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TTM '09!!!


Dear Readers,

Welcome welcome welcome to this year's Top Ten Men!!!

It's been a grueling and arduous road for me, collecting all these people from all over.

You have no idea about the pressure I am feeling right now, hoping that my readers would love and appreciate the list I've come up with.

Throughout the weeks, several changes were made to the list, some were taken out, and some were, of course, added. Actually, the last person was added just about two or three days ago. Most of the guys here are with PS, some have resigned already, and only one of them I think was never connected to our company.

Ganun ka-hectic. Tapos, ang mga bwakanang mga tao sa floor, ang kuleeeet.

Tanung ng tanong kung san na yung list.


I wonder if you're even reading what I'm writing here, or nag-browse ka lang ng mga pics sa baba. Hay naku, without further ado, here is the list.



Everyone, I'd like you to meet Mr. Jay-R Paguirigan.

Besides being the only person I know who has a punctuation mark in his name, he's the only Team Manager on the fifth floor who's a good-looking chinito.


He's been with PeopleSupport for more than 5 years, and is a good friend of my co-trainers.


A self-confessed DVD addict, he enjoys table tennis and badminton.

Don't you just love an athletic chinito?


Look familiar?

I know most of you will call me biased, pero I just had to include Chris, or most famously known here in my account as Pumpkin.


As far as I can remember, although I must admit I was terribly intoxicated with infatuation for him back then, mabenta sya ng sobra noon sa floor namin. The neighborhood badets even dubbed him as Mr. *xpedia, because he was such a "crowd favorite".


Although I am no longer attracted to him or in love with him (I swear, I'm not, promise, walang biro, hindi ako defensive, totoo), I felt that my list would not be complete without a shoutout to him.


Mas kilala si Ron sa third floor, as he is one of the supervisors of our rival account.


His boyish smile is only outshone by his most-charming capability to speak Spanish. Can you imagine him whispering sweet nothings in your ear in Español? Kakiligs.



He used to be in our account, kaso because of his bilingual skill, he was promoted to a higher position elsewhere in the company.


And now we have RJ. I call him Shortstuff, kasi, well, he's small, although I think he doesn't like me pointing out that fact.


He's relatively new to our account, but has already attracted lots of attention, due to his boyish-good-looks.


Actually, super cute siya para sa akin, kaso, ang bata eh. BTW, he's a registered nurse.


Our resident bad boy, Khaled Abbas!


Mukha siyang mambubugbog, pero mabait siya, mga tsong.


Among everyone here in the list, siya lang yung nagpakita sa akin ng sobrang tuwa na kasama siya sa list ko, and he was also the most eager to participate.

In fact, nag-"photoshoot" pa kami sa isang tagong kwarto dito sa fifth floor. Shocked nga ako sa mga muscles niya eh, kala ko kasi lampayatot siya. Dehins pala.


Ito si Jake, Jake Tamayao. Pero dehins Jake ang tawag ko sa kaniya. Ang tawag ko sa kaniya, Sawsaw.


Bakit Sawsaw? Kasi ang bata-bata niya, tapos lagi siyang nakikisingit sa usapan naming mga matatanda. Nakiki-"sawsaw" baga.


Aaminin ko ha, crush ko siya noon, noon yun. Kaso nung malaman ko kung gaano siya kakulit, nawala lahat. Kaya friends lang kami. Chos! Pero alam niyo, ang benta-benta nitong si Sawsaw sa mga badets sa floor. Daming nag-eemail sa kaniya. Dati nga, pati isang sikat na HR guy, nilalandi din siya via email eh.


Of course naman, dapat may representative ang training department!

Ron dela Cruz got a lot of nominations, although feeling ko yung iba si Aubrey lang, na nagpapalit ng username. Joke lang. :)


A graduate of Computer Application in DLSU, this Scorpio is really into backpacking and was recently trekking around Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.


Pangarap kong magkaroon ng balat na katulad ng kay Ron. Ang kinis eh. Pang-anak mayaman.


