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I find out I was gay during grade six. I came out when I was in college.

It was just too much hard work pretending to be straight.

I could never come out to my family. Not in a million years.

So, I came out to my college barkada.

I started with my bestfriend, Donnie (who's also a closet gay, although it was pretty obvious since he was the president of the Spice Girls fan club).

Plus, this was how he looked:


He didn't say he was gay, but nobody had to ask, that's the thing.

I told him inside the library, our favorite hangout.

"Donnie, I'm gay," I said bluntly.

"Newsflash!" he bleeped, "hello! Of course, you are."

"You knew?" I asked, flabbergasted. I thought I did a pretty good job of "being straight".

"Don't tell me you were pretending to be straight???" he questioned.

"I- I- I thought I was," I stammered.

"Honey, you're gay, I'm gay, heck, even my brother's gay," he said whilst perusing his notes, "It's a gay gay world and we are its butterflies."

This was the first time he acknowledged anything about his sexuality.

"I knew you were gay the moment you were able to correctly spell haute couture for me," he babbled on, " you even gave me a brief background about the start of Fashion Week in New York City, for crying out loud."

"So, am I the first one you've come out to?" he asks. I nodded.

"Well, go away and tell your pseudo-girlfriend, Julienne, about it," he commands, waving me away.

Ugh. Tell Julienne? Okay. Easier said than done. Julienne was, and still is, the only person whom I would trust with my life. She knows everything about me. Well, almost everything.

She was working in between the shelves.

I approached her and was about to open my mouth when she turned to me, took off her glasses, and said:

"Donne just texted me five seconds ago. So, you're gay," she said, with her hands on her hips, "I had a feeling you were. Hmmm... this puts a slight kink to our getting-married-before-thirty-plan, don't you think?"

I stood there, mouth open.

"Hahahahahaha! Don't worry, honey," she laughed, "It's perfectly fine. I knew you were gay the moment you said that Visionaries was nothing but a straight version of Care Bears."

"You don't mind my being gay?" I asked.

"Mind? Why would I mind?" she asked, surprised, "At least now, when we go shopping together, you can give an honest opinion about the clothes I buy."

I pondered this thought for a second.

"Have you told Aleva?" she asked, going back to her work.

"Not yet. Where is she?" I asked, looking around.

"She's on the other side of the library," she said.

I went to the other side to find Aleva reading in the Periodicals area. She was sitting on the floor, Indian-style.

She heard me come in and looked up. She smiled.

"Jules called. I knew you were gay the moment you told me that I need to sieve my flour whenever I make brownies," she said, giggling, "That was sooooo Martha Stewart of you."

God, I love my friends.

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