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Nakita niyo na ba payslip niyo ngayon online?

Nakakapanlambot no?

Feeling ko bigla pang-SM saleslady lang ang kinita ko, and I didn't even get to wear their trademark short skirt and full facial make-up.

Alam niyo ba, akala ko mapapakanta ako sa tuwa uli ng "Come on in out of the rain" ni Sherryn Regis pag nakita ko kung magkano sweldo ko, yun pala hindi.

Bakit ganun na lang kaliit ang sweldo ngayon?

More than 5 years na ako dito sa PS, and yet parang pantay lang ang sweldo namin nung katabi kong newbie (no offense, iha).

Naalala ko tuloy yung email na natanggap ng management natin from an anonymous agent. Nabasa niyo ba yung email na yun?

Basically, this guy emailed the whole management staff of our account, enumerating several grievances and complaints which he or she claims is the general consensus on the floor.

Ang nakakaloka, naka-CC sa email si Tito Lance! Ang big boss ng PeopleSupport!

Ang pinaka-main concern ng email ay ang incentive, or maybe lack thereof, ng account.

A line from the email says this: "This offer of a 3,000 incentive as a thank you is very very very late in coming. It's more like a slap in the face. "

Strong words, di ba? If I were a phone agent, I would actually be surprised that management would be willing to still provide such an amount.

Call me cynical, but I would think that given their resources, that would be the best that an agent could hope for.

Believe you me, P3000 as compensation is nothing to scoff at.

This email also mentioned something about PeopleSupport not being competitive salary-wise. Well, honey, of course it isn't. Lumang balita na yan. May alam nga akong call center na nagpapasweldo sa mga supervisors nila ng P40thou a month eh. Sweldong manager na yata yun dito eh. Or maybe not? Care to comment, mga TM's?

As per the anonymous email sender, "Oil prices are rising, market commodity prices are rising, our salary remains the same. If the company will not do something about it, they will keep on losing their tenured agents who transfer to other centers due to greener pastures."

This is a business after all, and I'm pretty sure this company is feeling the disparaging effects of the economy as well.

Though I may have certain issues with the retention program of this company, specially for vet reps, I also understand the natural cycle of call center companies.

Magreresign ang maraming agents dahil mas malaki ang sweldo sa ibang companies? Naturalamente! Alangan namang magpakatanga sila na hindi tanggapin ang offer di ba? The thing is, for every single agent na umalis dito, 10 aplikante ang papalit.

Ang sa akin lang, kung alam mong mas malaki ang sweldo sa iba, eh wag ka magreklamo. Magapply ka dun! Hindi yung eto't pinagsisigawan mo ang mga bagay na sa totoo lang eh wala naman talaga tayong kontrol.

Guys, ang hirap ng buhay ngayon. Walang maitutulong kung panay reklamo lang tayo, di ba? Kung masaya ka sa trabaho mo, eh di magaling! Kung hindi, ano pang hinihintay mo? Ang magbago ang management? Hay naku, mas maganda pang hintayin mo na lang na lumiit ang bewang ko, mas posible pa.

Another line from the email: "We want to touch a little bit about the activites to create fun. What kind of activities are these? Dressing up and acting like kids? Playing games on the floor? We are professionals in our own sense. Do you see other offices dressing up like clowns in their work place? We are not kids. We will not be amused with that kind of activity."

Actually, I know quite a lot of call centers who do the same thing or something like it. Really now, bakit naman pati ito irereklamo? I actually thought the whole "Dress-up-your-sup" activity was a blast! Pang-alis stress nga eh. Some people really should lighten up.

Reading back on what I just wrote, it sounds like I am pro-management. Those who know me well would know that this is soooo far from the truth.

It's just that I have realistic expectations. Sa tingin niyo ba, sa ibang call centers walang nagrereklamo tungkol sa management staff nila? Buti nga dito ok pa rin ang office environment eh.

Now if you'll excuse me, kakanta pa ako ng "Come on in out of the rain" habang nakapila sa ATM.

