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Hi Callboi,

I decided to write to you because Mama's Boy probably doesn't know that your blog exists. He's too consumed with his hobby/lifestyle to even bother looking at this site. He'd be the last person I'd want to read this.

Anyway, I am writing because I want to have some insight about my situation.

Anyway uli, let me just give an introduction. Mama's Boy and I have been going steady for a little over a year now. Just like Lonely Girl, surf control din ang relasyon namin sa office. And I am afraid that we'll end up like jiwamusic very soon.

He's been with the company for as long as you can remember (as you've said, Bioman ka na). For 4 years he had been very comfortable with just being there... as in there dahil wala na ata siyang asensong nagawa other than the promotion he had after niyang maging agent after his first year.

The issue is...

He is applying for a higher position. Now why is that an issue? Because the last time I heard somebody got that position, someone was transferred to Readers' Digest. I mean, I'm cool with transferring to another account, I could probably handle it. In my heart, I know that I am very capable of doing a lot of things... It's just that... I've already made great relationships with the people here, I am good with what I am doing, I have made plans on what I want to become in this account, and I am already comfortable with where I am right now... So why do I have to be the sacrificial lamb?

I wouldn't be happy as well if he didn't get the position. I mean, he has spent five years in this god-forsaken, politics-infested account... He deserves to be recognized. After all, if not, he might end up being a cock-sucker (figurative speech) for the rest of his PS life... And he's really good... He has a very 'unique' way of handling his team and, he reaps very impressive stats. I think he's even better than Putitami! (Ask JR for reference) And more importantly, I'd have a better shot of getting a good life with him in the future with the salary he's gonna get (I think)...

I wouldn't wish for him NOT to get the position. But I'd be damned if he really gets it. I'd be damned as well if he doesn't get it. What to do? What to do? Should I talk him out of it? Or should I push him to do it? Sigurado susundin niya kahit anong sabihin ko, patay na patay yun sa akin e... Haha! I know it's a little too early to worry about this but either way it turns out, I'm doomed.

For what it's worth, I love Mama's Boy. That is why I AM worrying.

Dillemma - noun; choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea. Yung devil na kasing-laki ni Papa Bear (aka Arjay A.) o yung deep blue sea na may giant squid?



Dear Cream Puff,

So it's damned if you do, and damned if you don't, eh?

Well, I must admit, I never thought Mama's Boy would be applying for a higher position. He looks happy enough where he is right now. But I digress...

People say that love is the ultimate sacrifice. The question now is, if you do suffer the same fate as lovers of managers have in the past, will you blame Mama's Boy for it?

You're really in a tight spot here, my dear Cream Puff...

I asked a gaggle of my closest girlfriends for their opinion about this. Let's call them the Email Team Divettes.

They reckoned that they wouldn't talk their boyfriend out of applying for the said position. According to the Divettes, the boyfriend would also have a right to grow in a company, as do you.

Let's cite an example: there was once a fictional girl named Bianca. Her lover was an up-and-coming supervisor who eventually got promoted to Team Manager.

A fictional Operations Manager advised Bianca's lover that he would have to transfer the girl to a different account.

Bianca, as we all fictitiously know, was indeed transferred, however, in a couple of months or so, was immediately promoted to a trainer position in the new account.

I guess, what I'm saying is, your career life does not stop once you are transferred to a different account.

I know, I know... It sucks to be transferred especially since I know you've invested a lot, both in the relationship and in the account. But let's be realistic. Our management is obviously a bunch of prudes. They would soonest stick a scarlet letter on your forehead rather than allow a manager to have an agent for a lover.

And most of all, kilala kita, Cream Puff... I don't think you would have it in you to tell your supervisor boyfriend not to apply for that position. You love him too much to say it.

And I have complete confidence that if you do get transferred, you would be just as effective and successful as you are here in this blasted account of ours. I should know... nag-floorwalk ako sa batch mo di ba? :)

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