Donn was the most recent addition to my list. Nakita ko siya last week sa smoking area sa fifth, tapos naisip ko, "In fairness, cuteness."


Kaso dehins ko siya knows, kaya ginamit ko ang aking mga koneksyones. Marami pala kaming common friends.

Buti na lang pumayag siya.


An Accountancy graduate, this 26-year old is reputedly able to charm his way with the womenfolk by serenading them with his angelic voice. I hope he joins this year's PS Idol. Killer looks with a killer voice? Panalo.


Here's a quote from Mr. Donn Gregorio himself: "I don't believe in dating."

Sigh. Sorry girls.




He used to be with PeopleSupport before. He even joined one of our PS Idol competitions. I helped him practice for the audition, his piece was "Shout for Joy". Maganda boses niya, in fairness, sing-ganda ng katawan niya.


He's a part-time commercial model, I think. Di ako sure. Pero punung-puno ang facebook account niya ng mga professional photos eh. So malamang model siya.

I mean, look at the picture below. With a body and face like that, dapat modelo ka:


Hmmmf. Kagigil.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you how I met this year's number one.

I was in Cagayan De Oro with some of my closest friends.

We had gone swimming in a beautiful pool topped by an awesome waterfall from a mountain.

As we left the mountainside, one of my friends bumped into him at the exit. It turns out they were also there for a vacation.

We were introduced to each other, pero super tahimik lang ako, unlike my usual bubbly and super-cute self.

His name is John Serrano. And upon seeing him, I swear, ang pumasok na tanong sa isip ko ay "Can you be my number one?"

Number one sa list ha. Baka kung anung isipin niyo.

My girlfriends were screaming everytime they saw John. We bumped into him twice during out trip. The first time was by the waterfall, the second was before our river-rafting activity.

Haaay. I don't know if the pictures do him justice, pero friends, I swear, malakas ang dating niya in person.


I know nothing about him except what his friends have told me (Hi Shayne!). I think he used to work for FTV.


He was a contestant in a singing contest in ABS-CBN. I think Star In A Million, pero not sure.





His favorite quote? "Love is not blind. It sees everything but doesn't mind."

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Table of contents


Hello folks! I hope you enjoyed my Top Ten list for this year.

This message is just to remind you to please be mindful of what comments you post here.

You may insult me, but not the people included in the list.

Anything posted here which I deem as offensive, I will erase immediately.

If you find my taste in men as somewhat dubious, then by all means, make your own blog. :)

Have a good day!

by callboi


I like your list! And i'm so happy you threw in my vote for Ron!(finally) :)

PS.. lech! hindi ako nagsa-sign in ng iba ibang username para lang mag vote kay Ron! deserving naman sya diba?!

by aubreybaby

ang taray!
thank you bookie for posting it na.
super wait talaga ang lola mo eh.
and i really, really enjoyed it.
haayyss. . . . i miss ps.:-(

by kate06202


Buqui you have a great choice for the list. Mas gusto ko yung no. 2 to be on the 1st spot. My god, kahit one night ko lang makasama sya, magreresign na ako. Hi, to sawsaw. Ang cute mo nga talaga. You deserve to be on the list kahit di tayo magkakilala. I hope I can introduce myself to y0u in a formal and private manner.

Cheers buqui. Congratulations.

by akosidiosa

Congrats Jai! treat ka coffee kasi ni nominate kita hahahha....
Donn... ikaw din....
Ron....pati ikaw...

bakit wala si ano? yung kras mo?

by Q_Amidala

Your top boy's a fashion assistant for Metro Mag. :D

by paddy61

hindi ako naexcite hihihi so so lang... i was expecting more pero pwede na..

by trician

wala man lang kahit isa sa RTA or Sales or AFT...

by trician

bakit nung nagcamiguin kami di kami nakasalubong ng ganyan! :(

worth the wait buquir!

