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The Taste of Her Cherry Chapstick...



Dear Callboi,

I am one of your many readers here in PeopleSupport. In fact, we're in the same account. We're not exactly close, but we've gotten drunk together already (in Sukina, as a matter of fact). I've been a supervisor here for more than a year now, and I really thought nothing else can surprise me.

Obviously, I was greatly mistaken.

I guess it's my fault for entering into a relationship with one of my agents. Yes, yes, I know, I'm a supervisor, she's an agent, it's bound to end badly for the both of us. Plus, there's the whole "It's-against-company-policy" thing. You have to agree with me on this, I'm not the first one, am I? Look, I know what I got myself into, believe me, but apparently, the universe still managed to throw one hell of a curve ball at me.

Surprisingly enough, this is not about the fact that what we have is not a totally-legal relationship. It's more on the fact that my girlfriend/agent cheated on me. With her bestfriend.

Let me explain.

A newly-endorsed batch was celebrating their graduation in a nearby bar, and I was invited by their trainer to join the festivities, which I gladly accepted. I texted my girlfriend about this and she said that she would be joining the said inuman because apparently, one of the newbies was an old friend of hers, let's call her Chika.

I was kinda surprised by this because she never mentioned it to me before.

As I got to the bar, I saw that my GF was already there, talking to an equally hot girl whom I'd never seen before.

I couldn't sit next to my GF because, well, it would have looked suspicious, di ba? So medyo aloof ako.

But I noticed that she was acting a little bit weird. Chika and my GF were constantly whispering to each other. Like they had a secret or something.

I ignored it at first.

After a few hours of drinking, most of the newbies wanted to go home already. A few agents decided to head on out to one of their batchmates nearby apartment to continue their drinking binge. The trainer, Chika, and a handful of other agents decided to follow. My GF convinced me to go with them as well. So we both did.

When we got to the apartment, they brought out three bottles of tequila and lemons. There were only about five of us to share three bottles. Super lasingan ang naganap.

I was having a discussion with the trainer when I noticed that my GF had been missing for quite a long time already. I went to go looking for her. But I decided to pee first. When I passed by the bedroom right next to the bathroom, I saw my GF and Chika, on the bed, kissing like there's no tomorrow.

I thought I was just too drunk and must have been imagining it, but then, the trainer came up next to me, and saw what I saw, and I saw the shock on his face as well. So, I figured I was seeing the real thing.

Needless to say, I ran out of the apartment and collapsed an hour later on my own bed.

My GF has been texting and calling me for several days now, saying she wanted to explain it all.

However, in the office, we don't talk, and we pretend not to see each other.

The truth is, Bookie, I really don't want to see her at all. I just pretend that she doesn't exist because it's easier than confronting her. It hurts too much.

She texted me that Chika was her bestfriend since highschool. And that they're really close.

I guess I just can't take how "close" they are.

What do you think?

Yours Truly,



Dear Sales-Sup,

Okay, first of all, I think I know nothing about lesbians.

What little I do know was taught and explained to me by Gracie, yung Sales Trainer natin na kamukha at kaboses ni Aiza Siguerra pero kung sumayaw parang anak ni Gary Valenciano na laging naka-enervon.

Everytime kinukwento sa akin ni Gracie ang ginagawa ng mga lesbians, nangingilabot ako. Okay lang kasi gumaganti naman ako sa kaniya dahil kinukuwento ko rin sa kaniya ang gawain ng mga bading. At mas nangingilabot siya, I'm sure. I mean the thought of two girls kissing... ugh. Mas feel ko ang two boys kissing, as nature intended it to be. Joke lang po, mga lesbian readers, if ever meron man maliban kay Gracie. (Wish ko lang talagang out na si Gracie sa pagiging lesbian niya, mamaya kasi baka closet lesbian pala siya eh, mahirap na, nabuking ko pala siya dito sa lahat). Kung sa bagay, obvious namang lesbian siya eh, lagi siyang nakashorts at rubber shoes, naka-sumbrerong hiphop, never nagpapalda, at paminsan, naka-kurbata pa. o di ba? Yan si Gracie, tunay na lalake. Kung tutuusin, mas lalake pa siyang pumorma sa akin.

