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Has anyone seen the Joey Gosiengfiao movie Temptation Island?

It's hilarious! I was able to watch it once sa Cinema One pero gusto ko magkaroon ng DVD copy niya.

Here's the plot:

Four girls join a beauty contest. They get on a small cruise ship. Cruise ship burns and sinks. Girls with a bunch of other characters are now stranded on a deserted island. Bitchiness ensues. Gay assistant dies. And is eaten by survivors. A couple of hours after they resort to cannibalism, they are rescued.

Kakaiba di ba?

Meron pang mga fantasy scenes sila ng mga higanteng ice cream, manok, at electric fan sa beach.

And such classic lines!

"You're a beech!"

"You're a double-beech!"

"You're a crook (she pronounced it kruk). I can tell by your big brown eyes..."

"What are bitches for but to bitch around with other bitches?"

"Wala tayong pagkain. Wala tayong tubig. Wala tayong kuryente. Eh di magsayaw tayo!"

"Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while."

"Parang kailan lang sumusubo ako ng pagkasarap-sarap na hotdog. But now, I could just DIE for a piece of fried chicken."

"I'm sexy, you're sexy. Why don't we do something...sehxxxxxxyyyyy."

If anyone knows where I can get a DVD copy, please tell me... I'm desperate.

Posted by callboi 11:28 Archived in Philippines Tagged gay_travel

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Bukee Bukee, yung housemate ko dumating galing Lucena kagabi eh mahilig sa mga movies yun, aba naguwi ba naman ng vcd ng TEMPTATION ISLAND! ikaw naalala ko hah? may orig siya kasi orig ang copy nya.

by Q_Amidala

marami pa:
"Sabihin mo sa driver na ilabas ang mercedes benz na charcoal grey."
"Careful, careful now, baka masira ang beauty ng complexion ko."
"Late entrance, early eggseeeeet (exit). 'Yan ang dramatic."
"One thousand pey-sos"
Jennifer (in yellow): Oh, it's a bright sunny day. Bakit kayo nakasimangot? Marya, ang suntan lotion ko?!

Maria: Opo,seƱorita.

Jennifer: As I was saying, it's a bright sunny day. A day in the life of the sun rays. This is how I begin my day. An hour tender loving care in the eight o'clock sunshine. That's the secret behind my youthful complexion. It's just like we're by the poolside.

Azenith (in red): Baka naman na-sunstroke ka!

Jennifer: It's Miss Manila Sunshine, not Miss Manila Suntroke.

Azenith: Kaya ka ba sumali ng contest?

Jennifer: I joined this contest because I was bored. Terribly, helplessly bored.

Azenith: For your information, na-seeprek (shipwreck) tayo! And right now, nasa gitna tayo ng wala!

Jennifer: So what's new? Everybody needs a shipwreck once in a while.
"Pris-wa-turrr, pris-wa-turrr!!!!" (That's fresh waster, sweetie!)

"Double Beech"

"Rubadubdub...two bitches in a tub!"
"What are beeches for but to beech around with their fellow beeches?"
"I am a croook. A damn goood croook. And I can tell another crooook when I see one."
(Thinking that panties could help in catching fish) "Mas maraming panty, mas maraming isda!"

by paddy61

Dear CallBoi,

I'm not from PS, pro grabe i salute you for your bravery to spill out those chismax ha? Considering na kilala ka na nila, hehehe! Hanep ka. Kaaliw!

by stupidjoy

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