by ihartgreen

Wow the long wait is finally over hehehehehee :p si #10 naku lagi ko nakikita xa sa pantry and sa mata ng mga badet winner tlaga xa pero mas winner nakita ko sa kanya hahaha chos! Buquir na eskandalo ako sa #2 nyahahahaha anways na copy ko na ung pic padala ko sa personal mail ko paragawin kong screenaver sa laptop ko gaganahan lalo ako mag computer sa bahay bwahahaha

by missindia

Seriously!!! Seriously!!! And finally, natapos din ang top ten...been waiting for so long...Wow, Tier 2 Cray and Marky are on the list...Honey sawsaw, kaw ha di mo sinasabi top 5 ka...Anyweiz, i like Billy H as numero uno per pwede na rin si John... Carrybells na!!! Why not Top 10 Bi Men??? wehehehe

by zee_jei

WOW.. So nice to have Jay or as we call him "Jai" on the list.. TM namin yan..hehehe

by teen

aha. worth the wait. kmusta naman, im writing this at 12mn. nt becos avail kundi, a frend txtd me to chek this out. csat!!!

by human isaw

FUKINANGINANGFAKINGSHIT!!!ang tagal kasi ng ate ko mag chat!! BOOKKKIIIEEE!!! gusto kitang ipagtirik ng kandila. at sna mahanap mo na ang only you mo!Ang galing ng top ten mo. ung isa mejo mejo. pero keri na nakabawi ka sa lahat!!

teka excited tlg ako. Thanks for including BADBOY! naiihi at nanghihina ako lagi pag nakikita ko yan dati sa floor.

Jake's really cute. parang harry potter lang.crush ko din si Donn kaya lang me crush ata siya sa 5th.ung number one mo dati. CHISMIS!

ayan, makakapagpahinga ka na bookie...my God!! mas lalo akong hindi naantok!!!!!!!!

by bayo0226

forgive me sa comment ko ke mr donn.
walang basehan un kundi pakiramdam lang.i might suck on this but anyway.
PANALO tlg bookie, seriously.

by bayo0226

Elow Buquir, U dont know me, I just happened to drop by your blog... Ur number 2 is hot nga... no questions asked....*taas kamay* *pati paa*..coming from a straight guy that is weird lolz

Your humor? nakakahawa, your dictionary and command of the English language is phenomenal... you should write a book... I can relate to almost all of your stories... consider me a fan.

Maybe one of these days nandyan na din ako sa list heheh. ^^

by kumagcow

hi. im q_amidala's roomie and jai's housemate!nagising ako sa mga pics!hehehe q_amidala even texted me that you'll be posting it today... di kinaya ng powers ko ang cuteness ni number one!!!! napabili ako ng carefree!! :) congrats!

by maharot

fabulous list!---congratz!at salamat sa pagpapakulo mo ulit ng dugo namin dito sa cebu.

regards to DONN and BILLY...

by sugarjam

pwede mo ba akong i-set ng one night date with BILLY?magbabayad ako kahit magkano!!!

by sugarjam

bookie......i lab it soooooooo much!!!!!!!!! (hanep ba sa dami ng exclamation pts?) congrats kay jake...u deserve it!!!! and to ron....i like u talaga as in!!! i'm happy coz i was part of the batch that u trained last year hehehe....grabeh i miss PS already....keep up d good work bookie!!!

by gorgeousz


nahimatay kame ng mga co-agents ko....


by observer

winners para sa akin ang numbers 10, 7, 2 and 1.

go bouqs!

dapat may WEEKLY TOP TEN!

para ganahan naman kami! hahaha

by royalty

agree ako sa comment no royalty.....sana magkaroon ng weekly top 10!!!

by gorgeousz

agree ako sa comment ni royalty.....sana magkaroon ng weekly top 10!!! sensiya na...typo error kanina...reposting comment po. hehehe!!!

by gorgeousz

I love your number one! He looks so smart and sexy! Beauty and brains ito! Pakilala mo naman me kay John Serrano bukee!!!

by wapaks

winner talaga si number one!!!!!!!!!!! it's a damn shame that he's, you know, kwan. hehe..

i'm a big fan of the two RONs!!! again, sayang tlaga.. pakshet.

by Unknown

thanks buquir for the approval! you really have good taste. i enjoyed the list. extend my regards to jake, ang aking kapatid na maingay sa floor. tell him, nagsay hi si agent jasper.

by ccslave

may issue ako.
tungkol sa isang guy na nasa list.
he's actually connected to me in some website.

by nitroboi

Walang issue si number 3 sa isang taga 5th floor, i can attest to that. Yun lang ang gusto ko sabihin....

by Q_Amidala

Amen! :)

by callboi

i rest my case.

by bayo0226

Hi Bookie!

