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Sleeping with the Frenemy...

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1. frenemy

An enemy disguised as a friend.

"What do you think about frenemies?"
"I say, keep your friends close, and your frenemies closer"

- From urbandictionary.com

Mr. Frenemy wasn't, in all actuality, an enemy. However, he was to others. "Others" being close friends of mine. Not a lot of people like him. I kinda did. I still do, I think. He was always nice to me, you see. But admittedly, he can be a bit of an asshole to most people. And he had this nasty habit of incurring management's ire.

So I wasn't entirely proud of what I did. Twice.

It all started the day he asked if he could come over my place to watch my DVD copy of "An Inconvenient Truth".

I said sure and "bring something to eat coz there's absolutely nothing in my fridge".

He nodded and smiled that silly smile which makes his face kinda crooked.

Let me describe Mr. Frenemy.

I think he's about 24 years old. He's a masscomm grad and does not play any sports.

He's taller than I am and has shaggy hair.

He's not that good-looking but he's definitely not ugly. Keri na, kumbaga.

He has a medium build.

He's smart and knows how to fake sincerity using his boyish looks.

Enough about how he looks.

So anyway, he arrived at around 10PM, along with a box of pizza and some ice cream.

"I didn't know what flavor you liked so I got Double Dutch and Fruit Salad," says Mr. Frenemy, wearing his silly grin.

"Fruit salad? Fruit salad? Honestly, I don't think anyone really likes Fruit Salad as an ice cream flavor," I quip, "it's so provincial."

"You're the only person I know who can use the word "provincial" to describe an ice cream flavor," he says, chuckling.

So we sit on my couch and settle down to watch the movie, which is, by the way, really quite good. I developed a sudden intelectual crush on Al Gore. Imagine him in a speedo, ooooh.

Mr. Frenemy scoonches closer and closer to my side.

"Could I do some pushin'?" he asks sleepily.

"Whaat?" I blurt out.

"I asked if I could use you as a cushion?" he repeated.

"Oh," I breathed, "ummm... ho-kay..."

So he sidles up really close and lays half his body next to mine, his head on my chest, really comfy.

Hmmm... interesting development... I thought to myself.

Now, I wasn't particularly sure if Mr. Frenemy was, y'know, gay.

I had a feeling, but my gaydar was never reliable.

My friend, Soo-Ann, said my gaydar never was functional to begin with, as I was famous for making monumentally stupid assumptions about people's sexuality (re: pumpkin (that's another story)).

I was still trying to ignore the fact that here's this seemingly straight guy on my couch sitting next to me so close that I could smell his light perfume, and trying to focus on the movie.

I kept telling myself, "Focus, Buquir, focus! Must think about depleting ozone layer and global warming".

But then Mr. Frenemy turned to me and said, "Ok lang ba?"

"Ang alin?" I asked with some hesitation. Medyo may piyok pang kasama.

And then, he kissed me. Smack lang naman.

Silence for about five minutes as the smack turned to something else.

Then he stopped.

"So, okay lang ba?" he asked again.

I sat there silent for about ten seconds.

Then I said:

"Dun tayo sa kuwarto ko."

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