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Monday Night:

I was busy reading emails when She-ra sat down on the empty station next to me. He was about fifteen minutes early for his 9PM shift.

He was quiet but he had a strange look on his face. And he was all flushed and breathing hard.

"Wassup?" I asked, innocently.

She-ra smiled, and then whispered, "I just had sex."

"And this is news? Makati ka pa sa higad na allergic sa caladryl," I replied, "it's rare when a day goes by without you having a booking."

"Bakla, iba ito. Two guys," She-ra whispered again.

"So? You've been in orgies involving forty people!" I said.

"Two guys who also happen to be from Exp****," She-ra added meaningfully, "aaaaaand, you know both of them! In fact, hihihi, you're quite close."

I gasp, "Huwaaat? Sino sila??? Spill spill spill!!!"

She-ra laughed deliciously, "Hahahaha! Eh sino pa ba kungdi si - - wait!"

He gave me a scrutinizing look, "Isusulat mo ba to sa blog mo??"

"Ano ba? How could you even ask me that?" I sound scandalized, "Of course ilalagay ko to sa blog ko!"

We both burst out laughing.

"Don't worry, I'll use codenames," I tell him.

"Hay naku! Your codenames are too easy to figure out!" She-ra blurts.

"Heller!!! Wala pa ngang nakakahula kung sino ka eh!" I reply.

"You'v got a point there, marse," he says.

He takes a deep breath and says:

"It was Delta and UA."

Yes, my three dear faithful readers, obviously, codenames po ang mga names na Delta and UA.

Okay, I admit, I didn't believe him immediately when he said he'd just had a threesome with those particular friends of mine.

You see, Delta and UA, well... their definitely gay. And people know their gay. In fact, UA is in a relationship.

Delta is single but was definitely a player. Delta was cuter than UA but both of them were definitely high in the looks department.

In fact, I had a little crush on Delta. Cute kasi ng round eyes niya, and I love his matangos na ilong.

Why am I describing them in such detail? She-ra assured me that they are not aware of my blog, and even if they were, wouldn't care to read this. They were pretty low in the brains department, you see.

But still, I couldn't immediately believe him because She-ra, well, he was a bit of a slut and I knew Delta and UA never fooled around with hookers (sorry She-ra! joke lang!!!). :)

"You want proof? Ask them!" She-ra said, gloatingly.

And later that day, I did. Delta denied it. UA was the one who, surprisingly enough, caved in and admitted it.

Anyway, back to She-ra.

"Nag-start siya last month pa. You know I've always had the hots for Delta, right?" he asked, "Flirt ako ng flirt sa kaniya. Ginugulo ko siya lagi sa station niya. Napansin na nga ako ni MNL-TS-E--- eh. Sabi niya masyado ko raw ginugulo si Delta."

She-ra continued, "Well, to make a long story short, he suddenly texted me kanina after endshift, asking me kung gusto ko dumaan sa pad niya."

I leaned in closer, "Bakit daw?"

"Yun nga ang tinanong ko. Sabi ba naman ng hitad R30 training daw sa room niya!" She-ra laughed incredulously.

"Eh bakit ko naman papalampasin devah?" he said, "gusto ko rin naman makita kung gaano kalaki ang client-specs ni Delta."

"Ohmagahd!" I say, kasi sobrang grabe talaga ang balitang ito.

"Pagdating ko dun, mga 10AM na. At nagsasampay ng nilabhan si Delta. He was just wearing sando and shorts," She-ra noted, "and still he looked good enough to eat. Literally."

NAKUP! As She-ra was talking animatedly, I saw someone come out from the pantry and looked to be heading towards my station.


"Wag kang lilingon pero papunta rito si Delta," I said acting calmly, "kunyari kinukuwento mo sa akin yung tungkol sa cheerdance."

She-ra nodded and didn't look panicked at all. Sanay ang bruha sa eskandalo, I guess.

"So yun nga, ayaw ko na sumali sa cheerdance kasi... ay! Hello Delta!" She-ra said, pretending to just have noticed Delta.

"Hi!" says Delta, and in fairness, di siya mukhang kabado rin, "Nakita niyo si UA?"

I had several witty comebacks in my mind but I settled for, "Um, nasa yosi area siya, di mo ba nakita dun?"

"Ay baka nga. Di ko tsinek dun eh," says Delta, already walking away.

When he was ten feet away, She-ra continued on without missing a beat.

"Malapit na ako mag-log-in so ito na," he said rushingly, "we went inside and UA was there, sleeping on the sofa. What he was doing therein Delta's pad, I dunno. Delta didn't wake him up but instead dragged me to his room."

I wasn't breathing at all at this point.

"We did the bad thing twice already when UA walked in on us doing the bad thing on the floor," She-ra whispered seductively.

"Taaaaapoooos?" I asked.

"Sabi niya, sana ginising niyo ako kanina pa. And then he joined us," She-ra laughed, standing up and leaving me with my mouth open.


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ohmahgawd!!! stop this flesh trading... I mean stop doing this for free. hahahaha

by hot-speedo

Ohhhwww Mah Gaaawd!
Who are these MNL's???
ok, id rather not know!

by STlauder

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