As I was saying, I know next to nothing about lesbians. Bakit kasi di mo na kausapin yung GF mo? Kunsabagay, naiintindihan ko ang need mo na di nalang pansinin siya.

Ganyan din ako. If I've given up on a person, pwedeng forever ko na lang hindi papansinin siya. Kesa naman makipagplastikan di ba?

Pero ikaw, gusto mo bang magkaroon ng closure? Then you know what you need to do right? You don't have to be a lesbian or gay to know the answer to that one.

It's as obvious as two boys kissing, really.

Love, lust, and lechon,



Wait wait wait... ngayon ko lang napansin na di mo pala nabanggit kung girl ka or boy...

I assumed na boy ka. Sabi ng ka-team kong si Ollie, if you are a boy, what the hell's wrong with you daw? Kung siya daw ang nakakita ng dalawang babaeng nagkikissing-kissing, makiki-join daw siya. Oh Ollie, you are so straight.

If you are a girl... well... I really don't know how girls deal with this kind of thing. Hindi ba dapat nagsasabunutan kayo?


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"If you are a girl... well... I really don't know how girls deal with this kind of thing. Hindi ba dapat nagsasabunutan kayo?"

Love this line. Bookie I've been an avid reader of yours.I love your whims and quips. I really love your blog, I check it everyday. I hope you'd update it more because I look forward to your stories. I hope you can read my blog and I hope you like mine. I bash celebrities. I also hate Ruffa. Im going to post something about ruffa and dedicate it to you.

more power.

-The Bashing King

by bashwithme

Aaaayyy!!! ISKANDALU ituu!!! Tivoli itu panigurado. Kasi kung lalaki yon makiki-joinsung yan noh?! Tska besides tignan mo naman yung sulat, walang straight na ganyan magsalita. imbyerna! hmph!

by Totoy_Bato

Bookie, I read another blog solely dedicated to your blog. Parang immitation siya actually ng blog mo. You are famous!

by tacky

Btw, it's http://goingundercover.travellerspoint.com/

by Tacky

Actually, he already knows what he's gonna do... he just needs to hear it from someone else... ewan ko ba kung bakit tayo ganun no?

Three plans of action lang yan:

1. Never ever talk to her ever again, change phone numbers, and be utterly disgusted with what she did for the rest of your life!

2. Talk to her, let her know how you feel. Tell her what you feel is wrong about it, break up with her...then get on with your life.

3. Ask her that she will only be forgiven if she and that same girl would sleep with you too... a little menage trois never hurt anyone right?! That's totally hot...talk about libido with her sometime... =P~

If reality bites, go to church and be celibate... we need more priests... hehe

by kumagcow

ouch. more so if our subject supervisor is a girl.

and i was under the impression that lezzies are less - for lack of a better term - promiscuous [no offense meant]. but then again, maybe not.

talk to her. there's no sense in running. and then sleep with the both of them. and i mean "sleep". if me milagro pa ring nangyari.. your call man.. perhaps there's no use talking..

unless you actually decide to joing the "action". just kidding. chill.

being MMK's counterpart (hehe), can't wait to get your opinion about a certain story. :) perhaps the day is nigh.

keep up the good work. been an avid fan way back when i was still working with you on the same account. :)

by bughaw

know youre kinda busy but wish you'll have blog everyday.it breaks the monotony.would you believe i got a behavioral warning from HR because of your blog..i was on a call while reading your blog and screenshot was captured during verint..twas forwarded by QA to IT and endorsed by IT to HR...hayyy..but it's ok.i dontmind...

by caroline

masama bang i-kiss ang friend? haha!

by PaLaBoi

Hi bookie!
Whew! first time ko to comment! But I have been an avid fan of your hilarious ( hilarious tlg!?? blog since I was a newbie. bale a year ko na read blog mo. In fairnez te' educational din nmn ito.

