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March's Most Bloggable Person!!!

all seasons in one day

Welcome PeopleSupport to my very first Most Bloggable Person interview!!! Every month, I will highlight one particular person sa company natin and do a personal interview with them. You are welcome to send me suggestions about who you want to be featured for the months to follow. Pero for this month... read on!



You've seen her on our floor.

You've marveled at her beauty.

You've asked yourself, how did she do it?

Now, get to know our very own, agent Irra.

Callboi: You prefer to be called Irra, right?

Irra: That's right po.

Callboi: How old are you, dear?

Irra: 27 years old po.

Callboi: Where did you study college?

Irra: I studied in FEU. I took several courses, actually. I took up PT, masscomm and even studied medical transcription.

Callboi: I actually sent emails to several of my friends asking them what questions they would want to ask a transexual. The question that came up the most: What made you decide to push through with the operation?

Irra: Ever since I was a small child, I've always known and felt that deep inside, I'm a girl. Bata pa lang, ganun na.

Callboi: And what was your parents' reaction to this?

Irra: My mother was actually very cool about it. In fact, she even used to dress me up as a girl when I was 3 or 4. I was the youngest back then and all I had were brothers. I guess she wanted to have a little girl of her own. So she dolled me up a lot. She eventually did give birth to a girl, but then my sister turned out to be a lesbian.

Callboi: So where did you get the operation?

Irra: Sa may Mary Chiles Hospital, malapit sa U.S.T.

Callboi: How much did it cost?

Irra: Along with the medication and maintenance, half a million.

Callboi: Pakshet! Ang mahal! Ikaw nagbayad lahat nun?

Irra: Oo naman.

Callboi: Saan mo nakuha ang pera?

Irra: Pinag-ipunan ko. I worked for a long time sa Japan as a band singer.

Callboi: Were you scared of doing the operation?

Irra: Hindi! Super excited nga ako eh. Actually, during the operation, the doctors told me that my heart stopped. I died daw for about two minutes.

Callboi: OMG. No regrets naman after the operation?

Irra: Walang-wala. According to the doctors, dapat daw after the operation, I can't have sex daw for six months.

Callboi: Did you follow their orders?

Irra: Kebs! After two months go na!

Callboi: Another question that was sent to me: Use it or lose it ba ang vajayjay mo? Yun bang, pag di mo ginamit, magsasara ba siya?

Irra: Nope, after the operation kasi, I had to insert a special marble stick into my vajayjay every six hours, for three straight months so as to keep the opening, ummm... open.

Callboi: I heard before na yung mga nagpa-opera hindi daw nagkakaroon ng libido? How true?

Irra: Bago na kasi ang mga medical surgery ngayon eh. Yung akin sexual reassignment talaga. So, kahit vajayjay na ang akin, may libido pa rin. I can still get an orgasm.

Callboi: Another emailed question: Does it look like the real thing?

Irra: Oo naman.

Callboi: What preparations did you take before the operation?

Irra: Funny thing, the doctors required me to take three psychological tests, 3 psychiatric tests, and to talk with a priest. The psych tests were used to measure my willpower and mental capability to cope with the stress of the effect of the operation. Apparently, some gay guys who had the same operation were not able to cope properly.

Callboi: What about the priest? What did he tell you?

Irra: Basically, he tried to change my mind and not take the operation.

Callboi: What did you tell him?

I told him that God will understand because he is all-understanding. He wants me to be who I am; as long as I have faith in Him then it's all good.

Callboi: Pang-pageant ang sagot! Would you suggest the operation to your friends or people who are thinking of doing it?

Irra: Definitely!

Callboi: So no regrets?

Irra: None whatsoever. This definitely changed my life for the better.

Callboi: Last question: Do you miss your "junjun"?

Irra: Anong "junjun"?

Callboi: Yung ano mo, yung penis?

Irra: Not at all. I never had much use for it when I still had it back then.

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I simply lurve it. Way to go girl. Have a happy period!

by hot-speedo

OMG!!! Your blog is becoming so commercial already. Sana ma-feature din ako, ex-PSian!

by parteeboi

I wanna meet her... Hi Irra!!! Fan mo na ako!!!

by parteeboi

kewl!!! ;)
agt irra... palitan mo na c janina sa ms.world! :)

by gilmorgirl

she looks great...vavavim vavavoom...as in wow...beautiful ka ga...
it's my first time to comment on your blog...
keep it up

by amaxboy

may jowa ba xa?? nd how constant ang jerjer nya?? hehehehehe...she/he is pretty talaga hehehehe

by missindia

Isang maalindog na nilalang!.. just one follow up question.. In filling up documents.. ano gender ni Irra? Male or Female? :-)

by takipsilim

tangna... makes me wish i had her guts...

by CreamPuff

sabi sa aking nung ibon na kausap ko kanina, may jowa daw si irra. and sabi pa nga ay yung lalaki na may malaking picture sa piandre sa baba ng PS. hindi ko lang alam kung reliable yung mahaderang ibon na yon...

by rebelheart

go girl!!hanga na talaga ko sayo!!!

by hardestrch

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