Congratulations to a very beautiful and HAWT list! It was well worth the wait... Pero wala yung na nominate ko na dalawa... hehehehe! Alam mo na kung sino silang dalawa... HEhehehehe! Anyway... I would just have to say Ron was HAWT even before he went bilingual... hehehehehe! Na-miss ko tuloy siya... the top four should have been numner 8, 6, 4 and 2... nagulat ako sa 2 ha... love him... hehehehehehe!

Mishu bookie! Gratz again for a wonderful post!

by NYBadette

Bookie, may nagre-request ng top ten trainers...
Sabi ko wag na. Ako lang naman ang malalagay mo dun... AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! *i bet maraming magagalit.*

by aubreybaby

Ako number 1 and 2, ikaw na ang 3 hanggang 10! Mas maraming magagalit dito. :)

by callboi

winner ang top ten mo dito sa third floor!! hahaha.
uhm, ano full name ni RJ???
i'm not surprised that Khaled is there.. he is my long time crush since I got here sa PS.
winner si 2, 6 and 7 ang bet ko..
i love it!!

by bitchyme

how about top ten prettiest daw bookie suggestion ng isang reader dito?

by bitchyme

Ouch,its me first time to read ur blog, too bad i was not able to nominate the artista guy from hr.. yeah diegeo castro! kaso laos n xa so prolly reason y he's not on the list and my ultimate crush i dunno if he's still with PS though all i know is that he's the one who conducts the exam for new hires and his name is migs..anybody wanna shed some light here??pls??!

by DeathGod

Ano ba yung tutuong pangalan nyang john serrano na yan? akala ko naman taga Ps din! hinahanap ko sa mug shot! hmmpft! hahaha

by royalty


abbas at 6 and princess at 5? well. eyelovit. bwahaha!

but what a small world. i know ur number 1 from abt 4 yrs ago, hehe. kinda lost touch already, but i'll share some pics when i find them.



by etheREAL

aaaayyyyy e2 na xa...
isa isahin natin...

10 - well cute xa. magnagkkcrush nga sa kanya d2 sa account namin eh. jejejejeje
9 - oi c pumpkin moh... well nakita ko xa sa davao. un lng. jejejejeje
8 - well ayokong magsalita... shut up lng ako... basta may nagkkcrush din sa kanya sa account namin...
7 - OMG and sarap nya. wajajajajaja... parang kailangan ko ng maraming kanin...
6 - wala, wala, wala. wala na akong masabi... basta i love him so much... patry naman. chika lng...
5 - uuummm... pwede... infairness maganda ang katawan..
4 - well... he deserves it...
3 - cute... i love the smile...
2 - ayokong magcomment... ayoko... pigilan moh ako buqee... kung may bobongga pa sa top 1, xa na un... matagal ko nang pinagnanasaan 2ng taong 2... wajajajajajaja... parang ang manyak manyak ko lng noh... sana d xa nagresign sa ps...
1 - keri lng... malinins... ang since may picture xa with poster ni regine, love ko na rin xa...

kailan kaya ang next time??? sana bukas na... wajajajajaja... congrats buqee for the outcome of the sleepless nights....

by brownvixen

Ang taray ng critique ni t_vixen!!! loves it! :)

by callboi


Hey, just wanted to share how my friend here is ecstatic that his hubby is on the list... And more so seeing that the white thing he's wearing is my friend's sando...at least in his opinion...see, top 10 borrowed it from him during his party...

can you post dr hayden ko's scandal!!!


love you bookie!!!

love that you're not a snob!!!

love the list more...


enigmatic sasha

by e_sasha


That was not my friend's sando!!!

