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S.O.P. or Sam on Piolo...



I'm sorry but I just had to share this piece I read in www.goodtimesmanila.com.

It's just hilarious!

And not to mention... ultimately hot.


Piolo and Sam

A recorded phone conversation allegedly between ABS-CBN top actors Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby has been leaked to Good Times Manila by an anonymous source.

The alleged phone conversation, believed to have occurred one night last week, appeared to indicate that the popular stars are still good friends despite the controversy that used to hound them.

In the alleged conversation, Pascual and Milby engage in small talk about their respective career, and are even heard doing simultaneous “sit-ups” together to kill time.

Pascual will star opposite KC Concepcion on the upcoming remake of the Korean series “Lovers in Paris,” while Milby is seen nightly on “Only You” along with Angel Locsin and Diether Ocampo. He is also set to star in the movie “And I Love You So” with Bea Alonzo and Derek Ramsay.

GTM has consulted a sound engineer to determine the authenticity of the audio file. An update will follow on the results of the authentication process. Meanwhile, portions of the transcript of the alleged conversation are reproduced below:

Piolo: Hey, you.
Sam: Hello, bro.
Piolo: Yeah, musta na, bro? Di na tayo madalas makapag-usap…
Sam: Yeah, I know.
Piolo: Congrats with Only You. Taas ng ratings. At good luck sa movie!
Sam: Thanks bro. It’s been great. And I’m sure Lovers in Paris will be a hit, too.
Piolo: Sana. (laughs)
Sam: What are you doing now?
Piolo: I’m in bed na. Katatapos lang ng shoot namin.
Sam: Me too. I just got home.
Piolo: Kumusta naman si Atsay at si Butchy?
Sam: Huh? Who?
Piolo: You know. Si Atsay, leading lady mo sa teleserye. Si Butchy, leading lady mo sa movie.
Sam: (giggles) You’re mean. Working with Angel and Bea has been great!
Piolo: Napanood ko nga yung interview mo. You find Butchy sexy?
Sam: (giggles) Well, she IS macho…
Piolo: (laughs)
Sam: Speaking of macho, I’ve been hearing lots about you and Maton Girl lately.
Piolo: Maton Girl is Maton Girl. (giggles)
Sam: I hear you’re making ligaw to her daw.
Piolo: Like, duh. Publicity lang yon. (giggles)
Sam: I swear she looks bigger than you.
Piolo: Kaya nga akong buhatin. My gosh. She punched me one time sa arm. Nagkapasa-pasa!
Sam: Nagkapasasapa? What’s that?
Piolo: Nagkapasa-pasa. Uh, like it got beaten. The skin became blue.
Sam: You mean like a bruise or something?
Piolo: Yes. Maton Girl is very very strong. You gotta watch yourself around her.
Sam: I definitely will. (snorts)
Piolo: (giggles)
Sam: We’re so salbahe.
Piolo: Ikaw lang.
Sam: No, it’s you.
Piolo: No, it’s you!
Sam: No, you’re salbahe! (giggles)
Piolo: You’re salbahe. (giggles)
Sam: Remember you’re the one who started calling Kim Chiu “The Little Matchstick Girl.”
Piolo: (giggles)
Sam: And what was it you used to call Sarah?
Piolo: Lady Muchacha?
Sam: Right! Lady Muchacha! (giggles)
Piolo: (giggles) At least wala akong tawag kay Anne.
Sam: She’s off limits.
Piolo: I have a name for her too but sa kin na lang yun. (giggles)
Sam: (laughs) That’s better!
Piolo: What are you wearing?
Sam: Why do you wanna know?
Piolo: Wala lang. (giggles)
Sam: You know already. I sleep in the buff.
Piolo: Oh…
Sam: Like you…
Piolo: Yeah… Wala rin akong suot…
Sam: It’s cold in here…
Piolo: Yeah, pati dito… Nagsi-sit-ups ako now… Uh, uh, uh…
Sam: Ah, ah, ah, can i make sabay?
Piolo: Okay… ang tigas na… ng abs ko… Oh…
Sam: Uh, uh, uh… yeah, mine’s so hard…
Piolo: Ah…
Sam: Oh… Uh…
Piolo: Ah… Ah…
(this goes on for five minutes)
Sam: Ah…I’m near. I’m near.
Piolo: Ako rin, matatapos na ako. Oh…
Sam: Piolo… Almost there… almost there, bro. Ah…
Piolo: Wait, Sam. Malapit na… Uh…
Sam: Piolo! Ahhhh!!!
Piolo: Sam! Uhhhh!!!
Sam: (pants)
Piolo: (pants)
Sam: Was it good?
Piolo: Yeah! Masarap talagang mag…sit-ups.
Sam: Right, right.
Piolo: Teka lang, I need to clean up.
Sam: Me too. I need to get tissue… I mean towels, uh, for the sweat.
Piolo: Yeah.
Sam: Next time ulit?
Piolo: Yeah. Good night, bro.
Sam: Night, bro.