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Nice one!


by angging

goodjob! ♥ amazing piece of lit!

by fatlilgurl

very well said...

by chelai

galing mo talaga buquir... tama, nakakadismaya ang sahod pero mas mabuti na kaysa wala...

by ava

i agree... simple lang naman e ..kung hindi mo na kaya..at makinis ka..lumayas ka lang...hindi na yan mararamdaman ng PS..

by chelai

sob...sad but true...
pero happy naman ang lola mo dito...

by fridaygirl

callboi for TM! wahahaha

by fatlilgurl

eto mga companies na uber sa laki ang suweldo pag may experience ka sa BPO.. 24/7.... Shell... Chevron... yung 2 centers sa market market.. Go na!!!

by playboi

SyEt!! hindi kO pa nche2ck anG pESoS KO.. huhuHuhu..

by PaLaBoi

waaaaaaa ava nandito ka pala! pasaway ka!

by angging

ang alam ko sa mga ganyang co., madalas silang magpabakasyon without pay...sad...

by chelai

Buquir hats off to you for this very encouraging entry :) with the things ongoing a blog like this will at least let us realize how lucky we are coz we have PS compared to other people who needs to work abroad as DH or worse for some who doesn't have work at all :(... Waking up each day and knowing that you still have work either in PS or not is a blessing that we should always be thankful of and just like the old adage " its much better to count your blessings"

by missindia

hey! callboi! this is a good one...c'mon people let's vent out all of our frustrations!!! :)

by tombs07

True! We always have choices, skip all the ugly complaints and hate. There is too much hate in the world already. You can choose to stay girl, or leave gracefully. That's a true COVERGIRL!

by parteeboi

havent read th email from the anonymous employee, but based on what callboi is saying, he's so right..

whining wont change anything..

though, ang tapang nya ha.. well at least mgmt knows na may sentimyento din ang mga agents.

well, ang sweldo ko, pangraliance, or bka mas mataas pa nakuha nila.. saklap tlga.. parang ang tagal ng next payday.. tuna diet ito, at wlang gmik, unless libre .. hehehe.. at least nkpgbakasyon ako ng 5days.

by nobodysboi

Three thousand in addition, to let you all know that you are appreciated (you, because not all L.O.Bs are included, like me), is already a good thing. It is a NO QUESTIONS/PERFORMANCE ASKED gift. However, after deduction (I mean, let's face it) you may not be able to feel it. Right?

Perhaps appreciation would be as much felt by both parties, if incentives are given rather in coupons(the kind that you could use LIKE CASH, for shopping in groceries). In this way, we could circumvent the "TAX ME MORE" deduction every pay day.

Or, like what Gorgeous Bookie says, sign-up elsewhere.

All is fair in love and war. And if this is a raging war within.... GO!

I might even hold the door open for you...and call you a cab. Or would you rather I call you a tricycle?

by Maîtresse

very well said... for me it's not always the money that made me stay here. it's because of people like callboi who appreciates the things that people dont see.
I've read so many complaints. Some of them are vaild but again, it's still your decision pagdating sa huli. wag kayaong magpadala sa emotions nyo, be rational in your thinking.

by zeroid

ganun talaga guys...kapag high risk high profit...kapag low risk ... e di low profit...yung iba nga high risk na yung trabaho..chuckybells pa den sweldo...

by chelai

zeroid, pro-management ka?! hahaha
callboi i think pro-management c zeroid! hahaha

by fatlilgurl

hahaha! knowing my dearest friend zeroid, malamang oo nga, pro-management siya! pa-kiss nga zeroid!♥

by callboi

It doesnt really matter if your pro-management or not what really matters the most is the way how you see the picture and we should always look at the bright side of life :) kung puro kayo complaint sa buhay i feel pity for you hehehe life is too short to dwell sa mga drama heheee :)

by missindia

i agree...if you're not seeing beauty ON this life..does not mean there is no beauty IN it...you're just not looking deep enough...

by chelai

that's deep man, so deep!!

by nobodysboi

Sing-deep ng plunging neckline na suot ko nung isang araw!

by callboi

Remember, be happy. - Mila

by parteeboi

trabaho nanaman? ngak!

by kulutero

All companies are imperfect and we should all accept this fact. . These complaining agents,who think that People Support sucks, should try our company. Maybe then, they will realize that working in PS is HEAVEN. . . But don't get me wrong, though i have my grievances in this company, i will still choose to stay here. I've been here for (technically) 7 years, and i will not trade this company for anything else. We should make the most of what is given to us guys. . . CALLBOI, i really like your BLOG, it is so entertaining. Napagawa tuloy ako nang travellerspoint account. Hehehe!

by stupidjoy

@stupidjoy: Thanks thanks! pampahaba ka ng hair! sa kili-kili, ahihihi!

by callboi

@callboi , buhok sa liki-liki talaga? Pro totoo, wala ako balak magsulat nang blog dito, naggawalang ako account para mabasa ko lahat yung mga post mo! Hehehe! Aliw!

by stupidjoy

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