I'm so sorry!!!

It was a pink one...

I'm soooo toast!!!


by e_sasha


I hate it that ADAM LAMBERT LOST!!!

HE was that close to being the First GAY American Idol!!!

I curse this day!!!


by e_sasha

landeeeee.... hahahaha

by trician

weeh, Bookie! kaya naman pala enjoy na enjoy ka sa bakasyon mo dito sa 'min eh...dito mo pala natagpuan ang iyong number one...

kainis lang yung pic mo ng 5th floor...nakaka-miss...

by iringato

Hi guys,

Yeah I miss PS so much, But I had to go kasi kaya wala na ako jan.. hey buqui, thank you for putting me on the number 2 spot... kakatuwa nmn pala tong blogsite na to. i remember the old days noh, kakatuwa tayo nila Ben during rehearsals natin. yung wrist ball ko nasayo pa.. haha... napa sign up tuloy ako dito just to post comment.. ui, watch out for FrontMan magazine june or July issue, I am featured there too.. eheh, nachambahan lang po..

by ePalmux

Hi Billy! Dahil sa iyo, nagsawa ako sa kantang "Shout for Joy!" :)

Andaming nagtatanong sa akin tungkol sa iyo. Ambenta mo friend.

by callboi

Bookie, pakilala mo naman ako sa friend mo na si billyboi21... Ahihihihi... *blushes*

by NYBadette

@NYBadette: Gurl, kumekerengkeng ka na naman ha! :)

by callboi

@Callboi: Hindi naman... Hehehehehehehe!

by NYBadette

That's one hell of a great list! Meron lang sigurong dalawang hindi ko gusto pero tama si Bookie since blog nya to, wala akong magagawa, nakikibasa lang naman ako at nakikitingin, pero since pwedeng magcomment, magcocomment ako, I think MOST na nasa list ay mga MAMWAH! Hehehe, no offense pero totoo, i've met some of them already outside PS, nagulat nga ako tagaPS pala sila or nagPS pala sila. For me numbere 1 si Billy, sobrang hot nya as in. I met him i think 4 months ago, nagulat ako na nasa list sya... Hanggang dito na lang kasi baka kung ano pang masabi ko....

by kulutero

hahaha...baliw ka tlga. badtrip wla access d2 gym sa website.kya kelangan ko mgtyaga sa wifi. tpos na workout. hello po

by ePalmux

kala ko naman nasa list yung QA from 4th floor... hehehe...

pero the long wait is over and sulit... parang Oscars na dapat abangan... pati mga classmate ng churva ko na taga DLSU eh patay na patay sa list mo...

dapat siguro every quarter ang top ten list mo... pero bet ko and 8,7,3 and 2...

hmmm... kala ko nasa list pa si 5 eh...hehehe...

galing mo buqui... clap, clap, clap...

by mastermind

naguguluhan parin ako pano ko mamomonitor tong blog about new updates.. do i need to manually type the link or may type of shortcut para dito? ang guloooohhh!!

by ePalmux

hi, billy!
ang ginawa ko with this link, sinave ko sa yahoo mail ko, tapos kini-click ko n lng sya pag gusto kong tingnan ang latest blog ni Bookie...


by iringato

at nandito na si billy!! waaaaahhhh!!!!

by bayo0226


thanks. ganun na nga ginagawa ko.. kasi kpg nag log in na ko pumupunta sa profile ko eh hndi ko maibalik sa blogsite kaya itatype ko ulit..
thank you parin.

yup dito po ako @bayo0226

by ePalmux

hi billyboi. for sure madami bibili ng frontman. jjust let us know if june nga or july. ganda katawan mo. ahihi..