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Is this true??????????? gusto ko marinig yung actual call. sana na-capture sa verint.

by Q_Amidala

OMG!!!!! is this true??? parang gusto ko ng sumabay mag-sit ups...


by observer

Where can I get a copy of the conversation? hahaha!

by RonLaurie

grabe muntik nq maniwala d2 kase galeng seu.. But as i checked the site doesnt want abs artist.. full of hoax ung site n un.. sana d u n pinost d2..

by syam

it won't take a genius to know that this is fabricated.

by Brix

ay ano ba yan. i like piolo pa naman pero like Brix said, masyadaong obvious na fabricated ang conversation.

by ccslave

well, before we judge whether the conversation is fabricated or not, we have to hear the actual Recorded conversation. Take note, there is an alleged recording daw, kaya dont say fabricated agad just because you think they would do such a thing. Comon! they're entertainers! they make shows to entertain, thats their job! they have to build good image. But don't everybody secretly hide dark secrets?

What are the odds, they did this huh?
Besides, its an open secret that they gay! people believe what they want to believe and hear what they want to hear.

ano pa yung people read what they want to?

by harharhar

@ Brix
how can you say it won't take a genius to know it was fabricated? have you heard the tape and conpared it vs the written dialogues here para sbihin mong may fabrication na ngyari? do you know both of them that well to say that they wont say those things? Come on!

by epaLLang

@EVERYONE: Ummm, folks, did any of you check the website "goodtimesmanila.com"? It's a funny blog and not to be taken seriously. Believe me, the writer's a genius and most of his posts are hilarious. But they are just jokes. Ok? Ok. Good day! :)

by callboi


Simple. It's too hilarious to be true. :)

Well, to be blunt about it, it has always been my principle in life not to believe in things that are meant to ruin other people's reputation, celebrity or not, unless proven otherwise.

I do not have to know them well to give them the benefit of the doubt.

by Brix


some people really have nothing else to do.. xD

by Achilles13

katindig balahibo! wahahaha

bookie muka bang porenjer c Pasha?
according to your descriptions, I am so sure he's a hell of a hunk! naitanong lang nmnÜ

hui pa watch mu kay GRcaie young movie Grey Matters,
I'm sure she'll like it hehheÜ

by Filyeah!

aylabeet!!! ang kulet! crush ko pa rin si papa pi! no matter what... Þ

by britney

Bookie magupdate ka na ng blog mo utang na loob ilang days ko nang hinihintay na mag update ka

by ILovePast

Oo nga..check ako agad kanina ng ma site kita. hoping na may update na. I soooo love you...

by balakangurl

LOL! i thought i was true until I read the comments... :) nice post! :)

by dats

nakakaloko tlga yung post na toh ha..hahaha..breaktime kaya may time magcheck..
ang creative nman ng gumawa ng story..hahaha..kaso bitin

by clifford

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