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I have this friend. I call him F.

He has lately been asking me repeatedly a very disturbing question.

"Do you think my boyfriend is cheating on me... again?" F asked me for the 6th time yesterday.

As always, I would lie to his face, telling him "I don't know." Andumi ng feeling ko everytime I lie to him.

The horrible obvious truth is that I do know his bf is still cheating on him. With several guys for that matter. His bf has been fooling around on the side for years.

The first time I found out about his boyfriend's affairs was a long time ago. From then on, F has found out about his extra-curricular activities twice already. And each time, his beau has promised over and over again that he will never do it again.

But apparantly, he did. Still is. F's bf is a friend of mine. And to be honest, I don't want to be the one to tell F about his bf's cheating. Takot ako eh. Ayoko masira friendship namin. Pero I know I should do something. Sabihin ko ba? Or pabayaan ko kasi problema't buhay nila yun? Gago kasi tong dyowa niya eh. Ang kati.

Good thing F doesn't read my blog. He's too preoccupied with saving his relationship. The question is, is it worth saving?

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Buquir if you are really a real friend you will tell your friend and with this kind of situation this relationship is not worth saving. Try to emphatize what if your BF is cheating on you and your bestfriend knows everything will you not get mad for he did not tell you? Your friend has the right to know and if you are thinking about their relationship again Buquir the relationship is not worthy to save at all.

by missindia

I concur...Just tell your friend and it's up to your friend if he will listen to you or not, at least you've done your part, no "what if's" or whatsoever..."the truth might hurt but it will set you free"

by biatch

the truth is out there
the truth hurts but
the truth will set you free... :P

by etheREAL

Tell your friend, the BF that you'll tell F about his cheating unless he change. I'm pretty sure the BF will understand your situation being in between two colliding rocks. Then, if he still continues, then eat the bullet.

by parteeboi

Eat the Bullet talaga??? Bite lang po parteeboi! :-)
My take is... u talk to ur betrayed friend. Tell him na talasan nya ang pakiramdam nya. He should
be more discerning at wag pabulag. Give him hints... something to think about.
Its best that the decision to break it off would come from your friend.
Pag nakikita nya na niloloko nga sya, and he still
sticks it out... be ready with rolls and rolls of
tissue na lang... malawak naman shoulders mo Buquee... lend it to him... he will surely need
it soon... Abangan...

by ST Lauder

Buquir pag nasabi mo na sa friend mo yan sabayan mo ng kanta ha pra mas masaya at eto ang magandang kanta heheheheheheheee.....

It's hard to believe I’m okay
After all, it’s been a while
Since you walked away
I’m way past crying
Over you finding someone new
You turned my days into nights (days into nights)
But now I see the light
And this maybe a big surprise to you

  • cause you made me stronger

By breaking my heart
You ended my life
And made a better one start
You taught me everything
From falling in love
To letting go of a lie
Yes, you made me stronger
Baby, by saying goodbye

If you rather believe I’m not over you
Go ahead
There’s nothing wrong with making believe
I know
Cuz I used to pretend you’d come back to me
But time has been such a friend
Brought me to my senses again
And I have you to thanked (I have you to thanked)
For setting me free (for setting me free)

  • repeat chorus

Think again
Don’t feel so sorry for me, my friend
Oh, don’t you know
I’m not the one who lose at end (I’m not the one)

  • repeat chorus

hehehehe taray dibah

by missindia

I say ask F, "What would you do if he's indeed cheating on you again?".. Usually, the answer tells you if you need to spill it out or not. :)

by aubreybaby

ST Lauder... I wrote it in such a way that callboi would find a little degree of exaggeration.

by parteeboi

ooohhhhhhhh... sucks!

by royalty

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