Bookiieeee!!! waaaahhhh!!!!

by bayo0226

hi billy,

were gonna buy the mag for sure... in fairness you have what it takes to be a model

by akosidiosa

oooooohhhhh biiillllyyyyy.. aaaannggg saaaarrraaaappp moooooo.. ;p

by baogers

sana andito si NUGUID, panalo list mo lalo! :D

by hush hush

wala pa akong nririnig from tographer eh if june or july. but he said it'll be the june issue. Don't expect too much. dami models dun. baka nga maliit lang ung spot ko dun eh.. haha...

by ePalmux

  • hush hush - agree ako jan. short lang ksi stay nya dito eh. nsn na kaya ang nuguid na un? hay..
  • billy, 'MALIIT' o 'MALAKI' at least me 'SPOT' ka.. lol!!

by bayo0226

Billy i don't care kung maliit lang spot mo. And besides to be a part of a mag is already an achievement. Basta mag message kaang dito kung anong issue so i can tell my friends as well..

by akosidiosa

peeps!! i checked billy's info. he's engaged..

  • sob*sob*sob

by bayo0226

nkikita ko si buquir dito sa 5th madalas eh.. ano accoutn mo buk?
@ kulutero
are you sure you've met me before? do we have common friends po ba? where did you see me ba? nga pala po.. I have online advertisement. you can check koolcampus.wordpress.com, thats an Indi film I was invited to star in, But i'm not sure if I can make that daring role. I was briefed of the scenes e feeling ko dko kaya.. hehe.. also check asianspotlight.wordpress.com

cge, breakfast muna ako..

by ePalmux

hello po.. wala lang magawa, out of boredom, I wrote something and ended up having it on a blog dito haha!! feel free to read it..


by ePalmux

Books! I lurve it! panalo sa akin si Ron (08), RJ and John Serrano. may jowa na ba si Ron? hahaha... I used to see him around the office before. pero syempre opisina d pwede magpa cute hahaha... i swear na miss ko ang blog mo.

BTW, it was nice seeing u again sa office kahapon, nagpa exit clearance lang ako, may kurot nga sa puso ng inescort na ako palabas ng building pagkatapos ng clearance ko. almost 4 years din tapos ngaun totally wala na ako sa PS. nakaka miss talaga ang mga tao dyan. anyways, Im in Osaka right now, just arrived about 2 hours ago from manila. waiting for the Nozomi Shinkansen, its the bullet train from Osaka to tokyo thats passes through Kyoto and Nagoya. Dapat sa saturday pa ako babalik dito sa Japan but the heat is just too much in manila so I had to buy a ticket with Cebu pacific to Osaka kasi wala nang seats na available ang JAL for tokyo. so para lang maka uwi ako agad today e nag cebu pac na lang ako. train ride home will take about 2 and a half hours so hopefully after midnight nasa bahay na ako at sa arms ng aking pinakamamahal na gwapo kong asawa. hahaha!!!

I will always await for ur entries books, dalasan mo naman kasi nakakaaliw sha at nakakatanggal ng lungkot especially sa aming mga nasa ibang bansa na. hehehe..

mishu girl... paki hello mo ako kay number 8 ha. hahaaa...
Hello na rin sa lahat ng taga PS.



by She-ra

oo nga pala, wala na ba si paulo nuguid sa PS? bakit nga pala di siya nasali dito sa list mo bookie?

by ccslave

badtrip guys.. issue of frontman magazine is not going to be released this month. we have to reshoot kasi 2 models and ntanggal. hopfully tong next shoot hndi ako mtanggal.. haha..
They didnt like the concept

by ePalmux

we'll pray for that billy!

by bayo0226

hi bookie....remember me? im from cebu...the company with mr.tiger woods..hehe..clue na yan....super na excited ako sa top ten mo...i like number 2...congrats bookie...mwaahhh

by jaga611986

billy san ka nagwowork? nagwowork ka pa rin ba sa.... nakalimutan ko ung pangalan ng bar... dun sa malapit sa MOA sa tapat ng seaside, ung sing along bar dun... dun ka parin ba?

by kulutero

woah?! ako? i never worked at a bar. Not that I depise working at a bar. I mean I would definitely love it. but I never worked there po. I guest there sing lang po.then after ng number ko uwi na rin. yung malapit sa seaside po..

by ePalmux

unless were not talking about hte same bar.. haha...

by ePalmux

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