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Strangers, Sweat, and Salvation...

this entry is also entitled "partee kung partee"

storm -17 °C


My friends call it an "Event".

Use me in a sentence portion: "Uy, may Event ngayong Saturday sa World Trade! Peyton's gonna be there!"

This is a story about the first time I took a cetain party pill called "E".

A couple of friends of mine, let's call them B1 and B2, invited me to join them for an "Event" daw in WTC. Peyton, he of the UK Queer Eye fame, was to perform there.

Being the music lover that I am, I agreed. I even told them that I was curious enough to want to try popping Ecstacy.


B1 said, "You'll love it!"
B2 said, "The first time's always the best! I so envy you."

I forced a good friend of mine, let's call him Uber, to come with me. He was hesitant at first, especially when I told him about the E-thing, and how much it would be.

"P1000! Marse, ang mahal naman! Tapos may entrance fee pa!" he made talak at me.

"Fine! I'll pay for the epektos!" I grunted. I really wanted Uber to come with us as he was so much fun to be with in parties.

"Yey! Love you friend!" Saaaaabeee ba naman?!

Long story made short, we took half a pill before we went to the actual place.

B1: "Make sure you keep drinking water. You'll be sweating like a pig later."
B2: "Refer to the drug as "turva". Don't call it by it's real name (parang si Voldemort!)
B1: "Don't forget to bring shades" (Which was weird kasi gabi naman yung event)

When we got to the World Trade Center, the first thing I noticed was how young the crowd was. I mean, I really expected a few of them to be toting their yayas with them.

Plus, it was raining gorgeousness there. About 75% of the crowd looked like supermodels. I felt so inadequate; my insecurities were going on overdrive.

The actual floor wasn't that crowded, which was a good thing as I had mild claustrophobia (or maarte lang talaga ako).

"May nararamdaman ka na ba?" I asked Uber.

"Wala pa. Pero ang ganda ng music!" Uber quipped.

"Honga, in fairness," I replied.

After thirty minutes or so, B1 and B2 were fully enjoying the effects of the said drug. B1 kept walking around the dance floor, talking with strangers and dancing with them. B2 was just dancing next to me.

Uber had gone into the depths of the mosh pit to dance and sport his wares to the public. I could see lots of hopefuls glancing at his lithe body.

The thing about Uber is, he's quite a charmer. Being gay and young and good-looking, he's had a very interesting sex life.

"Bookie," B2 said while nuzzling close to me, "Embrace mo ko, Bookie. Squeeze me!"

"Umm... ok," I responded and did so. Sensation drug nga ang puta.

B2 seemed to love being squeezed and touched.

I was sorta dancing and standing still at the same time. I really couldn't feel much except for a mild chill and tingling in my feet and legs. It wasn't bad but it was nothing to write home about.

Uber came back to my area and seemed to be having the time of his life.

"Marse! Feeling ko lumalaki ang mundo ko!" Uber whispered in my ear.

"Is that a good thing?" I asked.

Uber just smiled and proceeded to dance to a group of obviously discrete gay guys next to us.

"Want some water?" Said some stranger next to me.

Yeah, like I was really going to drink from some strange guy's bottle.

"No, thanks," I replied politely.

"You new to this?" Strange Guy asked.


"You have to keep moving! Just dance and dance! Don't fight it," he said to me.

"Pakialamero to ah," I thought, quite rudely.

But it was around that time that I suddenly felt... well, I didn't feel quite right. I can't explain it.

I went out for a smoke and found out that you could still smoke in the lobby.

I sat on the stairs and lit a cig. Diyosko! My hands were shaking!

The people next to me seemed to be undergoing the same thing.

One girl looked so drugged.

Her friend quietly scolded her: "Ano ba, Kate?! Sabi nang don't take off your shades eh! If the guards notice how bangag you are, baka hulihin ka nila!"

I decided to go back in and get a bottle of beer. Before I could give my order to the flustered bartender, a girl just upped and gave me a fresh bottle of beer and said "Here! You look like you need it!"

Hmp. I was thirstier than I realized, and drained the beer in one gulp. She gave me another. Well, at least libre diba?

Apparently, it's not a good idea to mix alcohol with E.

I felt even worse after drinking about three bottles in thirty minutes.

I went out again to smoke.

B1, B2, and Uber came out and saw me smoking. The three of them seemed to be having a blast. I felt guilty and stupid at not having as much fun as they were.

Uber: "You okay? What are you doing here?"
Me: "I'm fine. Di ko lang keri ang init sa loob eh."
B1: "Are you keeping yourself hydrated?"
Me: "Ummm... yes."

Uber and B2 went back to the party whilst B1 accompanied me outside.

"Umm, B1? Di ko na talaga keri to. I want to go home na," I told him.

"You sure?" he asked.

I nodded. I left.

And next comes the part which I haven't told anyone. Not a single soul.

To be continued...

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