anyways supe sales why did't you join the fray kung lalake ka nga? or kung girl ka.... hmmm mas ouch ba yun?☺☺☺☺☺

by filyeah!

don't get sales supe wrong. real men won't just barge into two women making out, especially if one of them is a lesbian-- our ego is just too big for such. siguro kung talagang mga totoong babae and they are teasing you, okay pa. and medyo nagdududa lang ako is the way he reacted. he should have fought for his girl and not leave her out in the cold- that is no way to treat a girl. lalo na at girlfriend nya pa, ha?

by daft punk

bookie, hindi naman siguro lesbian si gracie. baka ganun lang talaga siya pumorma. wag kang judgemental.

by baogers

dapat nakijoin ka, kung si katrina yun at maricar aba makiki join ako......lol

by hayden_koh

hmm..bookie hi!i'm your new avid fan!more blogs!

and btw sales-sup..go on with your life. be alert next time and it will be better for you to talk to the girl so there will be closure between you two...
hirap talaga but then, we can't control things

way to go!dami jan!LOL

by apollo11

@baogers: honga noh, baka straight nga si gracie. straight na guy.

by callboi

bakit naman kasi hindi ka nalang nag joing?! diba yan ang greatest fantasy nyong mga lalaki, 2 girls in action, hina mo naman

by Dencia

Pa-comment lang ako te.

Can I just give a clue? I'm not sure about this though... it's just something that I feel. Feeling ko t-bird si sales sup. At kung T bird si sales sup... mamimili ka lang sa dalawa. TAMA ba? At dahil nesting, mamimili ka lang sa mga bagong dating. Mula 29th batch to the 34th yata. Hmmmmmm.

I'm guessing it the 33rd or 32nd. masyadong luma ang 29th. At masyadong bago ang 34th.

Napansin mo din ba kung gano na kalayo ang isang sales sup kay agent F considering na teamates sila?

by Viola

so, wat u gonna do 'bout it now? ...ang mssabi q lang, wag ka magpatalo dude! "intense pain calls for intense relief" gantihan mo cla, so fuck ur gf hard! ..hu won't want 2 do dat?! dat wud b soooo cooL!

by LyndonPaul

Yes, i feel na tivoli si sup, coz there is a tivoli sup ng sales

moral of the story: dahil sa pakikipagrelasyon mo sa agent mo, di ka makareact kc agt mo sya at bawal malaman, di ka pwede umeksena.

di legal sana (i mean totally walang dapat ikatakot) nawarla mo na sana si Chaka, di ba?

by lelang

oo nga naman boy ka ba or girl? coz if lalake ka edi makikijoin ka talga at malamang masasarapan kang may nakikitang 2 babaeng naghahalikan sa harap mo... well kunf lesbian ka naman... that really hurts... maybe she just cant take the "tagoan" thing ng rel nyo... mahirap din kasi yan e... sino ba naman may gusto nun? diba? tsaka maybe adventurous lang GF mo.... hahahahah....

callboi idol!!!

ipagkakalat kita dito sa ps CEBU

by _lOuie

I think straight guy siya.

Hindi lang kasi pagkagulat ang pumigil sa kanya umawat eh....pati ego. Parang nakakawalang lalaki na sa isang gathering eh matipuhan ng GF niya ang isang babae. Parang kung ako na babae, magsama ng dyowa... tapos hayun nawala... at mahuli kong kalampungan ang isa pang lalaki. 'Day, anu na mangyari sa akin?!!! Malay ko bang fencing ang sport ng dyowakis ko at hindi basketball. Divah?!!

by Maîtresse

nakakaloka aman ung story..
bkit parang gusto tlga nyang ipakita sa guy ung "KISS"..

by che.ps

QUESTION: What happened now to them? sales-sup+ gf+ chaka? any updates with this? * naka-relate daw ako..hehehehe

by layu888

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