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The other day, at around 4PM in the afternoon, I was waiting in the ground floor lobby of PeopleSupport, sitting on one of those comfy chairs, when this guy sat next to me, even though there were lots of vacant chairs around.

The guy looked normal enough, but he was a bit on the geeky nerd side.

I was kinda surprised that he sat next to me, and even more surprised when I noticed him blatantly staring at me with a goofy kind of grin on his face, while fixing his wire-rim glasses.

I half-smiled at him.

He must have taken that as his cue to begin talking.

"You're that blogger guy from the fifth," he said, in straight English.

I smiled, medyo nag-feeling sikat naman ako, "Yup, ako yun. Hello!"

He smiled back, "You're bigger than you look in your pictures."

Nawala in a flash ang aking ngiti. Lintik na to ah.

"Ah talaga?" sagot ko na nakangiti pa rin, syempre, pa-charming effect pa rin.

He nodded, "My name is A*****. And you are Bookie a.k.a. Callboi."

This is getting a little weird, I thought to myself.

He continued on, "You know what, you should really advertise my blog on your blog coz mine is just as funny and good as yours."

Medyo mahirap nang ngumiti at this part pero sige pa rin ako. Smile lang. Feeling artista ako eh.

"Anyways, you do realize that the reason your blog is so popular is because you sensationalize office gossip, right?" he asked.

I think I turned a little red at this point. The nerd had a point, pero puta medyo nakaka-lalake na siya ha. Pakialamero.

I decided to ask him, "Tell me, how would you blog about office gossip without sensationalizing it?"

He blinked, "I don't blog about gossip."

I nodded, "What do you blog about?"

"Computer games, clans, cheatcodes, stuff like that..." he said.

Oh great. I'm being critiqued by someone who gets his tan from the light of his computer monitor.

"Wow, that sounds really interesting," I commented, inserting just the slightest hint of sarcasm in my voice.

He totally missed it, "It is!"

I stood up, and said, "I have to go, it's been interesting talking with you."

He stood up, too, "Remember, don't forget to advertise my blog." And then he gave me the URL.

I smiled, "I certainly won't forget to blog about you."

Haaay. If you want to know who he is, just Google the following words together: DOTA PeopleSupport Rocks.

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Hahaha! Hilarious!

by simon_says

I would have bitch-slapped the jerk, if it were me.

by BWaldorf

Sana sinapak mo bookie!

by kate06202

funny! ba't ka niya kilala? kasi nagbabasa din cya nang blog mo.. in short.. chismoso din cya. *wink*

by daisy_duck

at bading.

by baogers

Bading na nerd! Hahaha... Funny na combination. Dapat dinaganan mo Bookie at pinandilatan...

by NYC_XoXo

and now i wonder, is there any straight men that is reading this blog??? hmmm....

by bitchyme

and bookie, i googled him ha?
fyi, he's asking for donations on his blog.

by kate06202

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