.

by honeybfly

hey ryan..glad to know you regained a friend -- very sincere letters...God bless and more power!

by hobbit

Miss you girls! Remember, Mean Girls!

by MeanGirls


by lindsay lohan


golly.. sobrang haggard sa exp now lang uli ako nakadalaw dito!hehhehe

by Geisha

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awww... cheers to time, forgiveness and acceptance that give another chance to broken friendships!

I hope you guys get back what you lost. I had my own Paris and Nicole type of friend too. I miss her so I have an idea how it feels... ^_^

by monique_v

paris! i miss you! im happy you are doing well. im very much happy that you and nicole are ok na din! :) hope to see you mare!

big hugs for paris and nicole! :)

by singlemom

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by zan

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